This is a question that a lot of new gamblers ask; what is the difference, and why do people prefer one over the other casino. Everything is quite easy to explain, but first you need to know their roots and their differences. In modern English, a facility in which a lot of certain types of gambling games are played, is called a casino. The industry, which deals in these facilities, is the gaming industry, or at least that is what it is called. Casinos, as we know them today, were a lot different in the past, not to mention that today you even have online casinos. One of the main reasons, people started supporting the legalization of online casinos is because they believe that this will help them stimulate such economies and boost state tax revenues. Because of their ability to attract tourists, old casinos were usually built beside restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, retail shopping centers or other tourist attractions. In the United States, many states that had a budget and high unemployment issues started legalizing casinos.

Before the new casinos took over, the old ones had a lot of different activities besides gambling; like live entertainment events, such as sporting events, standup comedy, and concerts. There was also a famous landmark above Avalon Harbor on an Island called Santa Catalina, California, that was a home to the Catalina Casino, which was famous for his lack of ‘luck’ games. Another casino called the Copenhagen Casino was in fact, a theater, and it was famous for his massive public meetings that were often held during the Revolution in 1848. Some people believe that casinos come from Italy, however, its origins of gambling are unknown. It is said, that the gambling games (in any kind of form) were seen throughout the whole history, which makes it hard to know where they first started.


Today, we have the infamous online casinos, which are also called the internet casinos or virtual casinos. These casinos are simply the online version, of our old and traditional casinos. They allow players and gamblers to engage in games and win through the internet. Online casinos will usually offer paychecks and odds percentage that are higher than in the live casinos. Some online casinos take a higher payback percentage for some of the slot machines, while others publish the payout percentage on their website. If we take in account that these casinos use an appropriately programmed generator for random numbers, some table games like blackjack, have become the most famous games on the internet. The amount of money you can get from these games is decided by the game itself.

One of the most important advantages of playing land casino is the atmosphere that people make, but even if that is very difficult to mimic, some operators like SuperCasino are trying their best to give you this home-based experience in online casinos. Online based casino games are not the sure bet people expected them to be and that is why people usually prefer the land casinos, when it comes to gambling. Nevertheless, a lot of land casinos started closing up, so in the future this might not be the case since now casinos have to choose if they want to focus all of their effort on online casinos or land based casinos.

Even if online casinos might provide minimal tax revenue to the states, they come with fewer expenses, and because of that, they are predicted to make a bigger return than the land-based casinos ever could. On top of that, online casinos will always allow players to have the comfort of their home while being able to gamble online. This is one of the most convenient aspects to a lot of people, because besides being in your home, you can partake in a number of other tasks while still gambling and attempting to earn some money. Together with the given ability to do other tasks, online casino will also let you jump from a game to game, with just one click. One the other hand, in land based casinos, if there is a huge crowd (and there usually is), you would sometimes have to wait for your turn to play a certain game.

The benefits of online casinos are similar to the battle between the fans of sports, who like to watch the game from their home and the ones who prefer going to the live show. Just have in mind that everything has its ups and downs. Nevertheless, this kind of flexibility works out better for the online casinos, since every casino out there prefers that their players have no distractions surrounding them, which could easily make them lose the game. It is a lot easier to just exit the game with just one click, whenever you want, especially when you have a losing streak, and you need to cool off.


While the convinces from online casinos seem to be obvious, the benefits that the land based casinos offer are seen more within the state’s economy. In Mississippi, twenty-nine casinos employed roughly 23 000 people, from blackjack dealers, law enforcement and slot technicians. This is the main reason for the lower expenses of online casinos, since there are fewer people that are necessary to run the online casino services. In spite of that, this means that there are less people that receive paychecks which means that fewer people actually end up paying the income tax while reinvesting into economy. In the past few years, the revenues of land casinos have dropped, which resulted in closing of multiple casinos all over the United States. The oversaturation of the same casino games have resulted in players looking for new places, where they can gamble their money, and that can offer much more than the typical open tables. Additionally, some non-gaming entertainments have become the key factor that encourages gamblers to actually leave their homes. The restructuring and closer of casinos will probably be viewed as a positive thing for the future health of land based casinos. On top of all of these differences between the land-based casinos and online casinos, they also have a lot of pros and cons; for example:

Safety: This actually concerns both the online and the land based casinos. While the traditional casinos can sometimes be exposed to some organized criminal acts, online casinos have their own problems where they have been accused of criminal fronts. In either of these cases, you need to make sure you choose a valid establishment in which you are willing to gamble.

Bonuses: Unfortunately, due to a bigger overhead operation cost than the online casinos, the land based casinos cannot give out that many bonuses. But then again, like it was previously mentioned, online casinos can never have something that land based casinos do; which is the social interactive environment, instead they can only offer something similar.

Promotions: Unlike the land base casinos, the online casinos are more likely to frequently offer some promotions, like weekly promotions, sing up bonuses and even free credit with decided terms and conditions. Even if the land-based casinos offer fewer promotions, they arise quite often in the non-gambling areas, like the entertainment or dining out.

Skill Factor: Sometimes the regular players or the professional players at land-based casinos can be quite intimidating to new players. They can easily take advantage of them. On top of that, for the land-based casinos, there is a learning curve, which makes online casinos better because of their free support offers, guides and sometimes even free games that can help you learn better.

Conveniences: It is always easier to just play from your home, which makes online casinos better. But, people have different preferences, and some really enjoy the company and the socializing. Some land-based casinos are difficult to find, or approach; they can sometimes be in a location that is not suited for traffic, with poor parking options, which can make travelers not want to visit.

Accuracy: When you are playing in a casino, there is always a chance that you will know that the house has the edge. It can often differ, and it is not easily publicized. Online casinos have to publish the house edge and they also have to have a software that will regularly ensure that the house edge is correct.

Transparency: The house edge can easily leak into slots. For example; if a land-based casino says that their payout is up to 98%, that could easily mean that one of their five slots could actually pay up to that percent. However, online casinos work differently, and the payout is always the same for all of the online games.

Accessibility: This is the biggest problem for people who travel, since some casinos close some areas at different times. Even some of the 24-hour casinos would close certain areas, to either clean them or performs maintenances on some of the slot machines. But, even online casinos have site maintenances, though they usually let players access their site at any time of the day.

Payment: A lot of casinos have limited currencies. Online casinos on the other hand can offer multiple options for payments, so you do not have to worry about whether you get your change back from some annoying parking tickets.

Real Money: Online players (gamblers), play for real money and because of that they are more aware of the value of their money. Where in land casinos, players play for chips, that they can later cash in for money, but they forget how much they are worth. This usually encourages land casino players to gamble away more money that the online casino players would.

Dress code: Unlike the land-based casino, where you have to be in public, online casinos do not have a dress code. One can play in a suit, in a dress, in their underwear or even naked. Because of this, people do not have to worry about choosing the appropriate suit or dress for the occasion. Players will always feel more comfortable if they have the ability to dress however they please.

Food and Drinks: As an online casino player, you do not have to follow the rules of eating and drinking. Some land casinos do not allow players to eat or drink while they are playing a certain game, which makes sense, it would just make a mess. Similar to this, online casino is also better for non-smokers, because every land casino allows smokers to smoke inside.

Privacy: Everybody loves to have their own privacy while gambling, and only online casinos allow that. In land-based casinos, you will always have people around you. However, some people actually prefer to have company, so this works out for both the online and the land casino.

Weather: Players do not have to worry if the weather is going to be good or not, if it’s going to rain or if it is going to be sunny. There is no need to worry when playing online casino, because you play from the comfort of your own home, and the outside weather does not concern you.

Ill Health: If a players is suffering from something uncomfortable, like back pain, or if he is simply trying to avoid catching anything contiguous, and is not able to attend the casino, he can always play online.

Anywhere at Anytime: When traveling to land casinos you have to pay attention to their opening and closing times, whilst playing casino games online you do not have to bother. Online casinos are working 24/7, and they can be accessed from any computer at any time.

Equal treatment: In land-based casinos, people get treated differently, depending on their race, gender, health….etc. In an online casino, nobody really knows who you are, so you do not have to worry about being treated differently.

Speed: Something that land based casinos will probably never have, is speed. Online casinos are a lot quicker. There will always be a table that is available for you, and you will not have to wait in a queue. Sometimes people spend 10 minutes just looking for a game that has a free seat so they do not have to wait. In the online casino, you have everything within your reach by just one touch of the screen or one click of a button.


Just because you are use to going to land-based casinos, and you might be afraid to switch to online casinos thinking that there is a big difference, does not mean that there is. Switching to online casinos is quite easy, and it can be very fun. However, due to the previously mentioned reasons, people usually prefer playing online casinos, but remember that both casinos, land and online, have their own pros and cons. Just find the one that suits you the best, and enjoy playing casino games.