Online casino games have blown up in the last 2 decades as more and more people have looked to them for endless hours of entertainment. And as online casino games grew in popularity people wanted a little some more and they also missed the feeling that came with land based french online casinos as well. And so live dealer casino games were born.

What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Live dealer casino games are the best of both worlds, that is the best of online casino and land-based casino games. You see with live dealer games you get to have a real live dealer dealing you the cards as you play and all this is streamed to you via live feed.

Reasons To Play Live Dealer Games

  1. They give you the land based and online casino feel all in one.
  2. You get to chat with the live dealer
  3. The games will allow you interact with other players at the table as you would at a land-based casinos.

As great as live real money casino games, there is one major short fall that comes with these games, no free play. Most real money online casino players are so used to testing out a game for free before they play it for real money, however this is not case with love casino games as there is no free play. Another flaw that comes with live dealer casino game is the variety range.  There are not that many live dealer games, as such many casino will lack variety when it comes to these games. 

Why Can’t I Play Live Casino Games Free?

One of the main reasons why you can’t play free live dealer games is the cost of setup. Live dealer games cost a lot to set up as well run. Therefore, most gambling sites cannot afford to allow players to play the games for free.