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Sports betting is the fastest ways to earn money in an entertaining way. All thanks to internet!!! You can do proper research and place bets on sports at the comfort of your home. 

However, most of the people who bet are looking to make long-term profits. Also, there are many gambling experts who earn a good amount of profit from sports betting. Few people just earn decent money on the side. There are also a few people who don’t accomplish their goal of earning money but still they keep betting.

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Are you a newbie to sports betting? Planning to bet on your favourite sport? You’re not alone!!! Stick here till the end and understand what are the most popular sports for betting.


It’s no secret football is the most popular sports betting game across the world. People have been playing this game from the past few decades. It offers a wide range of matches for football players to play.

Football betting is simple and easy. With a basic football and betting knowledge, one can start betting their wagers on this game. But if you’re looking for long-term profits then never stop yourself with basic knowledge. Because understanding how to bet on football is good, but understanding how to bet on football successful is entirely different.

If you’re a newbie start with simple bets such as

  • Placing a bet on corners
  • Cards
  • Goals scorers and
  • Correct score

Once you’re familiar with simple football betting. Next, start playing “Football Double Chance” to double your profits. It is one of the most popular betting played by many experts. While placing a bet on double chance, you can bet on two different outcomes in a single football match. It’s is the best way to reduce risk.


If you’re looking for exciting sports betting then ‘Basketball’ is the best choice for you.

As per recent reports, basketball betting has a major growth in Europe. Along with the World Cup, the NBA club is also attracting basketball fans across the globe. NBA conducts more than 1000 basketball matches to play in a single season. 

Basketball betting is the easiest game to understand and follow. The game rules in basketball are straightforward. The game is conducted between the two teams. Each team consists of five players. Their main goal is to throw the ball in the opponent hoop.

The most popular bettings of basketball are

  • Money line
  • Point spreads
  • Game totals

For the above 3 markets, overtime is included. Let’s discuss these three markets in detail,

  • The term “Money Line” is defined as a straight shootout. Either you go home or win.
  • Point spread is well known as “Asian Handicap” of the basketball. You are assigned with a specific handicap on every time (consider -4 and +4). It means the basketball team needs to outscore the given handicap.
  • If a team is given with a handicap of -4, then the team should score at least 5 points to win the handicap. If they score 4 points then the bet would be pushed.
  • The Game Totals is as it says on the tin.

Have you ever heard about the set line? Of course many times right!!! It denotes the total scored points in the basketball game. It includes both home and away. When a line of 218.50 would need at last 219 points for the over to win.


Tennis!!! Tennis!!! Tennis!!!

Tennis is an excellent sports game. Players usually play the game individually against a single player or between two teams of two players each. Roger Federer, serena williams and Radarl Nadal are well known as tennis superstars. This sports game has a great fan base. According to the analysis, there are over 1 billion tennis fans across the world. 

It is one of the incredible sports to place a bet on. Since tennis is an individual sports game. You require constant research and observation to win the bet. The best part of tennis sports betting is there are no draws in the match. For a newbie, tennis can be an excellent choice to place a bet. Tennis sports betting offer different types of bets that are easy to understand. With the limited knowledge of betting, one can easily place a bet and stand as a winner.

Since there are two players, it’s simple and easy to analyze players physical condition, head-to-head records, mental states of two players. 

“Betting tennis live” is ruling the world. It offers many benefits for players such as live bets, instant results and more. The result rapidly changes at every point after every breakpoint won. Also, there will be 3 to 4 breaks in each tennis match. Therefore live betting is an efficient sports game. Additionally, you can get a great chance to watch every tennis match – challenger to ATP events.


Cricket is incredible and favourite sports for many in the world. Whether your a student or senior citizen, everyone enjoys playing and watching cricket. This game is a journey that can last for a longer period. Here players and fans can interact with each other.

Cricket has grown its popularity as the best sports betting platform. During 20-20 cricket, IPL and big T-20 tournaments, gamblers are placing a large number of wagers on matches.

Many players are focusing more on cricket for various reasons such as easy guidelines, low return on investment and great value to place a bet.

Planning to place a bet on cricket? Yes!!!

Don’t just stick to one betting, try every betting and increase the chances to win a jackpot. Start focusing on matches such as test cricket, T-20 and one-day match.

The million-dollar question is “Is cricket betting legal?”

It changes from place to place. Regions such as the UK have entirely legalized betting. You can create an account in no time, deposit money on e-wallets, start placing a bet on your favourite cricket team and withdraw your winnings effectively.


Boxing is the oldest combat sport. It is conducted between two people. Boxing is held in a ring where two boxers wear special gloves and try to hit each other. They fight with each other to win the battle for mastery. There will be 12 rounds conducted in this game. The time duration for each match can be 3 minutes. The rest of one minute can be taken between each round. A player cannot hit another player when they lay down.

If you’re planning to place a bet on boxing, you need to have proper knowledge about game rules, champions and more. 

Mike Tyson and Muhamad Ali are the best boxers of all time. These champions are responsible for winning millions of dollars in bets.

There are three ways to place a bet

  • A win for the boxer in a red corner
  • A success for the boxer in a blue corner or
  • A draw

Place bets according to research, prediction or favourite player. Never place a bet on new players. Sometimes, two champions can fight equally, in such cases you can flip a coin. 

Since there are 12 rounds conducted in each match. It’s pretty hard to decide the winner and the loser. The best way to secure odds is “Round Betting”. Consider, if you think Mike Tyson will win a game, choosing that result in the 4th round is the easiest way to make yourself secure.