Not for you the clamour of multi-player games. You are the lone warrior, taking on multiple worlds and villains in your stride. Well, in your inter-galactic stride, that is. When it’s a single-player, third-person game from the folk who gave you Apex Legends and Titanfall, the expectations are sky-high.

And these expectations are met.  This in itself is not surprising, seeing how the entertainment company Respawn has been breaking the mould of creativity every single time. You’ll have a sense of déjà vu sometimes, as you’re reminded of a few other games that the company has gifted the gaming world, including Sekiro.

If you’re already a fan of the Stars Wars world, you know where Fallen Order picks up from. The Jedi are hiding, after the fall, except for one hero; Cal Kestis who lives in the shadows. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to restore his forgotten memories and create new powers and abilities for him. This is vital because the Empire is out to kill every last Jedi. It’s your job to prevent that from happening. The powers are a-plenty in the game, including those that reside in the tree of skills, and you’ll find comfort in your friend for the task BD-1. This is useful when you find Stims- it is BD-1’s job to throw them to you. You can update this companion and the legendary lightsaber too.

Depending on what level you’re at, you can choose from amongst four difficulty levels- Jedi Grandmaster, Jedi Master, Story Mode and Jedi Knight. As you get more and more powerful, combat and the action sequences become even more fun. Force meter feels good to use, but you should be careful and judicious in its application. Sometimes the game feels a bit non-Star Wars, what with its vine-swinging and wall climbing. The maps are another cool part of the game, because they keep changing. They are helpfully marked too- green doors open, red doors do not and yellow maps mean areas to be explored. The game pays its own tribute to its many influences and you can either love that, or not be a fan. It is a fact that all the games blend beautifully to create something truly memorable. But, opinions differ and you will be the best judge of your own reaction.

The game is undoubtedly beautiful- wide vistas, unusual looking planets, but it’s not all good, all the time. A little more thought could have gone into creating more varied scenery.  The sound track is similar to the movie and gives you a sense of familiarity. Bugs are an issue, the software is sometimes laggy, and one hopes that the gaming giant will look after this in the later versions of the game. The game is truly fabulous to play and offers enough to enjoy the game multiple times. It’s not as difficult as the previous versions of the game, which is exactly how one wants it. Too difficult, and one can lose interest in the entire enterprise.

Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a game that comes highly recommended. Play it and feel the magic of this wonderful world.