It has been a great few years for online gambling and other games of chance as numbers continue to surge – a changing demographic and the more accessible operators have meant players can enjoy the biggest games even easier than before and with more accessibility on the way it could lead to even more change. Many of the biggest services just like these with online casinos in mind may look to push some big changes forward in the  coming years, so what’s next for online gambling?

A potential for apps to emerge

With the big changes to both the Apple and Google app stores earlier this year particularly with the charge to in-app purchases being changed; it may mean that many online operators looking  to expand to a dedicated mobile app rather than just a web presence. There aren’t many restrictions to prevent these services from doing so and could be a great quality of life change for the users who are most likely to download and play. It does come at a cost and some lead time as mobile apps aren’t always the cheapest to develop but could return huge dividends if done correctly.

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New game options are always just around the corner

With technological development also comes the ability to push the bar higher on what’s already available, and with games being the big selling point, this will also look to be the next target for online gambling services. This may be looking to expand into the extended reality space particularly with virtual reality being a target for a number of years, or even just expanding on current options to offer something a little different that breaks the mould from other big titles. Devices are becoming more capable than ever to run these more demanding games, so it is expected this will be a big area of development in the future. 

Online services will look to emerge in growing locations

Another big change on the way is the sweeping change seen across countries like the US to see legislation change around online gambling and online sports betting – this change legalising these online services could see markets that were previously underrepresented see a huge number of new services become available to cater to the players that had been waiting to get their hands on these services – there have been delays along the way, but a wider reach is certainly on the horizon. 

As one of the most popular genres played today and still expanding with the growing audience, online gambling, and online casinos in particular are certainly experiencing a bit of a golden age – although the global health crisis looks to be levelling out too which may encourage some users returning to brick and mortar, similar suggestions are pointed at these players remaining with online use simply for the accessibility, creating a very exciting “what next” for online platforms.