No matter what version you choose to play from a selection of roulette games, the key to winning in any of them is to have the right strategy. And that’s exactly what these masterminds possess and is something that most of us don’t.

That is why they are titled as the best roulette players in the world. Let’s know more about their backgrounds today. 

3 Most Famous Roulette Players

The 3 players listed below are highly admired at any roulette table and are popular for having won huge amounts of money. They are completely professionals and the true intellects of choosing red or black.

1. Chris Boyd

So, Chris is one of the very few players in the modern history to make his name as a proficient roulette player. By profession, he is a highly skilled software developer and lives in the UK.


From his usual job, he saved up about $220,000 for years just to spend them together at different casinos in Las Vegas. Can you believe that?


At first, he was declined to put down all his cash on a single spin. However, after negotiating with the casino staff, he was allowed to play The Horseshoe Club, with a minimum bet amount of $100,000.


He practiced a few spins, and after that, was allowed to put down all his cash on one spin. Surprisingly, he won! This was the only game he played and right after this huge, he swore never to gamble again.

2. Joseph Jagger

Joseph is the first roulette player in the world to play professionally and he is also the first player to hypothesize that 2 roulette wheels are never the same. He believes that he could compute (than just guess) the result of a spin.


Seeing his style of playing, many players across the world have tried to follow him. In fact, many across the world have followed his philosophy, which works on the foundation that a wheel has flaws. Yes, this is somewhat off centre but the damage and other inadequacies will weigh a wheel in favor of the colours or numbers that are being landed.


He practically applied his ideas by scrutinizing all the wheels at Monte Carlo. He and his together, recognized that a wheel is most possibly to give you a win. After years of practice and right calculations, he won himself the title – “The Man Who Broke the Monte Carlo Bank.” 

3. Ashley Revell

Revell is another British man who tried to recreate Boyd’s win and made his name in the list of best roulette players. But the only difference between the two is that Revell was a professional gambler already.


Interestingly, he sold everything that he possessed just to raise sufficient money to bet on a single spin in Las Vegas. He staked for a whopping $135,000, which created a big media stir. In fact, the day when this game was being played, reporters across the world tracked his every move and were recording live during this legendary spin.


Surprisingly, he won and even doubled his entire stake to $270,000. And like Chris, he also swore never to gamble again in his life. He put all the winning amount to good use by launching his own poker website.


Live casino games have always fascinated a lot of punters across the world. And undeniably, with the advent of the internet, playing these games is too convenient. In fact, many operators have released their apps to enjoy them on-the-go.


So, even you can try your hand at any live casino and win big. But make sure to practice a lot before you place your wagers.