There is no simple answer to who is the best football player of our generation when it comes to deciding between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Some prefer the Barcelona star, while others favor the Portuguese maestro. Both arguments are good and there doesn’t appear to be a wrong answer, but it’s always a great debate to be had.

Despite Ronaldo leaving Spain two years ago, the comparisons between the two players haven’t ended. While both are reaching the latter stages of their career, they still manage to maintain a high level.

Messi proved that in Barcelona’s recent La Liga match away to Atletico Madrid, securing all three points for his side with a fabulous well-placed finish in the final five minutes. Even Atletico’s manager, Diego Simeone, could only stand and applaud the Argentine magician.

That important 1-0 victory keeps Barcelona top of the table, with Real Madrid still in hot pursuit in second. La Liga betting suggests Zidane’s side will fall short once again this season to Barcelona, who have picked up after their sluggish start to the campaign. The victory came just a day before Lionel Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or – the most by any player in history.

Ronaldo has hardly been out the spotlight either, having recently been crowned Serie A Player of the Year, after yet another season of breaking the 30 goal mark.

But even when the full-time whistle has been blown, this doesn’t end either Ronaldo’s or Messi’s competitive nature. Both have an extremely popular social media presence, with many different sponsorships between them.

An official Twitter account, founded by Adidas, to follow all things Messi has almost three million followers – this is merely an account to keep people up to date with the latest news on the Barcelona striker.

Ronaldo certainly isn’t shy on social media or when it comes to advertisements. He has over a whopping 81 million followers on Twitter and has featured in all kinds of adverts: shopping, fragrance, clothing, fast food. But as well as starring in them, he’s also launched his own clothing range and fragrance, appealing to his huge following – 900k on Facebook to be precise.

Messi’s story is slightly different, predominantly sticking to football advertisements, especially with his main sponsor, Adidas. He has also famously featured in Pepsi adverts over the years, working alongside other footballers such as David Beckham – who, let’s face it, is hardly camera shy himself.

It’s always a battle from the biggest brands in the world to sign either Ronaldo or Messi, as their presence is highly likely to have a significant impact on business. Both Ronaldo and Messi are worldwide superstars, who will hopefully both grace the same pitch a few more times before their inevitable retirement, either for club or country. They have both revolutionized the modern game, social media and advertisements.

Whether it’s on the pitch or during the half time break, neither will ever be far away from a screen.