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Avatar ImageGamer Limit Review: John Daly’s ProStroke Golf
By: | November 8th, 2010 | Playstation 3
PS3 |Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour continues to be the goto golf game around. And with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 being the best in franchise history, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf has some stiff competition. However, with plenty of room for improvement in Tiger Woods, it is more than possible for the best to be upended.

Considering the preview at E3 showed real promise, my hopes for another golf game to depend on each year was looking up. Unfortunately, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf falls quite short in both content and presentation. The application of PlayStation Move’s technology on the other hand is more than impressive.

While Tiger Woods has had years to iterate upon its success, one would think that in order to compete it would need to both copy and innovate upon Tiger. This is most important in the area of career mode. Gamers have come to expect an RPG-type feel when entering into a career mode: such things as leveling up your character, going through real-life scenarios of training and tournaments to improve, etc. John Daly provides none of this.

Career mode is overly simplistic and will quickly become repetitive. As is expected, it will begin with creating a character – which features very few options in almost every characteristic. Once you have your character, you are given three challenges before being eligible to enter a tournament.

These challenges are you versus John Daly in driving, short range, and putting competitions. Once those challenges are completed you are able to enter the next tournament. Career mode is literally that, twelve times.

With the lack of content in a mode that generally holds the most content in sports games today, one would hope that the rest of the modes provided would compensate. Unfortunately that isn’t the case at all as the only other modes provided are quick game and online.

To make matters worse, online mode is non-existent in this game as almost no one is playing it. Because of this, it will take a frustrating amount of time to be matched up to a game, so forget those online trophies because they are unreachable.

Graphically, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf really is quite poor for today’s standards. The presentation is very bare bones, the environments are never visually pleasing, and the character detail is lacking. So far, not much appealing about this game, huh?

Well, things start to improve once you start using the PlayStation Move. Mechanically, the game is nowhere near as polished as Tiger Woods with a regular controller. However, with the PlayStation Move it tends to feel more realistic than Tiger Woods‘ offering.

There is nothing more rewarding than properly placing my feet and club and perfectly executing a punch shot as I would in real life – as opposed to choosing to execute a punch shot in Tiger Woods. The true mechanics of golf transfer perfectly in John Daly’s ProStroke Golf which, for me, make it very appealing. With winter approaching, my time on the course in real life will dwindle. Fortunately though, I can practice proper form and mechanics with the PlayStation Move. And when I do so, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is my number one choice.

So while the presentation and content is lacking, there is some appeal to this title. However, while the PlayStation Move controls are impressive, the game just doesn’t deliver in the most important areas. If anything, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf shows serious promise in the area of motion gaming. My sincere hope is that come next year, the game takes advantage of its strengths, greatly expands on its content and presentation, and provides Move owners an easy decision when purchasing a motion controlled golf game.

Rating Category
4.0 Presentation
Presentation is quite poor and uninspired. Graphics are under par.
How does our scoring system work?
7.0 Gameplay
Mechanics are nowhere near as polished as Tiger Woods, but the Move technology is very impressive.
4.0 Sound
Music in the game is limited and quickly gets annoying. In game sounds are nothing more than constant birds and airplane sounds. Announcers and crowd sounds are very poor as well.
5.0 Longevity
Not much content here and it is rare to get matched up online. Practicing mechanics for your golf game seems to be the largest factor in replayability.
5.0 Overall
John Daly's ProStroke Golf fails to provide the content most sports gamers expect today. The PlayStation Move is this game's only saving grace.

  1. Nice review, Kevin. Disappointing that this isn’t able to compete with the Tiger Woods franchise. Think I’ll pass.

    • avatar Veronica

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  2. avatar Will Deppit

    I rented the game from Gamefly but now buying it. Here are my thoughts after a week.-
    -The Best Move Controlled Golf Game Period!!
    I play golf in real life and I know what a 40-80-120-175 yard shot should feel like and it does it perfectly almost! The distances are amazing! TW is Horrible compared to this. It’s like they just threw it in there with no feel and control. In JD on Tour Pro setting I hit the ball almost exactly where I want every time! It really feels natural! It feels like my actual Swing!!! Hitting Punch shots is really cool. You can close the club face on shorter shots to hit it longer and lower just like in real life! Every move in JD has an effect on the ball!!
    I LOVE how you DON”T have to hold the trigger in to swing. You just press the Move button once!

    -The Graphics are Good! They are NOT Tiger Woods 11 Graphics but they Aren’t PS2 Graphics Either. It’s about a mix in-between and you can hit onto any hole which is cool. The Trees are PS2 Bad, not the grass textures. On my HD TV my Dad actually liked them better ha. The Golfers thou look like they are from PS2 lol But that means little importance to me compared to the rendering of the course.. It could be much much better thou. The Ball physics look fine also.

    —My Overall Summary–
    This is their first PS3 golf game so content and graphics will come just like TW did.
    –A PATCH is coming out for the game sometime soon(from JD’s forum from developer). I can’t wait as they have been taking everyones feedback!!
    Playing with the move is amazing here!. This is by far the best Move experience I have played (hitting shots). This game is at the top of the level for controls and it’s worth every penny! There are plenty of modes to play golf and like 12 or so courses that are all new!
    I Recommend this game and will HIGHLY Recommend it when the Patch comes out!
    They have a winner here if they keep improving it!

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