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In a whole bunch of business mumbo-jumbo released by SyFy parent company General Electric today, development for a hybrid MMO and television show is intensifying as the latest GE shareholder report states that the game and TV series will be tentatively know as One Earth.

Hoping to revolutionize both the MMO genre and television watching itself, the pair will develop the two concurrently and they’ll play-off each other as their life spans grow. Continue reading for more information and a spiffy video from those behind the project.

Although nothing much has yet to be released about the creative venture, CEO of Trion, Lars Butler explains that with “this unique set-up, we can do things that other people would never even dare before: create a video game world and a television show… They not only promote each other, they literally depend on each other and co-evolve.” Check the video that explains how the project will (hopefully) operate.

Although no platform or any release dates have been announced, it’ll be interesting to follow the development process on such a giant innovation, and see if it really can get some wind beneath it’s wings. The idea itself is very intriguing and could create a vastly gratifying experience, if only there wasn’t this nagging feeling that an epic fail is just around the bend.

Trion has one other game in development, an MMO unveiled at last years’ E3 by the name of Heroes of Telara (see header) that, ironically enough, claims to redefine “the massively multiplayer online role-playing genre for fantasy enthusiasts everywhere.”

Source: BigDownload

  1. The Alice mini-series was pretty good, but I want to hate anything they do purely on principle because they went out of their way to rebrand a channel already named Sci-Fi to SyFy. Next year, it’ll be S1F1.

    Irrational rage aside, MMos and TV IPs make sense together since they both deal in building and evolving a persistent world. It’s an interesting idea. Stupid objectivity.

  2. I’ll admit, i’m curious to see how this’ll take off. If the ideas are solid, and the gameplay and acting can support both an MMO and TV series, I’d consider jumping on board.

  3. Would be great if the show depicts cataclysmic/significant events that you would later experience without warning in-game. Like declaration of war, genocide, peace treaties, political events is really what I’m driving at.

  4. avatar Mike

    It’ll have to be a one server game, like EVE wouldn’t it? And if so, that makes for a lot of potential for the players to change the show. I can imagine there will be a number of attempts put together from guilds to kill off the TV shows stars. Gotta wonder how the TV show’s producers will work that into a contract. ;) Sign someone for 22 episodes and the players kill his character off before the 2nd show. Interesting.

  5. avatar hank

    if they pull it of this game/series will rock if the dont well goodby trion becuse they will probobly sell ther company to EA (like manny others haw done)

  6. avatar hank

    and mike….i think they cant kill the main dude and he is proby following an script..but if like charging an “city” in game and you destroy it it will proby change the story line like hell but if they fail charging the “city” it will change the story line like hell 2….so it feels like i am thinking of and tv series of oblivion style gameplay whit an never ending posibilitys but the problem is that narly all hummans think in the same way like me and my frainds we played dragon age : origins and we made the same desisions (hehe we where completle evil)

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