Sweden, the largest country in Northern Europe, is famous for the Northern Lights, music, craft, food, fashion, and tradition. Known as the Kingdom of Sweden, they embrace diverse cultures and views. The country is said to be the safest country in the world with minimal crimes and scams therefore, it is one of the best countries to visit. 

Swedish are noted for their flexibility and hospitality. They like to welcome people from offshore and would gladly know about your background, tradition, and lifestyle. They have a relaxing aura that manifests every time you talk to them. Swedish are noted for their carefree, stress-free attitude and they focus more on a comfortable lifestyle. Developing personal skills is also one of the great values of the Swedish that’s why Ikea, a furniture company known for practicality and durability came from Sweden.

Gambling in Sweden is allowed, therefore many locals are waging enthusiasts. One can see different forms of gambling like slots or blackjack anywhere like local bars, ferries, arcades. Online casinos are also very popular which delights gambling enthusiasts who prefer to wager at the comfort of their home or anywhere they are in. According to CUSL, Online casino sites were also founded in Nordic countries, Therefore, many interesting casino online sites in Nordic countries offer the best casinos with hard to resist games and perks which would certainly make a punter’s day complete. The icings on their cake are, of course, bonuses and incentives. 

Trivial history

Gambling has always been in the bloodline of the Swedish which dates back to the 11th century when the Swedes and Norway settled a dispute for a match of dice.

Swedish Casino

 Gambling is considered to be a widespread form of entertainment in the Scandinavian nation where you can find various offline and online casinos. The popular games are:

• Poker

• Slot machines

• Lottery tickets

• blackjack

They have four land-based casinos and they are all called Casino Cosmopol. These big casinos can be found in Stockholm, Sundsvall, Malmo, and Gothenburg.

What is Svenska Spel?

It is a government that makes up for 50% of the gambling market in Sweden. They offer different types of brands including:

o Bingo

o Online Casinos

o Poker

o Kino

o Lottos

o Triss ( a popular scratch game card)

Svenska Spel promotes responsible gaming among their players and cannot and is not allowed to wager unless they are 18 years of age. It is run by the government therefore, the majority of the profit goes to the national treasury of Sweden.

The land-based casino became legal in 1994 while online gambling in 2002. Anyone of legal age can play online slot machines such as leprechaun slots, online bingo, poker, and more.

New Law in Gambling

For 17 years, Sweden’s local gambling market was monopolized by two gambling companies namely The Kindred Group, the company behind the famous Unibet, and Betsson Group, a large online gaming company that covers other Nordic countries.

For this reason, some foreign companies formed a “grey market” which is making a huge profit. Sweden set a new regulation that took effect on the 1st of January 2019. They hoped that it would put an end to all online monopoly thus the gambling industry is now open to all private operators.

Several Reasons for such Reforms

1. Swedish government must recognize unregistered gambling companies in the market.

2. Sweden will benefit from the taxes 

The Swedish Gambling Authority is authorized to approve gaming activities both online and offline. The new law is more strict when it comes to responsible gambling to protect the players. One of their rules is not to allow operators to offer credits to the players for the latter not to be hooked in gambling. The government also encourages and provides self-exclusion to the players.

Final Insight:

Regardless of this, the new Gambling Act doesn’t have control of the industry. The government still has the final say.