Welcome to Frank City – the metropolis of 80’s with glam neon signs, graffiti on the walls, greedy businessmen, and criminal bosses who fight for the control over the streets. We must say, the life in the city can’t be described as «boring».

Our main protagonist is detective Dan Frankly. He’s been living in the city his whole life and knows all its corners as the palm of his hand.

At first glance, he may look like a slob, but his charismatic personality, tough spirit and good sense of humor have succored him from dangerous situations more than once.

We meet our detective when he has faced the new case – three unknown beautiful robbers terrorize Frank City. So, Dan’s main goal is to catch these charming criminals and their alleged leader, and put them behind the bars.

Dig in the new exclusive game from Frank Casino to help the brave detective in his investigation!

Find clues, collect evidences and discover the new areas

You have to collect bonuses to help Dan in this difficult case.

The bonuses are activated after you catch 3, 4 and 5 scatters.

The first bonus is available at the beginning of the game but you have to play the fixed amount of bonuses (from 5 to 20) to open up the new places of Frank City.

You can visit:

«Silver place» – the infamous bar that has become a true Haven for small criminals and local thugs. Here you can find some clues and make the first step in the investigation.

«Gold Street» – hip-hop and street basketball were born here. The habitants of this street are well-known for their animus toward law enforcement officials, so you and Dan have to be careful here. On the other hand, on Gold Street you can find the best informers that can help you to catch the gang.

«Platinum Palace» – this is the world ruled by money. Big money. Here brokers and clerks do everything possible to come to the top of the food chain. And be sure, they won’t stop before anything. But some of these people definitely know something about recent robberies. Maybe even know the banders of the criminals. You have to find out.

Dark Side** – the place that no one should visit alone. The shadow empire that was built on greed and avidity. The kings of the criminal world live here, and the alleged leader of the gang of robbers definitely hides somewhere nearby.

Game features

We can’t predict every moment when talking about serious investigation, because everything can go not as it was planned. Sometimes you can even get lucky by chance. In «Frank City Robberies» this chance is represented by wild drops that can unexpectedly fill your screen and trigger «Frank Desire». All you can do at this moment is to collect your win! This is a good indicator that luck is by your side.

And the game itself gives you the opportunity to increase your win up to x12150 from original bet.

Time to solve the crime

It’s time to wear your best jacket, to put on sunglasses, and jump on your motorcycle to join the chase for the three beautiful robbers and big wins.

Alongside with Dan Frankly become a great detective in «Frank City Robberies».