Online gambling has exploded over the last couple of decades. Online gambling is much simpler and more convenient than traditional gambling and players have a wealth of casinos to choose from at their fingertips.

For players in the EU, here are the 3 essentials that you need to know when choosing an online casino.

The Law

Online gambling in the EU is regulated at the national level. Some EU-wide consumer protection laws will also apply to gambling services, but there isn’t any sector-specific legislation that regulates the online gambling industry in the EU. As a result, players have the option of connecting to a casino located in the same country or one elsewhere in the EU. In the EU, online casinos are responsible for ensuring they comply with local laws, while other countries stipulate that players are subject to the gambling laws of the country the online casino is based in.

You should check the local laws and regulations before you play. Whether you play on a domestic site or an international one will depend on the situation where you live. For example, a player in Germany might choose to play at if they are looking for a domestic online casino in order to take advantage of German gambling law.

Consumer Protection And Security

Casinos in the real-world are places that we associate with heavy, impenetrable security, and the guarantee of a fair game. We expect cheaters to be turfed out of casinos the second they are identified and, while the odds of any casino game are stacked against us, but it is a given that the casino will at least obey the law and treat us fairly by paying out when promptly when we win.

You should expect the same rigorous standards from any online casino that you are considering using. You can verify the cybersecurity of an online casino with a quick Google search, as many online casinos have conducted security audits and published reports. In terms of consumer protections, you will be covered by the regulations in your home country. The level of protection offered varies across the continent.

For example, Austria’s tightly regulated casinos are very trustworthy, thanks to the government’s monopoly on the business. You can read more about the Austrian gambling monopoly here. If trust is an important factor for you, then choosing an online casino in Austria like enables you to benefit from the nation’s unique system.

Try Before You Buy And Welcome Packages

Some online casinos enable new players to try out the games on offer before they commit any money. This is usually done by allowing a demo mode of some games. When you play in demo mode, you bet with virtual money that can’t be redeemed for cash. You won’t win or lose anything, but you will learn how the game works.

Most online casinos also offer welcome bonuses that are unlocked when you make your first qualifying deposit. These welcome bonuses give new players free spins and bonus credit on top of the first deposits that they make.

It is worth taking the time to research before you hand over any cash to an online casino. Make sure you understand the local gambling laws where you live. You should also verify that there is a suitable deposit and withdrawal method available for your country or you will struggle to move money in and out of your account.