One of the easiest yet interesting games in the world of casino is Blackjack. The chances of winning are high and the same goes for losing, if you do not play strategically. The reason why this is the most exciting game is you have control of your every move, unlike other casino games.

No one can beat you if you have had a good practice and a proper understanding of the play before you go and buy chips in the house. 

To put it simply, yes winning the bet in Blackjack takes a lot of practice and high focus but it isn’t rocket science. All you need is little patience to play, learn, and repeat. There are plenty of video tutorials, blogs like the one you are reading now which will teach you on how to excel in blackjack skills, yet no one guarantees you an exact time in which you can excel those skills. That said, it purely depends on your practice, a perfect practice. Unless you are practicing perfectly you are not going to be any perfect in the game. So, if you are so serious about winning the Blackjack tonight, get the cards, practice perfectly following the below guidelines.

Also, most people say counting cards is an effective way to analyze the game and win. Yes, it is true, you can win the Blackjack by counting cards which isn’t that easy. As a beginner or a frequent loser, can you risk counting the cards which may even result in blocking your entry into house premises? But on the other hand, there is also a simple trick to count cards which you can learn in seconds or in a couple of games and make money from it.

Tips to improve your blackjack skills

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Understand the Rules

When you look into different casinos, you see a variety of rules. Some are player-friendly whereas a few are favorable to houses. For instance, The rules of Vegas casinos deem to be player-friendly.

You can surrender quite early on the Atlantic City tables which again stand by the side of players. Whereas the European casinos allow split only once, double down only when you have 9, 10, or 11 totals, which are hard to players. 

Thus you can see different variations of Blackjack, yet the joy of playing remains constant in all of them. All you need to notice is under what rules you are playing so that you can start strategizing from the start of your play. For example, you can bet high when the house runs on player-friendly rules and limit your wager when there are strict rules.

Play Online

After you understand what Blackjack is and set your own strategies, try playing online. There are numerous online casinos that let you play both for free and also for real money. You can have a real-time playing experience on a few amazing online casinos, one such place is Playing online helps you understand what are your gaming skills, what are your weak points. Hence you can analyze how to improve your gaming style to cash out the maximum. 

If you are completely a beginner, then play some free games online though don’t amuse you but you can gain some experience in playing perfectly before you head to the actual Blackjack.

Learn when to Hit, Stand and Double Down

In order to improve your Blackjack skills, you need to understand and learn when to hit, when to stand, when to double down, when to split and when to surrender to not bust and lose. As these are the only actions under your control, plan them perfectly. Blackjack is the only casino game that relies on your skills and calculations based on dealers’ up card and a little luck. So, all you need to know is what to act when. Refer below for your easy understanding.

When to Hit: Hitting means taking the next card to increase your score for reaching 21 points, which means winning the Blackjack. You bust if you cross 21 points. So, hit only until you reach the count upto 17 or 18, this is the threshold point that decides either your victory or loss. 

Calculate the risk by seeing the upcard of the dealer and decide whether to hit or not. Remember that, you are not going to win the bet if you bust(instead you lose) or if both you and the dealer bust, the bet will be a push or simply tie.

When to Stand: Standing means telling the dealer that you do not want to hit. That said, the ideal point to stand is 18 or above points so that you do not bust.

When to Double-down: Taking an additional card betting the same amount of money again is simply known as double down. In double down, you are allowed to take only one extra card. 

For instance, when you have a total 11, you can double-down and expect either 10 or A and win 21 points or either 12 points and then hit which is the recommended option, but when you have over 14 or 15 opting double-down will be a bad idea.

When to Surrender: Surrender or drop out when you see weak odds by your side. However, houses are the ones who allow you to surrender at different levels. Some casinos allow early surrenders even before the dealer checks the card in the hole for blackjack while some allow late surrenders to create advantages for them.

When to Split: When you have the two cards of the same worth, say Ace & Ace, 2 & 2, 10 & 10 etc. The right move you can take is split the two Aces and two 8s.


  1. You don’t bust
  2. You will have two strong hands which you can play at the same time.

 As both the hands are independent, the possibilities are that both can win, one can win and the other may lose or both may lose.

But never split two 4s, 5s, and 10s which is a bad idea. Splitting two 4s or two 5s cannot make a higher number while they can make a higher count if together. And there is no point in splitting two 10s and wait for the number you have already.

When to buy Insurance: This is a side bet you may be asked to play simultaneously with your actual game. You are asked to find if the dealer has a blackjack. Even if you win the insurance bet you lost the original game, right? So, you don’t win any money, so what’s the point of playing. Instead, focus on your main game seriously.

Think Like a Dealer

A player can play any way he wants(following the house rules) in order to win. But a dealer has many limitations set by the house which stops him to make his own decisions based on the current scenario. This is why you have the best odds in Blackjack. Though the rules are set by houses for their favor, some don’t work in certain situations. For example, some dealers must stand on soft 17 whereas in some casinos dealers should hit soft 17. Thus he should only act only based on house rules.

The rules provide advantages to both players and dealers such as both of you may bust or both of you may push or in rare cases, you may win with higher points(with nearer to 21 points). 

But before you start your next game, think why did the dealer hit or stand at the 18points(or any) on the last game. Thus understanding your opponent will help you take the game forward as you planned. So, how can you think like a dealer when you are just a beginner or an intermediate player? Simple, host a party, invite your friends, arrange the Blackjack game and take the position of a dealer. Thus you may discover new secrets behind each movement of the dealer who always(mostly) wins over players.

Counting Cards? Do not Slow Down

Are you counting cards in the houses immediately after you learned how to do it? Beware, if the men with broad shoulders notice you while counting, you might be out of the house premises the next moment. So, to not let this happen, practice the art at your home and then leave your door. You will need little acting skills along with some basic calculations to not get caught. Look into the cards of other players and the dealer but do not act like you are looking. And most importantly, do not slow down your game because you are counting. Play the game with the same speed even when you are counting, this will not let you seem suspicious.

If you had zero knowledge of counting cards, then here is the easy trick that only requires your single-digit addition and subtraction skills.

  • Add 1 if the cards are between 2 to 6
  • 0 for cards between 7-9
  • Subtract 1 for cards between 10-A

Thus if you get more positives, raise your bet. Else keep it to the minimum. But before you try this directly at the house table, practice first on the table at your home to understand how this works.


Finally, apart from losing or winning, what you gain is experience and entertainment. So, learn the tips to win Blackjack, and practice them perfectly on online casinos or at your home with your buddies. If you are serious about playing in casinos, then play games with minimum bets more frequently, no matter you win or lose. Also, most expert poker players say that excelling in Blackjack can also make you a great poker player. So, never quit practicing your game, who knows you might be the next millionaire poker player.