When looking to play casino games online, slots stand out as the favourite amongst many players. These are games with big potential but also bit titles. Gazing through a menu of slot games and seeing titles like Jurassic Park really do stick out like a sore thumb. Hollywood titles have a pulling power that now ‘standard’ slot could ever achieve no matter how hard it tried. Here we look at the success and the appeal of slot games that are now part of this enormous marketing assault that Hollywood is taking on and gladly supplied by the casinos we can join online.

Film to Game

Movie adaptions have always been part of the casino industry. From being played on huge slot terminals in Vegas and bars around the world, to their new home of online casinos. But in the past 20-years, the boom has been evident. While more films are being made that have a far greater commercial appeal, they are able to be adapted into online slots. A clear example of this are the comic book movies that have swapped the movie industry, which in turn is a very simple adaption for a casino software developer. Besides pumping billions into the iGaming industry, for players, slots like these attract attention, there is a factor of entertainment involved that would be loved by the fan of the movie regardless of the fact that the slot actually might actually suck. Studies have shown that there is a science behind what movies get picked to be turned into online slot machines. Developers are looking for these attributes within a movie that can help their adaption from film to slot.

  • Movies with iconic characters that have a high recognition value i.e. Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
  • A movie Universe that can allow for series productions i.e., Marvel movies
  • Translatable concepts that can fit into the mechanics of gaming i.e., Jurassic Park

There are some movies that are made begging to be turned into slots and where their time comes, they are hugely successful in the online casino world and there are a great many more to come.

Top Movie Slot Online

Which are the leading online slot machines that have been adapted from Hollywood’s successful list of films? To get the answer to this, we got help from Kayleigh Williams, a senior casino games reviewer at Casimoose.ca.

“There is no denying that famous movie titles like those we offer at https://www.casimoose.ca/games/slots/ catch the eye far better than regular slots which now almost seem too generic because of the masses being made. Hollywood slots give players a refreshing option, their story is different, their style and theme are more unique, you can have a hundred horror slots, but something like the official Ghostbusters slots will be instantly recognisable and appealing. For players in Canada, they are fortunate to have access to the best developers online so CA casino will offer them games from the likes of Microgaming, Blueprint, and Playtech who are responsible for making hundreds of big-licensed slot machines.”

Based on our statistical analysis of the top 50 online casinos in Canada and the user numbers recorded by Casimoose, these are the most played movie slots online:

  • The Dark Knight Rises by Microgaming
  • RoboCop by Playtech
  • Titanic by IGT
  • Mars Attacks by Blueprint Gaming
  • The Naked Gun by Blueprint Gaming
  • Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure by Blueprint Gaming
  • Planet of the Apes by NetEnt
  • The Matrix by Playtech
  • Bridesmaids by Microgaming
  • Jurassic Park by Microgaming

Popular Gaming and Movie Genres

What type of movie has the biggest appeal to a casino audience? There are 6 classic genre tags in the movie industry and after analysing the entire list of movie games created, we assigned their genre to get an answer about which was the more popular film type being made.

  • Acton/ Adventure/Fantasy: 20.7%
  • Comedy/Romance/Crime: 18.3%
  • Action/Thriller/Drama: 17.1%
  • Sci-Fi/ Adventure/Action: 15.9%
  • Comedy/Fantasy/Family: 12.2%
  • Horror/Thriller/Mystery: 8.5%
  • Romance/Drama: 7.3%

Of the many hundreds of slot movie games out there, we were able to form this list of directors whose works were turned into slot games.

  1. Christopher Nolan: 3 movies adapted
  2. James Cameron: 3 movies adapted
  3. Zach Snyder: 3 movies adapted
  4. Joe Dante: 3 movies adapted
  5. Paul Verhoeven: 2 movies adapted

Hollywood and Casinos have always been about risks

Both industries are completely different, yet their success is based on risk. Movies can be huge flops at a cost of millions on the studio. Casinos are at the risk of players being overly lucky and winning millions from their services. When the two merge, they create something whereby all involved win. More and more films are being turned into slots and this includes cult classics that hit certain audiences within the casino. So, not only are current blockbuster releases a way of getting player’s attention, movies of old that are now cult classics are being given a new lease of life to expand the gaming appeal within online casinos.

Cult titles include Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Halloween, The Goonies, and Aliens. 

If you have a passion for movies and would like to see just how well they have been adapted for the casino market, then there are plenty of recognisable film titles that are available across many of the casinos online. 

From the horrors of Paranormal Activity to the heroic action of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is something for every movie buff out there and an opportunity to win a film star’s wage if you are lucky.