More and more online gamblers are moving from desktop or laptop gambling towards mobile devices.  This shift comes with some obvious and less obvious pros and cons. Some sites work like a treat on every mobile device, while other online casinos do not cater towards mobile gamblers at all.  Not sure yet about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile gaming? Let us talk you through it.

Pros of mobile gambling

The main upside of switching to mobile gambling is convenience. For casual gamblers who just want to put a few bucks on the line while commuting or when sitting in a waiting room mobile gambling carries some clear advantages over desktop or laptop gambling. You can carry a casino in your pocket and can take it out or put it back whenever and wherever you want.

The second pro is the fact that more and more online casinos main focus is on mobile gamblers. They have optimized their websites to work smoothly on all portable devices and use a compact lay-out in both landscape and portrait mode to accommodate even the smartphone gamblers out there.

The fact that online casino and game providers are embracing HTML5 makes the transition from PC to mobile devices seamless. Some years ago the majority of online casinos needed apps to make their casino games available on smartphones and tablets, but those days are long gone.

What are the cons?

One of the main upsides, the availability of casino games everywhere and at all times, is simultaneously one of the main downsides of mobile gambling. Certainly for gamblers who are prone to addictions this can be a dangerous thing. When you keep your gambling habit in check by leaving the casino or leaving your PC in time, this obviously isn’t a safe method when gambling via tablet or smartphone.

Another of the many heard cons is the smaller screen. This means plenty of games have been downgraded slightly in the graphics department, or have hidden options that would otherwise be instantly visible.

Multi-screen gambling is another difficulty if you are just using one small screen. When you are gambling online at home you can run different games at the same time and increase your chances of winning that big jackpot. This is especially true for poker fans: multi-table gambling is the standard for many poker players and mobile gambling is, at least for now, lacking options in this department!