Gambling can be an investment project by its own if done reasonably. It is a risk-ridden way to utilize leisure

time and make money. When done sensibly, it can be a fun and an exciting experience in addition to watching

sport. Many individuals have become filthy rich through this exercise. For beginners, it is not easy to rush for

bets and win. In this very world, there is no any magic formula to make money from betting on football or

another sport. To be a professional gambler, you must adjust your skills to what best suits you.

The following tips which form a part of an extensive English football betting guide will help you make maximum out betting:

    1.Avoid betting on your favorite team

Betting with all your heart and feeling is disastrous. In most cases one will end up losing in the long run. In

fact, objectivity is lost when betting for the favorite team as this give more possibilities than one really have.

One of the rules that guide the great tipsters is that they never bet on their favorite games in which their team

are involved. The bookmakers often play with this factor which enhance them to avoid falling into temptation.

When betting, always leave the feelings aside.

  1. Understand the concept of value

In the long term, it is impossible to get profit at quotas lower than 1.50. For an individual to realize profit with

this type of bets, then a very high percentage of hits is required. In case of a favorite bet, there is probability

that winning may never materialize. Value is a simple concept, being able to spot value means that you can

spot odds that are too high, consistent and systematic. A professional tipster should capitalize on such


  1. Do not combine events

Combining events increases the risk and lead to loose of value for money. In case you wish to combine the

events, limit them to a maximum of three. The fewer selections included in the bet, the more chance of

winning. If you are betting to get money think small and not big. In fact one team selection is the best.

  1. Bet only on the leagues that you follow

Always bet on teams that play a specific league which you have enough knowledge for predicting the games. Focus on a competitions that have a certain specific domain. Ensure that you know the teams and information of sanctions/casualties concerning the players. The rest of the leagues is to win ballots to burn your money.

  1. Do not trust statistics so much

There are many betting websites which provide statistics on particular games. If one’s argument to bet in

favor of a certain team is based on statistics, then the individual is inferior to betting houses. The websites

handle a lot of statistical data information than may not be useful at that time. The statistics should only

serve to support the argument, but should not be the main and only argument.

  1. Set a budget and a staking plan

Always set a budget regardless of how much money you have. Remember, losing funds is a likely outcome

than winning them in betting. Ensure you decide how much money you want to put at risk. Ensure that the

budget is set at an affordable amount in comparison to our income. There is no any person who have an

infinite amount of money and therefore, it is important for everyone to manage their finances to some extent.

Gambling with disposable fund is fine, but gambling with funds needed for other things is not. This can easily

be avoided by simply sticking to a budget. Ideally, one should also use a staking plan which set rules that

determine the amount that should be staked on each wager .Always stake around 1-2%, and no more than


  1. Place your wagers Online

Online betting is the easiest and most convenient way to place sports bets. It also provides several distinct

advantages over the other methods. The hardest part of online betting is deciding which sites tojoin since

there are too many to choose from. Few sites may not be reputable and safe to use. Ensure that you sign up

with multiple sites in order to compare odds and lines when placing wagers. You will be in a position to note

the sites offering the best odds.

  1. Never try to recover losses

Betting is a long term project and should be treated so. Many people make an error of trying to recover the

losses they have had as soon as possible. This action results in more losses. Always avoid running for

recovery of the money lost because there is a likelihood that you will keep on losing. Always work with a

stake control and avoid doing crazy things.

  1. Keep statistics of your bets.

Always keep a record of whatever you bet. This can be done with a simple excel or with any web page that

provides this service. This will help you to keep a track of your bets and to realize in which sports you are

great. Without records it’s hard to keep a track of how much money is being spent. Keeping records enables

one to study them periodically and look for ways to improve. This is important when the long-term objective is

to make a profit.

  1. Always Compare Odds & Lines

This is among the easiest tips to follow. The activity of comparing odds and lines is simple, and takes less

time. Bookmakers and betting sites do not offer the same odds and lines and therefore it is important to shop

around in order to get the best possible deal. The differences in the odds are quite small, but they add up

over time. Do not let yourself be carried away by emotions of the live betting.


To find success in betting one need to put in the hard work. Forget the idea of suddenly winning the lottery

with a big accumulator. Also, note that there are no ‘safe bets’ and nothing is guaranteed in the process of

betting. But however long it may take a person, getting rich through betting is possible, you are only supposed

to know where to bet, ways to find value and the best ways to manage your bankroll. Sports betting should

be fun to some extent, even if the ultimate goal is to make money. Ensure that you avoid sports betting from

becoming more of a chore than a choice. This can be enhanced by taking regular breaks.