It’s always exciting to play a couple of games online. But digital versions of slot machines and table games would not be so much popular without bonuses. Both newcomers and veterans of the gambling industry are thrilled to get a multiplier or a couple of free spins.

There are a lot of types of online casinos available for registered members of the online casino. Some of them can be obtained only by people, who have a VIP status on the site. But it’s important to know as much information on them, as possible. Let’s take a look at what kinds of special offers the average player can try out by his own self.

Free Spins

If the gambler is new to gambling, he needs to have as many possibilities to win, as possible. That’s why many online casinos are giving free spins for every registered member, who has made the first deposit on the website. For most of the time, this kind of bonus can go by the name “Welcome Package”.

Sadly, in some cases, to cash out money, that the player has won as a part of free spins offer, he will need to face wagering requirements. It means the gambler will not be able to withdraw his winnings without betting them for a specified number of times. It’s recommended to check out if such a bonus is free of such requirements or not. In some cases, the casino can simply limit the amount of cash, that the user will be able to withdraw as a part of the bonus system. That’s why it’s so important to read terms and rules, before taking advantage out of any offer on the site.

No Deposit Bonus

The name says it all. With the help of no deposit bonus, the gambler will not need to pay anything to get a chance to enhance his experience with a certain gambling product. Most of the time, such an option is provided for the player, when he has only registered an account. He gets an opportunity to gamble for free. The only thing, that the user should keep in mind – he will not be able to withdraw chis cash without fulfilling wagering requirements. In the case of online casinos, the wagering requirement for the no-deposit bonus is going to be much higher, than in the case of land-based ones. To withdraw his money as a part of this offer, the user will need to do that within 24 hours from the moment of activation. But it’s still possible to get a positive result out of the usage of this bonus.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is something, that any online casino is offering. It’s offered to any gambler, who has successfully signed up for the first time. To activate an option, the customer will have to make a minimum deposit. Once it will be done – a certain amount of bonus money will be added to the player’s bank. It’s possible to receive more than 100 or even 200 percent bonus as a part of this option.

By looking at the welcome bonus for the first time, the user should not forget about the wagering requirement. It’s represented on any online casino website right now, so the gambler should keep it in mind.

Limited Time Deposit Bonus

The gambler should not forget about the limited time offers from the online casino. Most of the time, they change once a month. It’s a chance for the player to receive a monthly deposit bonus. There’s also a possibility to get a bonus for simply being an active user.

Following modern standards, it’s easy to see, that to get the most out of such limited-time options, the gambler will not only need to play by his own self but also invite other people. It’s all a part of the loyalty system of the website.

There are different types of limited-time bonuses – monthly, weekly and even daily. It all depends on a specific online casino. Bonus terms may vary, depending on what kind of website the player has chosen.

It’s important to admit, that this kind of bonus cannot be obtained for free. The gambler will have to deposit a certain amount of cash to finally be able to enjoy any type of limited-time deposit bonuses. Another thing, that is that same for all type of these bonuses – wagering requirement. The gambler will have to place bets for a specified number of times, just to get a chance of cashing out his winnings.

Deals for specific games

Sometimes, it’s possible to get bonuses for playing certain games on the website. When the online casino has a rich collection of slot machines, they want to make sure, that players are going to discover as many of them, as possible. That’s why there are many bonuses attached to a specific product. The gambler will be able to get the most out of them, only by playing a certain game for a long enough period of time. This offer is also limited by wagering requirements. If the player would like to get the most out of it, he will need to complete the wagering process and only then – it will be possible to withdraw some cash.

Match deposit bonuses

One of the trickiest ones. Match deposit bonuses have a lot of rules for the gambler to follow. It’s different from all other rewards. It can be obtained during the registration process, other than while playing games. It’s possible to say, that it mirrors the amount of money, that the player will place as a deposit while entering the online casino for the first time.

The tricky aspect of the match deposit bonus, is the fact, that there are different types of such an option. But there is a constant thing about it – it always comes with a percentage, that will automatically become the referral to the amount of money, that will be multiplied as a part of this offer. To protect themselves, casinos are using upper limits. They want to make sure, that the player will not be able to get too much money right from the start. Even by depositing more than 1000 dollars, the gambler will only be able to get about 100 extra dollars as a part of this offer.