PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG is an online battle royale video game that was officially released in December of 2017. PUBG is the brainchild of Brendan Greene. He is better known by his online name “PlayerUnknown”. Greene has created PUBG based on his previous creation DAYZ and inspired by a Japanese film “Battle Royale” which was released in the year 2000.  

PUBG is a multiplayer shooting game that allows players to team up in duos or a four-player squad. It also allows its player to play in a single-player mode but its intention is to make players form a squad with their friends. PUBG was first released for PC gaming on Microsoft systems and later it was released for Xbox One by Microsoft studios. PUBG Corporation has also released a mobile version in 2018 which took the gaming world by storm.

PUBG lets the players create their own avatars before they start playing the game. PUBG has an arcade mode and a survival mode. After you create your avatar it asks you to choose the type of gameplay you want. Apart from that it also has different playing arenas to pick from. These arenas are huge landscapes in which players engage in combat. Usually, players team up in squads and enter their chosen server.  Once the players enter the server of the desired arena they are taken in a flight to their destination. The flight flies across the map in a fixed path from one end to the other end. The path of the flight changes with every game.

In the arcade mode of PUBG, a total of one hundred players are pitted against each other. As the plane travels across the map the players are supposed to choose an area for landing. The players jump out of the planes with a parachute strapped on to their backs. The players land in the chosen spot without any accessories. Players have to search every building in the nearby areas to gather weapons, ammunition and other pieces of equipment that they need to take down, other players. The players need to collect these items without getting attacked by others. After gathering their weapons players are ready to face their opponents on the battlefield. 

Players travel around the map using different vehicles to encounter their enemies and collect other gadgets from a dropbox that is dropped from a plane. They have to save themselves from getting hit while killing other players. Players need to be inside a  perimeter in order to save their life. The perimeter gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses. The decreasing perimeter compels players to travel into the defined regions and forces them to engage in shootouts with other players. The player or squad that survives till the end is declared as the winner. After completion of each game, players receive some money and rewards which they can use to make in-game purchases.

Apart from gameplay what makes PUBG more interesting is its attention to small details. The game allows players to customize their avatars and armory. The players can also look up the details of each weapon and other accessories which make them more powerful. Players can learn about these attachments and practice in the training area to improve their shooting skills.

PUBG also assigns players in tiers based upon their level of skill and their achievements in arcade mode. These tiers are not permanent rankings as the players will be ripped off their ranks at the end of each season. Each season lasts for a certain period of time. Every season includes a new set of tasks that a player needs to complete to reach higher tiers and earn rewards.

What is PUBG betting?

In the last five years, betting on video games has increased tremendously especially in the esports community. However, since PUBG is a recent release it does not have a large betting scene. Only one official tournament of PUBG was held by Gamescom. But the betting scene for PUBG is surely going to change because of its growing popularity. There are nearly 400 million PUBG players in the world. The main reason for this small betting scene is because there is no strong foundation for competitive players who can win every time. There are no players that can be said to have mastered the art of playing PUBG. People cannot say that they have a favorite player or favorite squad that is the best in the world. There are professionals who are always underground practising the game to polish their skills to fight in global tournaments but they cannot compete often as tournaments for PUBG are not held regularly.

Choose a reliable website

Online PUBG betting is still relatively young but it is growing at a fast pace. Thousands of betting sites are popping up every day but not all of them are trustworthy. Everyone is trying to cash in on the popularity of the game. First one has to make sure that there gambling on a safe and reliable website then they can start betting. To find out if a site is legitimate or not just deposit a small amount of currency, play for some time and try to withdraw your earnings. If you cannot withdraw your earnings understand that the site is not reliable. Apart from that, one can always search the internet to find out what are the most popular sites for PUBG betting.   

How to place a bet?

The punters or gamblers use skins as a form of currency while placing their bets. Skins are won by playing the game and making in-game purchases. These skins are commonly used to change the appearance of the character and its possessions in the game. Some of them are rare, depending upon its rarity the value of skins increase. These skins are like tokens which the players use to place their bets. The gamblers place their skins in a digital wallet and carry them to the sites where they want to bet. These betting sites offer gambling and betting games where the players need to use their skins as tokens to gamble. The players will either win or lose depending upon their choice. The winner only earns the skins of the loser but these skins can be traded for money on some websites.

Types of betting games

Players from all over the world are trying to bet their skins to win some unique skins that are rare. These gambling sites have various fun games but let’s look at some common games that you can place your bet on.


In roulette, you have to choose either color or number based on the site you are playing. Then the wheel is spun and if you pick the correct number or color you will win skins. Picking the correct number can win you up to 50 times more than your original bet.


In jackpot, all the skins of punters are placed in a pot. Here one person wins the whole pot by doing a random spin to select the winner.

Coin flip

These types of gambling games have one on one versus mode in which a coin is flipped to determine who’s the winner. Here the player has a 50-50 chance of winning.


Whether you’ve played PUBG or not you’ve definitely heard the popular phrase “winner winner chicken dinner”.  This phrase is actually used to refer to a gambler after winning a huge bet. Since its official mobile release, PUBG has been unstoppable. The portability of the game made it reach the audience in all corners of the world. It is the most popular battle royale game in today’s time. The popularity of the game is not going to decline any time soon so this is the best time to gamble on PUBG. With millions of players trying to get their hands on their favorite skins you have plenty of chances to win. One must play the game to understand the value of its skins and their popularity to place a well-calculated bet.