Having grown significantly in the last decade, eSports is no longer a part of betting which can be denied. Today, many millions of dollars are on the line for gaming tournaments, and this number is only growing with each passing year. With this growth has come a new form of gambling which many gaming enthusiasts have utilised to great excitement.

eSports Betting

As a starting point, eSports betting runs much the same as betting for any number of other professional sports. As with any form of betting there is no guarantee of success, and as with any other sport, knowing the game and its players can help shift the odds in your favor.

Due to these simple facts, we would encourage those getting into eSports betting to stick to the games which they are familiar with or passionate about. Unlike traditional sports, eSports games are often party to rapid changes via expansions or patches. This can make enormous changes in the overall meta that those who aren’t following closely could easily miss.

Becoming a Player

Unlike other professional sports, eSports do not require its best players to win the genetic lottery. Instead, dedication and hard work can raise a nobody into a somebody. At the highest level, most people think that success comes from tournament winnings. This is a big part of the pie, but it’s not the only means.

For most pro players, living wage comes from sponsorship. There are many eSports sponsors today who put in millions of dollars a year to keep their players happy and in fighting shape. In 2018, for example, $359.4 million went into sponsorship deals, which was a massive 53.2% increase over the level of investment in 2017. Of course, those who wish to keep these jobs need to perform, but it’s not the top prizes that keep most of these players and teams running.

The other part of this equation comes from the possibilities of local games and money matches. This can be an issue with team-games, but people living in or near major cities can take part in cash tournaments off one-on-one battles. Fighting games are popular on this front, with many active scenes having dedicated meet-ups once or twice a week. Just be sure to understand that competition in these games is fierce, so do some studying on local players ahead of time.

Look Before You Leap

The rise of eSports has brought many opportunities due to its expansion into various exciting areas. There are always upsets, there are always new tactics, and there are always changes within the game which can entirely alter the way a game is played, so the scene continues to reinvent itself.