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Mass Effect 2 continues to see a good amount of support following its January 2010 release. Those that purchased the game new were treated to a plethora of content via the Cerberus Network. This time around, Bioware is asking for 560 MS points for the opportunity to befriend the renowned thief and hacker, Kasumi Goto.

The question on the forefront of most gamers’ minds is whether it is worth throwing down seven dollars for yet another excuse to play such a phenomenal title. And while Bioware does not have the best track record for DLC, warranting this almost 1GB download really depends on how you will play it.

Once again, you will find yourself in the always entertaining Citadel as an agreement between Kasumi and Cerberus has been made. Because nothing in life is free, a favor (aka loyalty mission) is asked of you in exchange for Kasumi’s help on your mission to save the world. And so begins the latest DLC.

Kasumi asks for just your assistance in this short, one hour loyalty mission as she needs to steal a sentimental piece of her past. But in order to do so, you must crash a criminal mastermind’s party to get to it. Needless to say, there will be deception and bloodshed.

While the story behind this loyalty mission is definitely better than some of the others, it is the amount of content that might scare away some given the somewhat hefty price tag. As mentioned previously, an hour, at best, can be squeezed out of this DLC – including mindless banter with Kasumi on the Normandy. Less than half of this hour actually contains combat, which is quite unfortunate as that is undoubtedly Mass Effect 2‘s strong suit.

So what do you get out of Kasumi’s Stolen Memory mission? A new casual outfit and an altogether forgettable Locust SMG. Ultimately, it left me just as disappointed as the Zaeed DLC. Albeit free, it was a ton of fun for the short loyalty mission it included, but left me wanting more when I was left with a character that is nowhere near as fleshed out and interesting as the rest.

Mass Effect 2 is about its interesting characters and the relationship you build with them. Characters such as Zaeed and Kasumi will always fall by the wayside when the rest are far more interesting. However, decisions will be made during the loyalty mission that may find themselves in Mass Effect 3. So I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in seeing if there are any consequences for my decisions.

This short lived DLC, while fun, is just not enough to warrant a purchase for those looking to play it standalone. However, if you will be playing this DLC during a playthrough of the game itself, it may be worth it. And given that Mass Effect 2 is meant to be played multiple times, it may just be enough of an excuse to finally get that Hardcore playthrough done.

Gamer Limit gives Kasumi – Stolen Memory a 7.0/10.

  1. Thanks for the review, but I can’t see myself forking out that much for less than an hour’s worth of gameplay.

  2. avatar Chris Carter

    Sounds like a Bioware bit of DLC to me! “Decent, but expensive”.

  3. Played through this the day it came out. Was a decent bit of download content, and made me put Mass Effect 2 back in my console. Like mentioned I thought the price was a bit steep for the amount of time it took to finish the mission.

  4. avatar Griez

    Acutally, it has been pointed out that the new Locust SMG in this game actually has comparable Damage and DPS to an Assault Rifle, so that’s one thing to keep in mind. It sounds like it would be for the SMGs what the Collector Ship weapons are for the Assault Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle.

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