Online poker rooms have been trending. Many bedroom dwellers have stepped into the light with a few hundred thousand dollars under their name. Others, have even amassed millions playing from the comfort of their home. But what is it that drives success at online poker rooms?

Is it skill, luck or combination of both factors. The hard evidence would suggest that the top players to make it to the summits and attain the highest honors. To think though that continuous success that adds up to millions of dollars won is the matter of luck is a tough sell.

A Look at the Facts

For the most part, if luck had anything to do with it, we would have been seeing more millionaires walking out of online casinos and a great deal of operators going bust or giving up on the industry altogether. And yet, for the self-made professionals who have become fully-fledged experts, they needed the necessary environment to succeed. It’s largely thanks to the top US poker sites that have allowed these individuals to hone their skills to squeaky perfection.

One of the all-time high winners in terms of total revenue from online poker is the Finnish Patrik Antonius who has managed to amass northward of $15 million in overall winnings from online action alone. A regular show-up for podcasts and live action tournament, Mr. Antonius has been doing rather well by himself.

Albeit it would suffice to say that his online forays have been crowned with better success than his live appearances. Whilst some may chalk this up to chance, others see an underlying cause.

Online Poker is Not as Competitive

Oh, don’t get us wrong. Online poker definitely brings out the worst in a player who, enjoying the relative veil of anonymity, can be quite robust and impatient with his digital confreres. But even then, there’s a prevailing opinion that most times, the percentile of truly outstanding online poker pros is quite miniscule compared to those who make an actual appearance in person.

We see the merit to that argument, but is it really a tenable one? True, players who invest to come in person are rather sure of their own abilities and know that they stand to destroy a large part of the opponents. And yet, many lose and leave without cashing out while incurring some hefty costs.

Why then don’t they play online?

Perhaps they do! And perhaps the fact that Mr. Antonius has done somewhat poorer than he has online is an indication of that. But who is to really tell if players who stick to online play truly tend to be the superior of their flesh-and-bones counterparts?

Nobody knows, but the prevailing opinion tends to lean somewhat in the way of live pros. Some research has been done into the psychic of poker pros in general, but the topic of online vs. offline doesn’t seem to have been broached beyond Quora and Reddit boards.

Perusing the best options out there, we could find the names of many top-ranking players whom we haven’t heard of in real live action. Perhaps they just prefer to stay at home and play. And frankly, we can’t blame them.