Today, every single person has at least some sort of a device that they carry around everywhere; be it a phone, an iPhone or a pad. We got so used to being able to connect with anybody in just a mere second, that today we carry our phones with us 24/7. It is our number one entertainment while we are waiting for a bus, in a line to buy something or anywhere else, so why not download a great app that would keep you company. However, now, you are even able to download poker apps that will let you play and bet on poker while using real money, with just a simple yet secure mobile app. One of the well-known gambling sites is, of course, the 888poker, however, they do not have an app that is available for download on Google play or the AppStore, but you will be able to easily download it from their website. If you prefer to have your apps downloaded from the AppStore or Google play, then you should check out the list bellow. All of those apps are free and all of them will give you an opportunity to play poker and place real money bets!

  1. Poker Game: World Poker Club
Poker GameWorld Poker Club

This is not just any kind of an ordinary application for poker. It comes with a lot of special and interesting features with a fun interface. One of the main features, that makes this app stand out from all of the others is the ability for a player to use a variety of gestures to control their play. With an upward strike, you will say that you would like a rise while with a double tap will make you check. These are the features, which make this poker app feel somewhat like a real live poker game; not to mention that the interface of this app is very clean and it is simple and easy to use.

  1. Zynga Poker

This is definitely a poker app worth mentioning, since it so popular that it has over 100,000 players that use it online. The good thing about this app is that you do not necessarily have to make a new account, you can simply log in with your Facebook account or just as a guest with a Zynga poker account. While some apps might lag or have bugs when you log in as a guest, this app works flawlessly, no matter how you chose to access it. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with four different types of poker games: Sit-n-go, Hold’em (tournament), Shootout and Jump. It is also very easy to join a game with this app, since there are a lot of online players.

  1. Full Tilt Poker
full tilt

This is an app that is owned by Pokerstars, so it is only natural that you would not get your hopes up. However, it was surprisingly a very nice app, since it even ended up on our list. It does have one downside; you have to register and make a full account before you will be allowed to play, which means you even have to confirm your registration via your email. Anyways, after all of that is finally done you can enjoy this app and it’s very fast and easy-to-understand interface. On top of that, there are a lot of tables you can join and a lot of different tournaments.

  1. Live Hold’em Pro

This is definitely an app that will surprise you in a good way since it offers a good live-play feeling. Here, it is all about earning more chips while leveling your account; basically, it is all about poker. The more you earn in games the higher you will climb on the leaderboard together with your character. This app also focuses a lot, on selling poker chips for real money, which can get annoying from time to time. The interface is a bit messy, but you will easily get a hang of it, and once you know where everything is you will be able to enjoy some good quality poker games.

  1. Governor Of Poker 3

This app is definitely one of the most well-known poker game series, especially on mobile phones. Its game design is so slick, you will fall in love immediately. The point of this game is to win the poker matches, that will eventually move you to harder poker games in different lands and saloons; and this way, it resembles an RPG game. The people you will meet on this app are quite chatty and sociable, and they will make this game feel like a real live poker game! This is definitely not something you can find in just any other mobile app, so you should definitely give Governor Of Poker 3 a try!

  1. TX Poker
TX Poker

When talking about the apps that are both fun and worth trying out, it was only a matter of time before we mentioned the TX Poker app. This is an action poker game that has a very fun and interesting design and music; it makes poker very fun to play. Usually, the apps that have awesome designs can be quite slow, but not this app; besides all of the nice looks this app is all about the fast gameplay. You will be able to play all sorts of poker games, together with some fabulous slots machines that you can use while you wait for the match!

  1. DH Texas Poker

This is a surprisingly good app, and you will be able to start enjoying a game of poker immediately just by logging in as a guest. You will also be given an option to log in with your Facebook account or if you already have a DH Texas account. This app has no loading times whatsoever, and its interface is super fast and slick. At the beginning, you will get a decent amount of chips that will help you have a nice start. There are also a lot of tournaments and Sit-n-go’s that you will be able to enjoy.

  1. World Series Of Poker – WSOP

It would be a bit weird if the world’s biggest poker tournament did not have their own application. And lucky for us poker players, they do! Their app also lets you log in as a guest or just with your Facebook account. You will be able to either play Omaha or Texas Hold’em in a Sit-n-go or a tournament style. When you earn more chips you will be able to play in more difficult ‘cities’. If you are really good, you will even be able to participate in a real live WSOP tournament.

  1. Governor of Poker 2

This is a different kind of a poker app, here you play offline with a fun story. You play in a lot of different towns and saloons to prove to the mayor of the town, that a poker game is not based on luck and chance; it actually takes skill and practice to become a good poker player. Besides the amazing poker game, you will also be able to customize you character with different houses and different clothing. The free version of this app is quite solid, however, it does have some annoying adds which you can avoid by simply buying this app.

  1. Poker Offline Online 2
Poker Offline Online 2

This app really has an awesome design, but it is a bit slow; and on top of that it has one fantastic feature that almost no other app has, which is to be able to play both offline and online poker games! This can be very useful for the people who do not have an internet connection wherever they go. You will also be able to enjoy multiple tables! Yes, you will be able to play on more than just one table with this amazing Android app. However, sometimes you might encounter some technical difficulties with this feature. Another downside that this app has is the lack of the chat function.

So there you have it, the top 10 Android apps for a good game of poker! Each app will, of course, have its cons and pros, but that is for you to explore and enjoy. After downloading your favorite app you will be able to enjoy a good game of poker no matter where you might be!