When opening an online casino, licensing is another difficult but equally significant issue to deal with in addition to the complexity of selecting a software supplier. To run your casino lawfully in your target markets, you must have an online gambling license. Furthermore, respectable game designers and payment processors will only cooperate with authorized gaming websites. Moreover, players have a far better perception of a licensed online casino because they all naturally desire to make a wager at trustworthy casinos and secure locations.

Types of gaming licenses

In sports betting, there are two different types of licenses that may be defined: country-specific licenses or internal, and international licenses, commonly referred to as offshore gaming licenses. While internal licenses enable an online casino to operate lawfully within the limits of one particular country, international gaming licenses are appropriate for projects looking for a wider market reach.

5 safest online gaming licenses


As it provides the most economical and practical solution for operators, Curacao is unquestionably among the top possibilities. It makes sense why it’s a very well-liked gaming jurisdiction. Only through trustworthy associates partnering with the Regulator may the license holding entity be registered on Curaçao. The process of incorporating a business and obtaining a license is lengthy and can be completed online. Contrary to certain nations, Curaçao does not mandate that casino servers be retained on its territory, but it is nevertheless important to perform frequent backup data on a server that is physically situated in Curaçao.


This is well-known as a trustworthy EU gaming territory and is extremely popular among European-facing online betting and gambling firms. The procedure of applying for a Maltese license is difficult and drawn out. All contenders must have a solid reputation and submit a thorough business plan to show that they have knowledge of the industry. Additionally, stockholders’ bios and a copy of the audited statements should be included. The Malta Gaming Authority must conduct a thorough examination of the online casino’s software platform to ensure that it complies with all of its technological requirements.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

GRA is in charge of keeping an eye on and advocating conformance to the Gambling Act and all other laws pertaining to gaming and gambling. Similar to the top Canadian online casinos, Gibraltar has severe standards for any business seeking a license. For example, licensees are required to have at least one board who resides in Gibraltar and must have a resident of Gibraltar as the company’s controlling individual. The holder of a remote gaming license may provide online betting services to clients who are able to be present in Gibraltar.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has established itself as a popular location for internet gaming. A high level of permits and special treatment can be offered since local authorities and the government pays close attention to the growth of this industry. Such a strategy aids in luring new businesses and gamblers from around the globe. One of the top regulatory authorities for internet gambling is the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commission. Moreover, the Commission grants licenses for two different types of businesses: online casinos and bookmakers, which includes poker rooms and sports betting websites.