It is a fact that working and making money can be painful; unless you are doing something that you really love. Not many people are lucky to be doing something they love. Most would jump at the opportunity to make money doing something they love and such an opportunity is really available. The opportunity is to make money while playing games and I am not kidding, there are people who have made millions doing it. There are many ways to make money playing games and I am detailing a few below:


This is the recent craze, video streaming your game in real-time. There are many platforms like YouTube and Twitch where you can live stream your gameplay and earn money. Create a YouTube channel or a Twitch channel and stream regularly. The more people who subscribe and follow you, the better because they are the ones who will help you make money. The only hitch is that getting followers and subscribers takes time. You need to be regular and you need to be different from others, there should be something unique in your channel for viewers to regularly view your gameplay. To make a mark, you can start streaming games that are not among the most popular, or new games that have yet to catch on. By doing this you will be able to make an impression and create a niche for yourself. Starting streaming is not expensive; all you need is a computer and software that helps in streaming. Work during off hours, build a loyal following and when you start making money, jump full time in doing what you love to do.

Write guides about gaming:

Everyone loves guides and when you start a new game, a guide becomes important as it helps the player by teaching them the nuances of the game. Guides have been popular for a long time and now you do not have just written guides, you can even create video guides. Guides about games are easy to create once you know what the buyer wants. You can have a set template and create guides for the games out there. Also you can create video guides. Whatever you do, ensure that you do it differently from others. Include the fun factor in your guides. Provide something that is not provided by others; ensure that your tips are better than the others. Hence you need to play the game a lot of times before you create the guide. Another great idea is to go to forums for gamers and find out the problems that are faced my most gamers. Collate the problems and provide solutions for them. Create a guide that solves the problems and you are all set. Go to the same forums and provide the solutions for some and at the same time advertise your guide. Over time, you will be rolling in cash.

Game Tester:

There are opportunities for testing games in the market. As a game tester you will need to play the game and find out the bugs or whatever the developer wants you to find. This is an awesome job and many players love to test games. It is another great way to make money.