Poker is a card game that is treated as a game of skill in many countries across the globe.  Though the game is increasingly getting popular in both live and online gaming sectors, misconceptions still exist around it. There are many popular Poker myths floating around in the industry. Amateur players who are learning how to play poker unknowingly believe in these myths and get discouraged. Today, we would like to give a proper insight to all the players in the Poker circuit discussing the facts that bust those common myths of the game:

Myth – It is a game of luck

Fact – How Poker is different from luck-based card games like Blackjack or Teen Patti? – Poker involves a great deal of skill and strategy. Playing the game requires mathematical calculations, logical reasoning, patience, and decision making skills. The player with the best understanding of strategy wins in the long run regardless of whether he plays online or live. One has to learn how to control tilt, bankroll management, calculate odds etc. to become an expert in Poker. Not every player with good luck wins the game in the end, most of them lose. Your winnings depend on the strategy you implement as per the situation on the game table.

Myth – Poker Tells are hard to recognize in online Poker

Fact – In online Poker games, you cannot physically see your opponents, but you can observe their betting patterns, range, and timing of their bets relative to their position at the table. You have to pay close attention to the action happening at the table. Apart from this, you only need to know basic maths to calculate odds of hitting a straight or flush, know how much amount to bet, and decide whether to fold or call or raise.

Myth – Online Poker is a scam

Fact – Playing online Poker is safe as the dedicated companies are being governed under governments’ regulations and are audited annually. There are reputable online Poker websites that are regulated; their software uses random number generators to ensure unpredictable card distribution. If you play Poker online on such sites, then you’ll get to experience fair gameplay.

Myth – Men are better at Poker than women

Fact – Men do dominate the Poker industry but there are a lot of women players out there who are doing really well in their Poker career. The gender gap is decreasing with time and women from different fields of life are now getting involved in this skill game. Players like Vanessa Selbst, Nikita Luther, and Muskan Sethi are a few of those players who have achieved victory in big Poker tournaments and are continuing their successful Poker journey.

Myth – Bluffing is bad

Fact – Bluffing is an essential part of the Poker game strategy. If anyone says that they make it without bluffing in the game, either he’s a loser or he’s seriously bluffing. Bluffing is an art though it doesn’t work most of the times for most players. Basically, the ability to make a bluff at the right time against the right opponent is what separates an average Poker player from the Poker veteran.

Myth – Poker is Static

Fact – Poker is an ever-changing game since players are consistently developing new Poker strategies with each passing day. A perfect strategy that could have helped you win the pot a few years ago will probably land you up nowhere in the level of games that you play today. So, one should evolve his game with practice and lots of study on the strategies of the game.

Being a Poker player, you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear or read about online Poker. Most of the Poker myths that we discussed above have not truth at all. Myths are just a way to justify why you’re not doing as well as you had hoped. An authentic Poker site like Adda52 integrates sophisticated software and employs a variety of detection techniques to uncover players indulging in malicious activities such as collusion or chip dumping and takes strict actions. Thus, it is possible to win in the game of Poker only if you’re prepared to work hard and practice hard.