Casino sites that use PayPal are prolific to say the least. Once relatively thin on the ground, casino sites that use PayPal now form the backbone of the industry in many major markets worldwide.

But what is about a PayPal casino that makes it such an attractive option? Is there anything specifically advantageous about signing up with a PayPal casino, or are this preferred payment method a case of personal preference only?

An Instant Seal of Approval

Before getting onto the technicalities of PayPal casino payments, there’s much to be said for being endorsed by PayPal in general. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but it’s important to remember that PayPal does not allow just any casino going to use its services for commercial purposes.

PayPal is surprisingly selective with regards to the businesses it is willing to work with, conducting a fair number of checks to ensure they’re legit. This therefore means that when you see the PayPal logo on the homepage of a casino, you can more or less assume (cautiously) that it’s the real deal. 

At least, in terms of it having passed PayPal’s verification checks.

Of course, the PayPal logo alone isn’t always indicative of a top-class casino. It simply means you’re most likely looking at a safe bet in terms of payment protection and transactions safety, but there are still other things to take into account.

In any case, signing up with a PayPal casino brings a whole bunch of benefits into the mix as standard. While general casino quality standards vary significantly from one provider to the next, each of the following comes as standard when playing at PayPal casinos:

Buyer Protection 

PayPal is famous for its fantastic buyer protection policy, which basically acts as an insurance policy in the event of anything untoward. In the unlikely event that you are scammed, short-changed or left out of pocket due to fraudulent activity, PayPal will cover your losses. PayPal is one of few providers known for always taking the side of the customer when disputes occur, offering an extra layer of protection against financial loss.

Exceptional Security

Likewise, PayPal has evolved into one of the world’s safest payment platforms by a significant margin. It is an enormous global provider that invests heavily in the most advanced safety and security protocols to safeguard its customers. All transactions on PayPal leave behind a comprehensive paper trail, making it practically impossible to get away with fraudulent activity. Quite simply, there’s no safer payment method from the player’s perspective than PayPal.

Fast Transactions

Depending on the casino you sign up with, PayPal transactions have the potential to be significantly faster than most comparable payment methods.  Whereas processing times for credit or debit card withdrawals typically average around three days, it’s not uncommon for PayPal customers to enjoy same-day withdrawals. Most PayPal transactions (in both directions) can also be performed without facing the prospect of excessive fees and commissions.

Ditch the Credit Card

Frankly, any online payment method that makes it possible to ditch credit cards (or debit cards) can only be a good thing. The ease with which credit card information can be hijacked by fraudsters is no less than terrifying. Credit and debit card fraud is prolific on a level that should never be underestimated, whereas defrauding PayPal customers is an entirely different ball game. And even if things do go wrong with PayPal (which is unlikely), you’re covered by their Buyer Protection policy. 

Exclusive Bonuses

As an added bonus (quite literally), PayPal customers routinely gain access to exclusive incentives and bonus offers. Some casinos simply prefer customers who action deposits and withdrawals using PayPal, subsequently rewarding them with periodic promotions. From free spins to deposit top-ups to access to exclusive competitions, switching to PayPal can sometimes unlock the door to added incentives.

Stellar Customer Support

Last but not least, PayPal itself has one of the most capable and committed customer care contingencies in the business. If you have any questions or concerns on any payment-related topic, there are representatives available on a 24/7 basis (in most countries). The PayPal team can also be significantly easier to get hold of than a fair few casino support desks, should you face difficulties getting through.

Some of the biggest names in the business have been accepting PayPal payments for some time, including but not limited to 32Red, Betway, NetBet Online Casino, Spin Palace, Mr. Green, LeoVegas, Nedplay, Dash and Virtual City Casino.

Independent review sites like Top Dog Casinos can also be a great place to find a quality PayPal casino to sign up with, along with helpful insights into welcome bonus offers and other incentives.