Slots are the world’s most popular gambling game. Partially, this is why many myths and half-truths have sprung up around them over the years. We’ve picked up some of the facts and tips that casinos know very well, but aren’t so well known among players.

Knowing the rules of the game you play is one of the main success factors of victory. If you are a passionate gambler and online casino visitor, you shouldn’t miss this information we are describing in today’s article. It will help you understand how the slots work and, with luck, help you win. Or at least not to lose too much.

Return to Player Figure

Each gambling game has set statistical profitability. Slot machines are no exception. This rate is called House Edge, and for roulette, for example, it is 2.7% (European Roulette) or 5.26% (American Roulette). This means that from every one-coin bet statistically, 0.027 pennies go to the casino’s pocket.

The term Return to Players is used when it comes to slot machines. This is only the reciprocal of the House edge. So one minus the House edge. Interestingly, however, each slot has this Return to Player set to a slightly different value. For example, in the state of Nevada, all mechanical machines must have a minimum Return to Players of 75%, which is very low. So playing slots in Las Vegas should not be a good idea.

For online slots, the return varies from 95% to 98%. Every tenth of a per cent is indeed very important in long-term gaming. The good news is that the player does not have to calculate anything, but this number is relatively easy to find. All you have to do is look at the game information, which is available directly on the game screen.

If you’re choosing a new slot, Return to Player is an indicator that you shouldn’t miss.

Beware of False Wins

Another thing to watch out for are the so-called fake winnings. Very often you will see this phenomenon especially in newer games with a large number of paylines and many bonus features such as free spins, multiplier, avalanche wins etc.

By false wins, we mean such low wins that it does not even reach the initial bet. Let’s say we bet per spin 200 coins, but the win for a combination of three low-pay symbols is only 40 coins.

Online slots with very low payout ratios may not be favourable for players, especially when playing for the maximum bet. On the other hand, these slot machines have a high win rate. In addition, they offer exciting bonus features that make it possible to win big money.

Casino Bonuses May be Disadvantageous

Free spins upon a deposit or registration bonus may not always be as free as it seems. Many casinos offer free spins during promotions, which works very efficiently. After meeting certain conditions (such as deposit or registration), you will be given free spins on slots as a gift. Once you open the game, you will find your free spins on it.

If you are lucky enough to win from these free spins, you will typically have to meet other conditions before the withdrawal is possible even if you have received free games as a deposit bonus. These winnings are credited as bonus money, and you must wager a certain amount before withdrawing. This is calculated as a bonus money x coefficient.

If the coefficient is 50x and the free spins win amount is 50 €, you must place a total of 2500 € bets. Mathematically, however, a player needs an initial bankroll of at least € 87.5 to meet these requirements. (Calculated when playing on a slot machine with a payback of 96.5%.)

What can you do about it? Try to find free spins with no wagering requirements. Such as in JoyCasino. You get free games upon deposit, and everything you win, is yours.