If you’re one of those people who enjoys going to the track, looking at the horse names’ list and choosing the one that you like the most you don’t realize how easily and safely this sport can fill your pockets, your wallet, and your bank account. If you belong to the other side of the coin, spending hours online deciphering stats, playing multiple bets, and taking advantage of handicap horses, you know how a reliable tipster can change your lucky streak, in an instance.

Be it one or the other, there’s no shame in looking for help, especially in such a complex and stats-based game – it’s not a completely luck-based sport, trust us. There are people and companies who make a living out of deciphering signs and stats and predicting wins, with an amazing win-loss ratio. So why not take advantage of their knowledge? That’s why we’re here to present you with some of the best horse racing tipsters, at the moment. To take a more in-depth look at the best options be sure to check out this list as today we’ll be going for a more quick overview instead, to give you a general idea quickly. Now let’s begin!

Nicky Doyle

Nicky Doyle is the proud owner of the Bet Alchemist – a service company that delivers top-notch horse racing tips, whenever you need them. So you have an idea of how good he is, since December 2015, its members have been on a winning month streak 23 times out of 35. Also, since its debut in 2011, his service has produced +897.15 points, meaning that if you trusted every tip from him with $30 you would have over $55.500.

Not only does he offer free tips for beginners, with excellent support and quick replies on a high-quality website, but his paying service is one of the lowest cost ones when compared with his competition – only $48 per month.

Steve Lewis Hamilton

The Observer called him “Britain’s foremost professional backer”, while the Irish Independent said he is “the man who makes gambling a profitable livelihood”. We like to refer to him as “one of the safest and most reliable horse racing tipsters around” – and we don’t say that lightly!

From top-selling books, radio appearances, and a large amount of media attention you can quickly realize two things about Steve: firstly, how passionate is this man about betting; secondly, how good he is!

Even though he keeps his methods fairly mysterious, he shares reliable tips with everyone who wants to make some extra money in horse racing. Even though it’s costlier than the last one – $490 for 3 months, $776 for 6 months or $1335 for 1 full year – his service is more for professional bettors who work with larger amounts of money.

Now, about the service. A subscription will get you 4 selective bets per week, with an average stake of 1.5, SLH’s comprehensive race analysis, and his contact information, so you can talk with him and his team whenever you need it.

Pro Betting Club

Exclusive to horse races in all UK and Ireland, the Pro Betting Club is a safe haven of betting on horses and winning big. Every year its team of professional tipsters increases in quantity and quality, making it one of the best in the game.

We recommend you start by taking a look at their website and going through their track record (they are extremely transparent in that regard). That will give you an idea of how reliable their service is. Just in 2018, their strike rate for the NAPS was of 80% – we know, pretty impressive.

A limited promotion will get you a month’s subscription by about $50. With that, you’ll get high-quality customer support, a very easy-to-use website, and extra weight on your wallet!

Final Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned before, horse race betting isn’t luck, but work and commitment. That’s why, even though these are some of the best tipsters on the game, you should dive in and read about many others, so you make a thorough and thoughtful decision. Now the only thing standing between you and an extra monthly earning, as well as that intrinsic adrenaline that comes with gambling, is to start betting!