Betting sites these days are always looking for new ways to keep their customer loyal and are also very eager to get as many new punters signing up to their betting sites as they possibly can do, for a bookie is only going to be able to stay in business if they do have plenty of customers placing bets and wagers with them.

Land based betting shops are becoming a dying breed these days in the UK, for gone have the days when the only way a punter could place a bet was to visit such a venue, and with both online betting sites and mobile betting sites now being available in very large numbers, anyone with access to a computer or laptop or any type of mobile device can place a sports bet in seconds.

Many betting sites however are part of the Gamstop scheme and some punters that have found they cannot stay in control have signed up to that self-exclusion service and have self-excluded them from all betting sites that are part of that scheme.

However, it is fair and very true to say that some punters regret doing so and when they want to bet again online will have to them in turn sign up to a non Gamstop betting site, of which there are plenty of them available by the way.

One new way that online betting sites and mobile betting apps can keep their customers loyal and coming back for more is by offering them the ability to not only place a bet on any sporting event with them, but also have access to a live video stream via their sites and apps which allow punters to then watch the sporting events they have bet on via those live video streams.

Live Audio Streams

Some bookies also have their own radio studios which are streamed over the next too and therefore if you want to listen to the commentary of any horse race or greyhound race for example or any other type o sporting event rather than watch a live video stream of those events being played out then tune into those online radio stations.

As mentioned on this website that list bookies not on Gamstop that I should point out that when you do come across a betting site offering their own audio commentary for sports betting related radio station you are not usually required to have to have placed a bet with them to be given access to the audio streams.

However when you wish to watch live video footage of any sporting events most bookies sites will require you to have placed at the very least a small valued betting on the sporting events that you do wish to watching being played out, so do keep that in mind. 

Bet on Any Sporting Event

It doesn’t matter if you want to place a bet on a golf tournament or darts tournament or a horse or greyhound race or even a football or rugby match, you are never going to find a  shortage of live and in play betting market available at any one of my top rated non Gamstop betting sites.

Those betting sites are going to be offering you a wide and very varied range of sports betting related offers, deals and promotions so you are always going to find plenty of additional ways to lock in and secure the absolute maximum betting values when you make the very wise decision of signing up to any of them.

Keep in mind and be aware that being licensed and regulated, the non Gamstop betting sites I will be showcasing you throughout this website are always going to pay you out in full and very quickly too, no matter how much you are lucky enough to win, which is always good to know.

Finally, you are also always going to have access to a wide range of cost effective and very convenient payment options too, which will allow you to instantly and in a completely hassle-free type of way top yup your account and cash out your winnings in a non-complicated way too, so please have a good look around as each of those non Gamstop betting site all come very highly recommended.