The online casino industry is constantly evolving, creating something new, especially in the slot industry. Lately video slot makers are buying licenses to create slot machines with big names like Game of Thrones or Terminator 2. That is why we wanted to bring to your attention top upcoming online slot machines based on popular movies and tv series.


One of the most popular comedy series of our time is the Big Bang Theory. TBBT based on the adventures of ridiculously socially talented scientists. The characters from the series would fit perfectly into the playing field of a slot machine and Sheldon Cooper’s video show about flags will be used as a bonus game. It’s the kind of theme in which Microgaming is interested in.


One of the iconic films that deservedly tops all lists of the best movies of all time. It’s like roulette at – always on top of the charts! The illusion of choice so masterfully conveyed in the film will be a great leitmotif for the Matrix slot’s gaming functionality as well as the blue tablet which will trigger a mode where winning combinations count from left to right and the red one counts from right to left.


A series about a chemistry teacher who turned out to be sick with cancer and was just forced to go down a crooked criminal path just blew the minds of not only puritanical America, but the rest of the world as well. Famous dialogues, inimitable adventures and two main characters will brew meth once more in free spins mode.


One of the longest-running TV series of our time, which aired its first episode back in 1963! The saga of the alien time traveler who appears here and there to save individuals or entire civilizations. Naturally, the Doctor Who video slot will use a dozen of different winning combinations based on the series of the show! The main chip of the video slot will be the presence of iconic music and “low-budget” special effects, which makes Doctor Who so atmospheric.


One of the most famous movies, the most successful adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel of the same name, mocking the post-industrial white-collar consumer society, telling the story of the Fight Club, created by an ordinary man who decided to break out of this vicious circle – all this is a rich field for the creators of the Fight Club slot machine. However, there are only rumors in regard this slot, so the only thing we can do is to think and wonder how the game will look like.

Weird that this theme has not yet been used, because the same bonus game could be made on the basis of one of the fight scenes, not to mention the use of famous dialogues and monologues, snapped up for quotations. Remember. “Only by losing everything to the end do we gain freedom.”


The most successful and beloved comedy series about best friends who live in neighboring apartments. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross will not only touch the soul of even the most seasoned gamblers, but also allow the developers to use a huge number of funny situations to create a strong feature. The Friends slot machine will be the star of the gaming portfolio of Microgaming, who like to use the themes of classic movies.