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It’s that time again! We’ve gotten our grubby mitts on a few Heroes of Newerth closed beta invites and we thought we’d pass the savings on to you! Heroes of Newerth is a Defense of the Ancients clone that brings its own personality to the genre, being based in the world of Norrath. That’s the same world that was featured in both Savage and Savage 2 – both pretty popular games that mixed RTS command and FPS play together. But wait, there’s more!

Interested in getting your hands on one of these beauties? Act now and we’ll email you a pristine closed beta key that slices, dices, and just might end up getting you owned by the Gamer Limit staff, if you’ve got what it takes! Hit the jump for more participation details and the part where you sell us your soul. Just kidding, of course.

The Contest

Heroes of Newerth features a wide variety of heroes for players to utilize and take control of the map. From stealthy, magical creatures, to brute force Rambo tactics, we’re giving you the chance to design your own Heroes of Newerth Hero!

Of course, your hero won’t be featured in the game, but we can all dream, right? So let us know what you think the perfect Hero for Heroes of Newerth should play like, and you could find in your possession that shiny, slicey, dicey key I was telling you about before.

The Details

In order to enter the competition for the Heroes of Newerth closed beta key giveaway, you’ll need to be a registered member of Gamer Limit. It only takes like a second and you get to hang out with the likes of us. While you don’t know it yet, you have an extreme desire to lambaste resident senior writer Kevin Miller. But wait, there’s more!

Make sure you use a valid email address when you sign up, as invites have to be mailed to you. If you can’t receive our emails, you’re going to be a sad panda when you win.

The contest will run from February 18th until noon CST on February 21st, which is Sunday. All submissions between this time period will be voted on by staff, and the winners will be announced later on the 21st during the Weekly Recap.


- Be registered
- Use a valid email address
- Tell us about your hero idea before 12:00 P.M. CST on the 21st

Remember, the more creative you are with your idea, the better chance you have at winning a key!

  1. The perfect hero is a mech operator with the highest gaming capabilities.

    This person does not need drugs outside recreational use and has all the skill in the world. If there is something the mech cannot do they just upgrade the mutha- to do it. If it can’t fire a shark from it’s blast cannon it will and the enemy won’t know what hit them. Aside from constant upgrades when on break they play Space Invaders and always get the highest score.

    Also, this hero likes chili cheese fries, pizza rolls, slurpees, sprite remix and still manages decent muscle (not for looks, but for the hell of it).

    There is a poster of Diane Lane on their, so they remember what they’re fighting for.

  2. edit.
    *There is a poster of Diane Lane on their MECH, so they remember what they’re fighting for.

  3. I think the perfect hero would be a dwarf ninja with big shurikens for long range attacks, yet with the speed and stealthyness of a ninja. He would blend in with trees and move very fast without warning anyone of his presence then he would strike at the perfect moment when no one was watching and take out one of the enemy heros. Would also spawn with godly items in his inventory to make him undefeatable. ^^

  4. avatar yamakasi

    I think the perfect hero is summoner, because i never see any hero like that before in dota, the look of that hero is a girl like bayonetta, hot and attractive always with the lollipop white tight and shiny robe, her weapon is the scroll that every time she used it flight and turn to some animal like tiger, bear or some monster, and she’s intelligent type, use her magic to impress people. Her ult is create a cage and put the enemy hero in it to punish ( so when the enemy hero die, he can say I love your punishment…..^_^) and when she die, the scroll will fold around her, shine and she becomes a nine tail fox lay on the ground. her quote are : ” I love to be punished” ” who wanna have fun today, boyz”.

  5. edit. my real account is here after active.

  6. The perfect hero..
    A big muscular yet surprisingly quick and agile hero, capable of summoning and manipulating metal from the very core of the universe. Uses the metal to entangle his enemies, slow them down by fusing corrupted metal to their bodies, rip them to shreds, elevate his armor attributes by fusing the metal to his own flesh, enhancing weapons with metal and much more..
    **Can not manipulate every type of metal. The idea was that the metal comes from the ground, not just summon *poof* floating metal in the air.

  7. The perfect hero would be completely balanced, never requiring to be nerfed. They would be an agility based ranged hero, with pushing as well as hero killing capabilities. Her first spell would, upon the hero killing a unit that unit would explode dealing splash damage to surrounding enemy units, this would occur whenever the hero killed something, regardless of how. Her regular attack would shoot something akin to cannonballs, or tracer rounds. Her second spell would be a buff that would increase attack speed and give life steal, but in exchange causing decreased HP regeneration as well as lower armor. Her third spell would allow her to flip in the air over units to land on enemies, if a direct hit the enemy will be slowed as well as take damage, if in the landing radius the enemy will only take damage. Lastly her ultimate would allow her to swap places with an enemy unit, within a certain range, allowing her to swap with heroes as well, this would allow her to swap with the hero and easily kill her. Although this hero is powerful, like every balanced hero if played incorrectly she will be easily defeated. New players should avoid this hero because she would be a tempting hero killing hero, when in fact her hero killing builds from her farming. She would be a small girl with a cute face, that is deceiveingly powerful.

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