While there are plenty of games that Japanese citizens enjoy playing regularly, there are some restrictions in place.  For the longest time, much in the way of gambling has been illegal in the country.  Apart from a few exceptions, it’s never a good idea to try putting money on any kind of games in Japan.

That may be about to change.  We’ll consider why a little further down.  For now, let’s consider Pachinko.  If you’ve ever been to Japan before, you will likely have seen more than a few Pachinko parlours around the biggest cities.

But what is Pachinko?  Why is it more popular than many Japanese online casinos?  It’s all to do with the prizes in store, as well as the law.

The Iconic Japanese Game

Over many years, Pachinko has become a Japanese icon.  It’s a game where you send tiny balls cascading down a maze to try and score big points.  On the face of things, it is a very simple game.  But why is it so popular?

One reason could be that Pachinko falls within Japan’s gambling laws.  To many people, gambling in Japan can be very confusing.  It is only recently that the country announced they would consider bringing casinos on-land.

Pachinko, however, is fun, accessible, and legal.  Many people have special strategies to try and win big prizes.  It’s not uncommon for you to find Pachinko parlours which offer café facilities, menus and other modern fittings.

Pachinko is popular with tourists and Japanese citizens alike.  It’s an entirely unique experience!  But will it always stay that way?

Is Pachinko on the Decline?

While Pachinko parlours have been making huge amounts of money over the years, some reports suggest that things may be about to change.  Research shows that many Pachinko halls and parlours are shutting down.  In fact, some data suggests that a little more than 10,000 parlours are still open in Japan to this day.

That, some people suggest, is due to laws starting to relax.  Young people can access online games easier than ever before.  While some online gambling is discouraged in Japan, citizens may still be able to play online games for money at international casinos.

It seems, therefore, that interest in Pachinko may be waning.  That will need full confirmation in the years to come.  Japanese lawmakers are keen to allow at least three resorts to set up casinos in the near future.

There’s Always a Place for Pachinko

Japan is known for many things.  While gambling laws in the country may relax in time to come, it’s unlikely Pachinko will fade away forever.  That’s because it is such a firm icon.  Just in the same way that football or cricket is unlikely to go away in the UK, it is very unlikely Pachinko will come to an end in Japan.

We will have to wait and see how relaxations of the gambling laws affect Pachinko parlour moving forward.  Therefore, take your time to check out a few parlours and games when you are next in the country!