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This week is absolutely rife with indie news, and this little bit is really drool-worthy, believe me. Until now, indie games that have any chance of making it in the main stream have to be featured on Steam, Impulse, or some other digital distribution platform for gamers to indulge. Generally speaking it’s been a sweet deal for indies, the only problem is being unable to control content. hopes to remedy this problem by introducing Desura, the first digital distribution platform designed solely for indie games and the gamers who love them. Right now it’s unclear if Desura will feature a client like Steam or Impulse, or if it will be a website only ordeal like Direct2Drive, but I think it’s safe to say indie gamers and their developers should be pretty excited.

Why you ask? Hit the jump for more features and why you should be as excited about Desura as I am.

Desura is planned as a late April release and touts the ability to give indie developers complete control over their content. When you visit any digital distribution store, be it Steam or Direct2Drive, you’re presented with a trailer, some screenshots, and the option to buy it now. Desura is breaking this mold by allowing indie developers to create their own pages with their own content.

In addition, members of the gaming community can add their own screenshots and reviews for the game, so you get a developer driven page with user content. It’s unclear if developers will be able to completely delete negative reviews of content, so that aspect of the new service does raise some concern in my eyes.

Aside from just a store front, Desura is an indie gaming community. It has forums and a community for gamers to interact with one another, thus it seems as if the platform could be a serious threat to Steam’s indie games catalog. Of course, nothing can compare to achievements for those among us who love gobbling them down, but having all your indie games in one collection with the ability to connect with other indie gamers is something to get excited about.

It will be interesting to see how this service develops over the next few months. What do you think? Will you use it, or is it another distribution platform in an already crowded market?

  1. I’ll use it for stuff that isn’t on Steam, but since pretty much all of my PC games are bought through there, or linked through that software somehow, it won’t steal away my attention unless the game isn’t on that service.

    Still, sounds very interesting. If indies flock to it, I’ll definitely give it a spin.

  2. avatar Aranda

    Very interesting indeed! As an indie dev, the more avenues to sell my game on PC the better. I suppose they’ll have to have some standards around which games they accept, otherwise they could end up with the largely negative impression that XBLIG has given people. I can see developers rejected by Steam flocking to Desura, and if they build their catalog well, combined with the developer and user focus, they could really provide a service with a difference.

    • This is very true, Aranda. The XNA community approval process was supposed to act as a buffer for potentially crap games, but that’s largely failed. Not to say there aren’t some real gems on the XBLIG section.

      I just hope Desura does institute some measure of quality control.

  3. avatar ikaris

    The real importance of this MARK DAVIS, is that indie developers such as ARANDA, now have a way to get their games out to people without having to work through valve to get their game on steam. Hopefully this will mean a little more motivation from gamers to seek out indie games, and more motivation for developers to get their games out there, as there is an easy way to publish them. Digitally!

  4. Really looking forward to hearing more details about this! While I love having everything on Steam, I’m in agreement with previous comments that having a more readily available source for indie games can only be positive for the industry. Still, quality control is always a concern.

  5. avatar Blu-ray for 360

    M$ needs to release that us Xbox 360 gamers need bigger media to store games on either by MUCH cheaper hard drives or a blu-ray add-on. So many games and developers are saying that the 360 has limitations and with no new console for years to come, the 360 will come second to the PS3 because of a pathetic ideal of having download only. What a load of crap. M$ should shallow it’s pride and allow a blu-ray add-on for games. They bang on about video downloads but what about the fucking games.
    My brother has both a PS3 and a 360. He purchased FFXII yesterday. Guess which format…….yep, it’s on PS3.
    M$ your a greedy cunt.

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