In the second strongest Spanish league, Segunda division, it is now time for decisive matches. There are only a few rounds left until the end of the championship, and any loss of points will cost the teams very expensive. And this concerns not only the struggle for the promotion in the division, but also for keeping place in the league.

In recent years, the average level of teams here leveled off noticeably. The championship benefited from it, because the number of average meetings here was reduced to a minimum. Among the main contenders for the promotion in the class are:

  • Albacete;
  • Osasuna;

However, it is a very thankless job to give long-term forecasts for Segunda division, because here, after literally every round, the situation in the standings changes dramatically. This once again underlines the fact that misfires at the finish line will cost the teams even more, because there is no time left to play it back.

Now, there are a lot of cool players in the second most powerful Spanish division, some of them are known even for playing for the national team. Even the teams that recently played in the Primera have hard times here. It is also confirmed by the fact that many clubs that have played in the elite just a few years ago are at risk of leaving the Segunda, too.

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