Of all the entertainment avenues the average Canadian has, it seems like the online casino industry is by far the most popular. Given the fast internet speeds, it’s no surprise that the world of the online casino has been growing in leaps and bounds for over ten years now. It’s not just the internet but the many advancements in technology that has made things even more pleasurable for the online casino enthusiast.  The penetration of many devices- mobile, tablets and other handheld equipment- has increased the reach and appeal of the casino industry.

It’s also a time when the brick-and-mortar casino is losing a whole lot of profits to online games. This includes the casino world too. As a result, not just customers but casino operators too are moving to a different mode of business.

What has helped the Canadian online casinos industry is that it’s not as regulated as casinos are in other countries. There are many online games that are popular, but nothing beats the joy of the lottery game. In fact, estimates hover around $2.50 billion in profits.  But by far, the most widespread game is blackjack. Part of the appeal is the sheer number of variations of the game and how relatively simple it is to pick the game up. Other games include poker, and slots. Thanks to technological advancements, a player gets a real casino feel with live dealers. The seamless experience that is at the heart of the online casino experience is surely one of the main reasons for the extraordinary success of the format.

It’s not hard to see why the online casino holds such appeal for Canada. The vast setup required for a good quality casino can be eliminated in the online format. This is also in keeping with the worldwide trend of online casinos which also offer good Canadian Casino Bonuses. Why would Canada want to be left behind in this particular race?

If you’re interested in exploring this world, take a look at the software that Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, and Playtech have to offer. Having the combination of software and advanced software is the winning combination to win at the games.

There’s another element to consider in all this. There is social acceptance for the online casino model in Canada. Surely, that has helped in its added acceptance. That said, Canada is still figuring its way through the online gaming world. Operators without a state recognised licence cannot accept bets, but Canadians bypass this rule by betting on off-shore, non-country casinos. Bingo and poker rooms abound and citizens are getting in on the entire scene. The government has allowed each province to come up with its own rules for gambling. This way, the Canadian government is hands-off and each province can frame rules according to its own set of conditions. Quebec leads the pack in this, creating attractive legislation for everyone. As the framework gets better, there will surely be a lessening of dependence on offshore casino sites and a growing involvement with those in the country.

A combination of technological advancement, attractive options and fewer regulations makes the online casino industry in Canada an exciting prospect.