This football season has been one of the most successful on record so far with it being the most-watched season to date by attracting millions of people around the world to tune in each week to watch their favourite teams. Football bets this year have been at a record high with more people than ever before placing their first football bets. Many online platforms have seen a huge rise in an online activity like the ones here at that have had a lot of activity over the course of the season so far.

The pandemic caused football to be restricted with fans not being able to attend games and some parts of the footballing season even being cancelled and called off which led to football bets being restricted for a period. Stadiums are now back to full capacity which has led to once again a lot of football fans placing pre-match football bets as well as placing bets at halftime depending on how their teams are performing. Lockdowns have now been lifted which has led to football fans returning to the stadiums and to the pubs where groups of friends meet to place group bets. 

Many betting companies are now reporting targets have already been met for this season months before they expected to hit them due to so many people now placing football bets each week. Bookies have had to evolve betting apps and websites by adding in different markets to help keep customers interested in using their platforms. This is where the bet builder has come in for many different betting companies by the bet builder offering around 20-30 different sections to choose from, you can choose from how many corners there might be in the match to who will score a goal or even pick up a yellow or red card, there are other options on this as well such as goal kicks and throw-ins and much more.

The bet builders are now a firm favourite amongst people who place football bets with groups of friends using them by each picking a selection they think might come in during the match they are watching. There are many different betting tools to use now when it comes to placing football bets and this is one of the reasons why football bets have become so popular over such a short period. It will be interesting to see what records are broken come to the end of the football season.