As we mentioned here, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the betting world and new ideas for betting on tennis are popping out daily. Whether it’s a new mathematical model, or a new tipping service, or some new cool artificial intelligence tennis prediction service, someone has built it and it is now available to us (bettors).

But one thing will never change: the factors that you should analyze when placing your bets on a tennis match, and here are a few hints on this subject:


It’s no secret that the surface is a key factor, and we should never forget about this when betting on tennis! Without getting too much into details, there are mainly 4 types of courts in tennis: clay, grass and hard courts (outdoor and indoor). A player’s performance could be incredibly different according to the surface of the tournament and not only, even the same type of surface could be slower or faster, with higher or shorter ball bounces, better for servers or for returners according to the tennis balls that the tournament uses, the height of the location and so on…
To keep things simple, just keep in mind that surface is a deciding factor, players adapt their game to it and, for example, a top player could be extremely weak on that specific surface. A good thing to do here is to have a look at the players’ results in that same tournament in the previous seasons; we can often assume that playing condition will be similar.


Current Form is incredibly important! Why am I saying this? Well this applies to all sports, right? You are right! But in tennis, you do not have teammates that can save the day, it’s just you. If you wake up sick, no one will hold your tennis racket and play for you, you are alone. It is not rare to see players underperform heavily and this is why, they have bad (sometimes very bad) days too. Don’t be fooled by rankings too: they just give you a general idea, but they are no good for betting purposes. The rankingdoesn’t even consider surface-specific strength and it is not a good indicator of a player’s form. It’s just deceiving as it is used by tournament organizers for seeding purposes, while we should not use it to make decisions. A good estimate of a player’s form come from checking the latest results: the last three, four weeks are generally a good indicator.


Another big factor: Head to Head. This might seem an obviously one, and the reality is that it is! If a player is a good or a bad matchup for another player, it simply means that the way they play when they face each other is in strong favor of one player. A few things that are worth considering is that we still have to bring surface and form into head to head analysis. Also, be careful with the age of previous head to head, you don’t want to consider matches that might be too old and don’t reflect the player’s current values.


Betting tools are really powerful in today’s betting world. Odds comparison, head to head history, previous results, news, previews and more; you name it, you have it somewhere on the internet. You should try to use as many of these as possible, they can reduce our errors, make us more informed and our decisions better.

There are so many betting tools that it is difficult to simply pick one or two, but one that I would like to recommend is  it’s a sport (and statistics) analysis website. They cover tennis among other sports and provide the user with odds analysis, statistics, previous results and experts’ (people that work in the betting industry and for the major bookmakers) picks on matches.


This is a factor if you know the actual game of tennis in depth. Before placing the bet, always think: who is the better server? Who the better returner? Who has advantage on the forehand versus forehand diagonal? And on the backhand one? Who’s better at the net? It is not always easy to decrypt this, but if you know the players and their specific strokes, you can pretty much picture the way the game will develop.


Social media websites are one of the main sources of information. If you see a player posting videos of his wild birthday party the night before a big match, you probably want to stay away from any bets that involve that player, right? You may want to bet against him, but for sure you want to be on top of this kind of news to improve your success chances in tennis betting. Follow the player’s social media accounts, even a personal life event could easily impact a player’s performance; follow tennis Facebook pages and Instagram tennis-related accounts and tennis related news websites.