If you’re a gambling fan then you understand the emotion of playing in a casino of your peers who are enjoying the game as much as you. Although online casinos are picking up and more people are starting to take an interest in the casino games. But one thing is sure, no matter how many years pass by, the craze for the land-based casinos is never going down. People enjoy visiting these casinos and dive into the world of luxuries.  

The casinos are spread across the globe and these places are perfect for taking a vacation and gambling. These casinos are huge, one day may not be enough to roam around the casino. And if you’re not careful enough you may end up getting lost. 

When it comes to land-based casinos, people only think of Las Vegas or Macau. But truth to be told there are many luxurious casinos across the globe. But have you ever wondered where are the best Brick and Motor casinos located? If you are curious to know about the top casinos in the world then stick till the end to find out.

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Here are the top 10 brick and mortar casinos across the world.

Best casinos in the world 

All the casinos cater to the needs of their customers. But when it comes to the top 10 casinos mentioned in the list, everything is top-notch. From their accommodation to customer service. These casinos are ultra-modern, enormous gaming floors, and the best entertainment acts. Although these places can easily put a dent in your pocket it will leave you with something to remember. If you’re a gambling enthusiast then you must have already known about these extravagant casinos. But if you don’t, then no worries, now you will know them. 

10. Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa is located in the City of Lisbon, Portugal. This is the largest casino in Europe. It occupies around 165,000 square feet and was opened to the public back in 2006. This casino is special for both gamblers and non-gamblers. Even non-gamblers can enjoy spending their time in this casino as it has a contemporary art gallery, three-ring rotating stages for live performances, seven restaurants, and bars along with a 1000-room capacity hotel. While coming to the casino, it has around 26 gaming tables and 1000 gaming machines. Apart from being the biggest casino hotel in Europe, it is also the most prominent landmarks in the city. 

9.MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas is situated in Nevada, USA. It is the largest single hotel in all of the United States of America. Opened back in 1993, this hotel is located on the Strip and has been a landmark for many years. This casino was known for its entertainment and spectacular shows. In its 170,000 Square feet of land, it is home for gambling, shopping, hotel space, and dining. It has around 3000 slots machines, 200 table games, a non-smoking poker room, exhibition space, private lounges along with ample convention. Not only that they have three hotels, pool complex, spa, nightclub, 15 restaurants, two theatres, arena, VIP villas, etc.

8. Wynn Macao 

Wynn Macao is situated in China, Macao. This resort was opened back in 2006 at Macao. If you’re a gambling enthusiast or a person interested in the casinos then you would know that Macao is home for many casinos. Wynn Macao has been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award eight times. This casino has accommodated 495 tables with different casino games such as roulette, blackjack. Etc. Not only that it has 1015 slot machines, 11 poker tables, 8 restaurants, and 3 lounges. It also has a hotel with around 600 comfortable modern rooms for its guests. Wynn Macao has special amenities for its guests such as a salon, spa, and a heated swimming pool. If you’re a shopper then you would enjoy their shopping area too. 

7. Rio Casino Resort 

Rio Casino Resort is the biggest casino in the African Continent. It was opened back in 2002. It is interesting the theme and designed around which this casino is built in a throwback to the first festival in Rio de Janeiro. Cool, right? This resort offers around 257 slot machines, 12 table games. With all the colors around you will definitely feel the excitement. It has around 3 restaurants and also has shows that visitors can enjoy at their resort’s Escapades Theater. If you want to rest then they have a 70 room hotel for its guests. 

6.Sands Macao

Sands Macao is located in Macao, China. And it may not come as a surprise to you seeing this is the second casino from Macao. But at the end of the list, you will find other casinos from Macao on the list too. It is not an exaggeration to say that in the past two decades, China has become home to the biggest casinos in the world. It was opened back in 2004 and it accommodates around 1000 slot machines and tables. Whenever you need a break, you can check out their entertainment shows. It comes with a luxurious hotel with around 51 rooms and 7 restaurants to dine in. You can visit this resort casino and enjoy all its amenities. 

5. Ponte 16

There comes another casino situated in Macao, china to this list of top casinos in the world. This casino is one of the world’s largest casinos. It comes with around 109 gaming tables, 307 slot machines, and 2 VIP halls. Because of its unique design, this casino has made it to the UNESCO heritage site. It also has a hotel that accommodates around 423 hotel rooms. And not to forget this casino is quite famous for its entertainment shows and lastly, you can enjoy the Macao skyline from the rooms. 

4. The Venetian 

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest casinos in the world, it was opened back in 2007 in a 550,000 square feet space. This resort has around 24 elegant restaurants with international cuisine, A Venice-themed gondola rides, four swimming pools, and three large shopping areas. Sounds cool, right? But this is not it, they have divided their gaming area into four themes i.e, Imperial House, Red Dragon, Phoenix, and Golden Fish. It also has a hotel that has around 2905 suites. 

3. Foxwood Resort Casino

Foxwood Resort casino is situated in a space of 340,000 square feet. And you can say that it is one of the oldest casinos in the world it was opened back in 1986. The most amazing thing about this casino is that it offers visitors a variety, it has around 7000 slot machines along with 400 tables. For its visitors, it also has 29 restaurants and bars to dine. If you want to rest after the long day, you can rest in their 3 elegant hotels. It also has its own entertainment ventures to keep its audience entertained. 

2. City of Dreams

Another Macao casino on the list, City of dreams was opened back in 2009. It has over 1515 slot machines, 450 gambling tables, 20 restaurants & bars, and 4 hotels. Not only these it also comes with various attractions that allow the visitors to enjoy like bubbling fountain, dancing water theatre, and video aquarium. This casino is suitable for both tourists and gamblers because it is not only elegant but also modern. It is situated in the 420,000 square feet of gaming space and it offers a 175,000 sq feet for the shopping area. 

1. WinStar World Casino

Finally, you have made it to the end of the list. Winstar World Casino is the biggest casino in the world. This casino is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It is quite near to the Oklahoma-Texas state line. Until 2004, it was commonly known as WinStar Casino, when it was later extended it was renamed as WinStar World Casino. It comes with a hotel, entertainment ventures, and a large casino. With its elegant 600,000 sq feet of the casino floor, this tribal casino and hotel are definitely the most elegant gambling ventures.

Bottom line

As you have read, the above mentioned are the top 10 casinos across the world. Which of these casinos have made to your bucket-list? Visit these casinos and enjoy gambling along with other amenities they offer.