Having been forced to close their doors to players for months on end, many Bingo Club operators are calling it a day and closing their venues for good. 

It Has Been a Bad Year for Bingo Clubs

For a number of older people their local bingo club offers them a lifeline regarding socialising, however that hasn’t been possible obviously for them over the last few months and may not be for some considerable amount of time either.

However, fortunately things have been changing for the better, and thanks to some medical breakthroughs we can now all see light at the end of the tunnel. But sadly, the writing has been on the wall so to speak for many bingo clubs for quite some time and many have already ceased operation for good.

That is also going to be a trend that is likely to continue too into the new year, with Bingo Club operators having to make some massive savings, many of which do come from closing down many of their venues. 

Stop Start – Stop Start is Costing the Industry Dear 

Being allowed to open their doors one minute but then being ordered to close them again the next really has had a devastating effect on the Bingo industry, and we must also remember that a huge number of people are employed in that market sector too.

Whilst many employees have been lucky enough to be furloughed, their employers have had to put into place all manner of additional things to ensure their venues, when allowed to reopen adhere to local and national rules and regulations.

No business, no matter in which market sector it trades in, can operate over the long term, without knowing they are going to be allowed and permitted to trade and it is certainly going to be a case of the survival of the fittest moving forward, for there is no doubt in my mind many smaller bingo club and bingo hall operators are going to go to the wall.

Some industry commentators have stated that popularity of online bingo will also be the final nail in the coffin for many land based bingo club operators, however many people much prefer the much more social environment that a physical land based bingo club offers and are not tempted to play online or even play bingo via one of the next generation of bingo apps either.

If you are tempted to play in either of those two additional playing environments, then keep in mind there are plenty of responsible gambling tools available at them to help you gamble in a safe and responsible way. 

If you want to self-exclude yourself from all UK based and licensed gambling sites then check out GamStop and the services they offer, but do additionally look at which gambling sites are not on GamStop and self-exclude yourself from those sites too.

Empty Bingo Clubs Will Become a Blot on the Landscape

It is also worth noting that the sheer size of most if not all bingo clubs, will lead to many of the buildings that those that do close are housed in, becoming an eyesore once the buildings begin to deteriorate. 

Many bingo clubs however are based in old and converted theatres and cinemas, and without regular maintenance, should those buildings remain out for use for any amount of time they will quickly deteriorate and they too will become a blot on the landscape for many towns and cities.

It is hard to see any bingo club operators wanting to expand their estates by buying up now closed bingo clubs, for if the previous owner/operator was unable to make them financially viable it is highly unlikely another will want to take them over and bring them back to life. 

As for just what uses an old derelict building that was once the home of a bingo club could be used for, well the most obvious use would be retail, however it is true and very fair to say that many retailers have been hit just as hard a bingo club operators.

Sadly the effects of this year will certainly see a major change in the landscape in many towns and cities across the UK and in most other countries too, and the sight of empty disused buildings that often bustled with life is something we are all going to have to get used to seeing, no matter where we live or where we choose to visit too.