Cricket was always thought to be one of the most difficult and complicated sports. As you may have guessed, this means that cricket is not always one of the easier sports to bet on and understand. Usually, you will only see three types of a cricket match, and the longest one lasts up to 5 days and is called a Test match. These are the more competitive games (international), with opposing teams battling out for the four innings. There will also be the shorter matches that the bettors can enjoy. They are called the One Day games, as well as the well-known expression Twenty20 format. People usually think that since these games are shorter the players would be calmer, but it is quite the opposite. The shorter versions of cricket games encourage a more aggressive style of play. Since each of the sides will be attempting to outscore their opponent, with a fixed period of ‘overs’. After you have decided to place a bet on cricket, you need to choose a bet to wager your money on and you must know all of the possible cricket game bets. If you are planning to wager your money online, then you should find your own site and have fun. Bellow you will be presented with a top 10 sites for placing a bet on a cricket game.

  1. 888 Sport: has been in this bookmaking business since 1997. Because of a number of well-received advertisements campaigns, several betting promotions, and competitive pricing, 888 finally established its website. It uses a software that is provided 888’s in-house development team. Their platform is very user-friendly, so beginners should not have a problem navigating from one gamer to another.


This is a very practical Cricket betting site, however, it does offer a lot of different sports to bet on. 888 Sports site loves to keep its customers loyal and happy with a lot of bonuses and promotions. Every customer will get a free matched bet on a first punt, and they can also expect to get some free bets every time there is a significant betting sports event.

  1. Coral: this site has really built up a reputation as one of the best sports betting sites in the UK, since its organization was founded in 1926. The website uses the platform that is powered by Playtech sports betting, which ensures the consistency from all across its own range of gambling sites, making Gala its sister company.


It is both desktop and mobile friendly, so this site can fit with anybody. Coral Sports is a leading site especially when it comes to in-live betting section, which gives another experience to its customers. It also has a lot of random promotions, and special offers; for example, free bets and generous 1st deposit scheme for the new users.

  1. Winner: even if this site is relatively new since it was launched in 2009, it has really established itself as one of the best gambling sites on the market. Winner’s partner is the developer Playtech since they use its software, which provides its users with a degree of consistency and graphics, together with the usability between its casino and sportsbook.


The platform is made so that both a PC and a Mac user can access it with no problem while taking its full advantages. It has one of the most user-friendly websites and is a leading site when talking about user’s security. There are also a lot of friendly promotions and bonuses.

  1. Ladbrokes: this site is licensed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, in Gibraltar, and it uses the industry leader OpenBet and the Playtech’s Geneity Limited, to be able to give its sports betting platform.


This is one of the easiest platforms to use, and it is very practical. Ladbrokes Mobile is also very heavily promoted all across the sportsbooks. They offer bets on over 30 different sports. The new users will get a free £10 when they deposit and bet with at least £10.

  1. Bet365: this site is known throughout the bettors from all over the world, and is one of the leading and trusted bookmakers online. There are no flash marketing banners since this site is only focused on the promotions for a lot of betting opportunities.


Since it is one of the top UK bookmakers, its popularity, and its loyal customer base is huge. There are all kinds of traditional betting options. When a player deposits a minimum of £10 or €10, then they will receive a 100% bonus that can go to a maximum of £200 or €200.

  1. Paddy Power: this is the Ireland’s largest and most independent bookmaker. They are different from other bookmakers because of their humorous and often innovative and edgy content, with quirky betting makers. This site is powered by the OpenBet, which is an industry juggernaut of the online bookmaker software.


Because of this software platform, the navigation of the site is simple and easy to understand. There are a lot of bonuses and promotions; for example, when you register the Paddy Power will offer you a £20 free bet. This is the only site where instead of £10, you will be offered a bonus of £20 when signing up.

  1. NetBet: if you want a site that loves to please its customers, then this site is perfect for you. The iSoftBet (ISB) software powers this site, which is a relatively new addition to the online betting markets. It also has outstanding graphics, and selection of different plays options (instant, download, mobile).


This is also one of the few sites that really has a potential when it comes to in-play betting options. There are few bonuses that you can get, for example, when you make an account for the first time. If you are not sure about something, you can always ask their live support.

  1. William Hill: was originally founded in 1903, and is one of the famous powerhouses for the sports betting markets. This site is supported by some of the best softwares. It is powered by a well-known face called the OpenBet, together with the 2DB. The initial thought you might have when you see this site is that it is very traditional, which will give you an impression of being a serious betting site.


Besides being one of the top Cricket betting sites, it also offers a lot of different sports that you can wager your money on. William Hill is not really known for a lot of promotions, but from time to time it likes to give friendly bonuses to its loyal users.

  1. BetVictor: is one of those sites that really stands out from the crowd. They are fully regulated and licensed online sportsbook, and they have their headquarters based in Gibraltar. If you are looking for a number of different cricket betting options, then you should definitely bet on this site.


Keep in mind, that this site does lack a bit of the in-play betting, but it does offer a lot of different promotions. If you have never placed a bet on this site, then this is a good time to sign up and get a free bonus. When you place a wager of £25 you will be able to place another bet of the same value free.

  1. TitanBet: also known the new beast in the online sportsbook market. It is regulated and licensed in Barbados and Antigua and they have everything they need to be the one-stop shop for all of the online bettors.


Its web design and layout are high quality designs and they offer a user-friendly interface, platform. There are a lot of decent promotions you can get, especially if you are a new gambler, however it does offer some weaker odds, There are a lot of other sports you can wager you money one, other than cricket, with a lot of different banking options.

Reading the rules of each of the sites is another good advice to follow. After deciding on the site that suits you the best, you should have fun placing a bet on a Cricket match, or any of the given sports.