Bingo has always been a popular game to play if you are looking for a bit of light-hearted fun as well try and produce a bit of spending money on the side. However, land-based bingo halls have reported a decrease in numbers of late as there are now many online alternatives that are now benefitting due to it being the digital age and we explain why they are becoming more popular below.

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The main reason as to why online bingo halls are now benefitting more than land-based bingo halls is mainly down to convenience. Instead of having to dress up, travel to the bingo hall to play, we can now all log online and are able to play from the comfort of our own homes. This mean that not only can you stay in your dressing gown without having to dress up to impress, but you are also saving money on travelling costs including petrol and parking fees when you can do that all for free online.

Furthermore, online sites are able to entice new customers in with promotional deals and online offers every week unlike land-based casino halls that aren’t able to offer these types of benefits as they aren’t competitive enough due to them having many overheads including rent for the building and paying labour to their staff. This has ensured that its cheaper and has more benefits to play online now rather than play in person.

And finally, many have thought that some online bingo halls are rigged and not fair to all players. However, as long as you are playing on a safe and secure site which you know you can trust then they promise to ensure that everyone has a fair chance. To ensure that you are playing on a safe site, make sure you look out for its UK Gambling Commission certificate before depositing and another way to check if it is legit is to also read up and do your research on these bingo sites to check that other gamblers have had a good bingo experience when playing on them including gameplay, depositing and withdrawing.