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Watch it now! You done? K. While this trailer only shows a little bit of gameplay, Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami, completely nails that sleazy 80s cocaine binge vibe. What am I even looking at? A man in a terrifying, blood-stained pig mask?

Seriously, I’m really excited for this game, which is classified as a “top-down f*ck-’em-up” by publisher Devolver Digital. Hotline Miami will be released on October 23rd. You can pre-order it on Steam,, Get Games, and GamersGate. Remember, wear something fancy.


I was a huge Need for Speed fan back in the day. But eventually, Burnout, and most notably Burnout Paradise, stole my heart and changed my perception of the series. For years I’ve felt like the NFS franchise needed some shaking up, just like Paradise did, when it shook up the entire racing genre.

Thankfully, Criterion Games has stepped up to the plate, and crafted an open world Need For Speed game with a worldmap that tops even Paradise City. Oh yea, and the game looks great so far to boot. Read more… »

DARK | M17

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios released some new screenshots from Dark, their upcoming steal action game, today. These new screens introduce M17, an elite military unit that specializes in “capturing paranormal beings” and using their knowledge for “military purposes.” How vaguely nefarious!

Oh, did I mention that you play as a vampire in Dark? Something tells me that you’re a fangy, bloodthirsty type of vampire rather than the sparkles-in-the-sunlight type. Apparently M17 doesn’t take too kindly to your continued existence, but beyond that, there’s not much else available about the game other than a trailer and a couple more screenshots. Dark will be available on PC and Xbox 360 sometime in Q1 2013.

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Review: Code of Princess
By: | October 11th, 2012

When Guardian Heroes hit the market in 1996, the gaming world shook. Never before had the genre seen such a detailed mix of beat’ em up action and RPG elements. It drew in crowds that weren’t even fans of beat ‘em ups like Double Dragon that came years before it — that’s how much power it had.

Fast forward to 2012 — a number of developers who worked on Guardian Heroes are now poised to release Code of Princess, a press-dubbed “spiritual sucessor” to Guardian Heroes. As is the case with anything that has to live up to a ton of hype and legacy, this really could have gone either way for them. Fortunately for fans, I’m pleased to say that you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom line: if you like beat ‘em ups with a solid side of quirk, Code of Princess is a must have, despite some niggling issues.


Retro City Rampage is beyond crazy.

In the first five minutes of the game, I re-created the opening scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, I did battle with all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I procured commando training from Solid Snake.

Again, that was the first five minutes. There’s much more craziness to be had for hours beyond that.


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Review: Fable: The Journey
By: | October 9th, 2012

At an infamous press event at E3, Peter Molyneux repeatedly told his audience that Fable: The Journey would not be a simple on-rails experience, and would present a unique viewpoint into the world of adventure gaming on the Kinect. Right.

I’m here to tell you, right now, before you drop your hard earned cash on it, that it is on rails. And that’s not the worst thing about it. Read more… »

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Review: Dishonored
By: | October 7th, 2012

Stealth games are often hit or miss. In my opinion, the best stealth experiences are the ones that give you more options than you could possibly want to dispose of your enemies, which leads to some particularly crafty and devious play — something right up a ninja or assassin junkie’s alley. It’s why Tenchu has always been one of my favorite franchises of all time — diversity is key.

Dishonored seeks to mix things up with something a bit different – psychic powers, swords, all draped over a kinda-sorta-steampunk veneer. Surprisingly, it mostly works. Mostly. Read more… »

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Review: Resident Evil 6
By: | October 4th, 2012

Resident Evil has had a number of ups and downs ever since its debut in 1996. Considering the amount of side-stories, spin-offs, and lackluster (in the eyes of the public at least) titles introduced over the years, it’s safe to assume that a lot of gamers are skeptical of Capcom’s movement farther into action territory.

Capcom attempts to quell these fears with a mix of both action and horror, but the mixture is fairly volatile. Read more… »

Cliff Bleszinski

Today, Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinski announced that he is leaving Epic Games, the company he c0-founded and worked for twenty years. Best known for the Gears of War series, Bleszinski most recently held the title of Design Director at the studio.

Tim Sweeney, CEO and Technical Director at Epic Games had this to say: ““In 20 wonderful years with Epic, Cliff Bleszinski has grown into a true design luminary, and his contributions to the ‘Unreal’ and ‘Gears’ series have helped shape the game industry into what it is today. ”


Final Fantasy XIII

With all of the info that’s come out over the past week or so about the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it looks like Square Enix is sticking with the franchise. However, it looks like they’re making significant changes to the “Final Fantasy formula: Lightning being the only playable character, no more battle menus, free movement during combat, and more.

With this brand new game supposedly coming out next year, now’s a perfect time to reexamine how the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy fits in with the rest of the series from a gameplay mechanics perspective.


The critically and commercially acclaimed The Walking Dead games, developed by adventure veteran Telltale Games, previously available on XBLA, PSN, and PC, is getting a disc based version on December 4th.

So far, we have absolutely no details on the fourth and fifth episode, but I personally think this release will coincide with the delivery of the fifth and final episode of the collection. There’s no word on the pricing yet, but you can pick up each episode for $5 currently.

If the disc is going to retail for more than $25, hopefully it’ll come with some extras!

Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk

Today, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka–the pair of doctors that co-founded BioWare in 1995–announced their retirement from the games industry. In separate blog posts, Muzyka and Zeschuk explained their decisions to leave not only their company but the industry as a whole.

This announcement comes at an inopportune time as BioWare just announced Dragon Age III: Inquisition yesterday. Gamers, already wary of the next game in the Dragon Age series, can’t see the company’s two founders leaving as a good sign.