Craps is a dice game that was developed from an English game of “hazard”, or so it’s believed. The origins are quite complex and may even date to the Crusades, and later influenced by the French players, gamblers. The exact birth of the game is still unknown, because, like many other age-old casino games, it is a mix of several theories of where the game first surfaced. All we really know for sure is that a Louisiana politician and gambler, named Bernard Xavier Phillipe, introduced the game to us in the 18-19th century. However, there was a problem with this game, because after it got popular many people started using fixed dice to cheat and win the game. “Don’t pass bet” was a betting option that was introduced in 1907, by a man called John H. Winn. That betting option helped fix the problem of the fixed dice and it still exists today.

Casino craps is an entertaining and fun dice game. Usually, the casino employee and the players would sit or stand around a large oval table, called “craps table.” However, sitting around the craps table is not that welcome, unless the person is handicapped. Craps is typically played in a casino, but also in informal settings. The game is played with a pair of dice, and it is expected of players to bet on the dice rolls. Gamblers can choose to play against other people or alone. When you play against other people, you have to wager your money against them or against the casino if you are playing alone. If people play against each other, outside of the casino settings, the game is then called street craps. This game can really be played anywhere, in any kind of informal settings, since it does not require a lot of preparation. People can even play it on the street, hence where the name came from, because all you really need is a pair of dice and money in your pocket.


One of the easiest casino games is indeed craps. It can be played online or in an actual casino, since it is offered in most, if not in all casinos. You can even play Craps in many different BlackBerry Casinos, depending on where you are from. But, remember that it is important to choose the right casino, as different factors can be important to different types of people. Craps is a very simple game, which only has a few basic bet rules that you need to understand before actually playing the game. However, there are more than 40 additional bets for this game, some of which are quite complicated compared to the others. These complicated bets require a lot of experience for understanding, and can only be mastered with practice and time. What you need to understand before playing this game is that craps is simply a game of luck, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. It is a game where players test their chances and rely on their luck, they play for excitement and they enjoy themselves. From a player’s perspective, craps is one of the better casino games, because if you can make good bets, you will have a better chance to walk away with a bigger profit.

Besides being a dice game, craps is also a game of rounds.  Come out roll, is the first roll in the round and it can determine the result of the round, and that is simply because a two, three, seven, eleven or twelve on a come out roll are able to end the round. When any other amount gets rolled (four, five, six, eight, nine or ten), that number will be called the point. There will be a black puck placed on the table to remind everybody of what that point is. When a point is rolled, the dice will then be rolled repeatedly, until such time as the same point or a seven is rolled. The player who is rolling the dice is called “the shooter.” When the dice stop rolling, all the bets that lost will be removed from the table and the winning bets or ties are paid. The original amount of a bet will be returned to the winner, after all the winnings are paid out.

There are only a few buttons you need to learn about when playing the online craps game. The roll button, which is used after you place a bet. A new round begins as the dice start to roll. Repeat button is used for repeating all of the bets that were made in the previous round. The Clear all button is used to remove all of the bets that are on the table (that can be removed). Every other bet except the come and pass bet, together with those that surpass the max bet on the odds, can be removed at any time. The remove button will let the player remove his bets off of the table.


Betting can sometimes get tricky since there are many options on how to bet. First off, if you want to place a bet, you need to click on a chip value that you wish to wager. Every time you click, the amount will be added to your previous wager. There is usually a click selection on the left side of the screen where you can change your bet amount for a different section. The chips are then going to be placed on the table. Areas, where the bets can be added or placed, will turn green, and the places where you cannot place a bet will turn red, (in the instant play version). You can sometimes remove the bets from black or red areas, but you cannot change them. Additionally, in the instant play version, you are able to remove the bet from the table by clicking on the Remove button after which you click on the chip. After that, the chips will be removed from the table. If you move the cursor over the bet areas, a yellow tag (or any other different color than the default of the game), will tell you the name of the bet, the maximum and minimum amounts that can be placed and the current amount that is placed.

Pass Line – This is the most important bet in the game of Craps. This is an even money bet, which means that the amount a player bets will be the amount he can win. When the shooter (the player rolling the dice) is rolling his first roll (come out roll), an opportunity is given to the other players in the game to make a pass line bet on a come out roll of the shooter. Other players can win these pass line bets if the shooter’s first roll reveals a seven or an eleven, (these two rolls are referred to as a “natural” on the Craps table); natural will automatically double the value of the pass line bet of other players. On the other hand, if the shooter rolls a come out roll of two, three or twelve, it will be referred to as “craps”, and the pass line bet will be lost. When any other number is rolled, that number is then called the “point number”. The shooter then has to roll the point number again to win, before he rolls a seven. If a seven is rolled, the pass line bets will be lost. For example, if the shooter’s come out roll gets a three and a five, having a total of eight, eight will then become the point. The dealer usually marks this, or if you are in an online game, the game will mark this for you. However, if the shooter does not roll an eight before he rolls a seven or an eleven; the pass line bets will be lost.

Buying the odds – is another type of a bet in this game. After a point is rolled, you are able to bet up to 3 times your previous pass line bet. Before rolling a seven, you have the additional odds that the point will be rolled. Since it is quite unlikely, (less than 50%), for a point to be rolled first, you are able to win more than you will bet.

Don’t pass bet – is the opposite of the pass line bet, which gambles against the dice. Some players like to refer to the don’t pass line bets as “betting wrong,” and as a result, the pass line bet is called “betting right”. If you get a two or a three in a come out roll, you win even money. With a seven or an eleven, you lose, and a twelve is a push. If not, the dice will be rolled repeatedly until a seven or a point is rolled. You win if a seven is rolled before a point. Once the point is established the don’t pass bets are not removable.

Laying the odds -This is a bet that is opposite of buying the odds bet. Here you are betting that a seven will be rolled before a point is rolled.

Come bet – gives you the opportunity to make a come bet (which is essentially a pass line bet), after a point was already established. With this bet, you can win even money on a seven or an eleven, or lose on a two, three or a twelve, because the come bet turns the future roll into a come out roll. Otherwise, the come bet establishes a point, which will win if the dice rolls a point number before a seven is rolled again, and will lose if before rolling a point you roll a seven. You can only make a come bet after a point has been pointed out on the table. You can put money on the odds in hopes that a point will be thrown on the first roll right after the come bet is made, just like in the pass line bet. If there are still some active come bets, which are waiting for a different point after a point is already thrown, then the next come out role has its own special rules. Even if come out roll still applies to the active come bets, it does not apply to the respective odd bets. If on a first roll, a come bet is resolved, then your odd bet shall return, and you will lose the original bet.

Don’t come – is essentially a don’t pass bet that is made after a point was already established. If the shooter rolls a two or a three, you will win even money. A twelve will give you a tie, and you will lose if you roll a seven or an eleven. Any other number is looked upon as the come point. If a seven is rolled before a come point is rolled, you will win even money, and you lose if you roll a come point before a seven. Once the point has been established, you cannot remove the don’t come bets.

Place bets – is a bet where you bet on a four, five, six, eight, nine or a ten and if you roll any of those numbers before a seven, you win. Except the fact that you do not really need a pass line bet, these bets work exactly like the odds. However, the place bets are on (or working) at the time of a come out roll.

Place to lose Bet – is the opposite of the place number bet. Here you bet that a seven will be rolled before the number. Place to lose bet will win if a seven is rolled before a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, and in the opposite case, you lose. These bets are working during the first roll, and they can be removed at any time.

Buy Bets – is a type of a place bet, with a different payoff. The gambler can buy any of the given points, which are four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten, and bet that that number is going to be rolled before a seven. When making this bet, you have to pay a 4% commission, and you will get paid fair odds if the bet wins.

Lay Bets – This bet is the same as the place to lose bet (with a different payoff), but the opposite of the buy bet. You can win if a seven is rolled before rolling the number you placed your bet on (four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten). Since the number 7 is quite likely to be rolled, you should always bet more.

Hard Ways – There are 4 different hard way bets. Hard four is one type of this bet, which is when you want to bet that a pair of 2’s, or any other way to roll a four, will definitely be rolled before a seven. It is called a hard way because it is much harder to roll a pair of 2’s than it is a one and a three.

Big six, big eight and big ten – is when you bet that a 6 (or an 8, 10) will be rolled before a seven. The bet will pay even money if you win.

Field Bet – Always try to make a field bet on the absolute next roll. You win if any of the numbers you placed a bet on is rolled (a two, three, five, nine, ten, eleven or a twelve). If you roll any other number (five, six, seven or eight) you lose the bet.


There are many different bets that can be placed in a game of craps, and some of those bets offer better odds than others. However, there are some bets that will more or less win you even money every time. If you stick to those bets your money will surely last longer, and you will have much better odds of leaving a casino as a winner. Just remember that the craps is a very simple and easy game to learn, but is very difficult to master. You should always start out with some simple bets (at low values), and work your way up. Craps is one of the most popular casino games, and it really takes time to properly learn its techniques. If you are new to this game, you will quickly understand why this game is so popular and loved, and why it has such a good reputation in both land and online casinos