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Craving Diablo III? Want to try and fill the void until its release? Well for those of us who want some classic hacking & slashing action, but aren’t willing to play Diablo II in the old cruddy 800 x 600… The High Resolution (Multi-res) patch comes to the rescue.

The Multi-res patch allows you to play Diablo II in any resolution supported by your monitor, there are a few caveats but nothing that stops the awesomeness of high res Diablo.

Here is a comparison of multiple resolutions:

640 x 480




1440 x 900


This patch has been out for a while, but it doesn’t stop it from making it a fantastic way to replay Diablo II.

A small warning, do not attempt to use the patch on Battlenet, it’s for singleplayer and LAN only. You can snag the patch off Filefront, available here

  1. Not for Bnet! I kept trying it…

    Anyway, I’ll mess around with the patch, but without a LAN anymore, I have no use for it.

    • avatar Kura

      , I’m not really sure how much story there will be in the final game. I know they’ve meiontned cinematic events that seem to bridge the Acts and that there is a beginning and opening cutscene to bookend the story But, I think the majority of the story is going to be given via interactions with the quest NPCs, instead of the story-centered nature of Guild Wars (even though the stories in Guild Wars have ranged from terrible to okay).I also agree that the flexibility present in Guild Wars colors a lot of other games and expectations. I have no problem with static skill trees (GW is the exception in that rule) and I know they are looking into adding the ability to respec your class. But the flexibilty of changing skills inside towns ala Guild Wars won’t be here.I’m still on the fence about it, leaning towards wanting to play it, but I’ve put in a lot more hours agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, though.

    • avatar Dayanny

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  2. Saw this in action the other day, it’s brilliant if you play D2 on a LAN. Simple too!

  3. Install complete, patch used, rouge encampment here I come.

  4. Excuse me … my jaw just dropped to the floor! I gotta go get it ….

  5. I can’t wait for 1.13…

  6. avatar madcowz

    best thing since sliced bread hahahahaha.

  7. avatar Anonymous

    Do want.

    • avatar Artit

      Hope you’re gonna slap together antehor quick, maybe not so long Patch 14 episode soon.Would like to get at least a glimpse of the changes/improvements, particularly to Elective mode in action.Oh, and please do a HC run-through in one of the next episodes.I like to watch other people’s Diablo characters die.

  8. avatar me

    just use hamachi to play on LAN with friends :)

  9. avatar Father Piori

    Don’t get excited, guys. This patch is a fraud (probably packed with some nasty virus too). In the pic it’s a spliced image made to look like hi-res… Can’t fool me. Could’ve done a better job.

    • avatar stephen

      Actually its not, blizzard verified that their are 3rd party mods that allow for higher resolution play, however they are Unsupported by blizzard hence any problems with them are not the fault of the company. (meaning its your own risk)

  10. avatar Anti-Stupidity

    @Father Piori

    Why waste your time trolling? This has been around for long enough, and wasting people’s time is, well… a waste of time. It’s not as if this is the only place this mod has been mentioned, other forum topics will verify your trollan.

    • avatar Giane

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  11. avatar StyxS


    Don’t waste my time. Go “trollan” someplace else. The patch DOESN’T WORK, A-STUPIDITY. Now, How’S THAT?

  12. avatar Another Random

    @Father Piori

    You guys are obviously idiots who can’t manage a simple patch. This DOES work.

  13. avatar StyxS

    @ all those Anonymous and Random

    Now you are getting personal, you little prick? Ok, bring it on. The patch DOESN’T work and never did and you knew it. Why posting this garbage on your site? Very unprofessional. It’s time to grow up. By the way for this very reason – spreading unverified and potentially harmful information – I rate your site the worst ever. Nothing personal. Just being objective.

  14. avatar Anonymous and Random


    You Sir, are most certainly correct. This patch, not only that it doesn’t work, but its DLL was also packed with a W32/Bongler-based!Maximus infection injection which scans the host root for World of Warcraft accounts and sends to the script creator. The uploader of this ‘patch’ most certainly did not have in mind to help anyone. Cheers!

  15. avatar Father Piori

    @Anonymous and Random

    Good job. Thank you. Your little tip will prevent some 12 year old “inglourious basterd” from infecting his system. But what do we care anyway, right?

  16. avatar rex

    you dumb retards can’t even get the patch to work right. I downloaded mine from moddb works wonders.

  17. avatar rex

    the patch works retards!

  18. avatar random


    I can understand how you can get the patch to work, great. But not from the one posted here. I also have the patch that works, it’s exactly the same as this one only one exception. The DLL packed with the one found here isn’t from the original patch. It was, indeed, replaced with malicious script that does nothing related to patching, therefore, rejected by the system kernel as a dynamic library link which is not possible to register. It was meant for a different purpose as explained by anonymous. I would like to know how you managed to scan the file at post if the file doesn’t install/setup at all?

    • avatar Wulandari

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  19. avatar StyxS

    @Chris Carter

    Don’t argue with me, kid. The sole purpose of that patch, packed with W32/Bongler-based!Maximus, is to steal your World of Warcraft account name and password. The Blizzard website actually gives a detailed description of what it is and what it does. If you don’t have some decent antivirus software installed on your computer, you can use an on-line version. Google it, use it. It’s free.

    • avatar Anonymous

      I cannot vouch for this patch as I didn’t download mine from here BUT there is a patch available which WILL allow multi res for Diablo 2 and as some who has owned the game for years and is now enjoying again windowed of course on my 22″ monitor. Find it, use it, enjoy it!! I did!!

  20. avatar killit

    Just a couple of quotes regarding D2MultiRes Version 1.02.

    “Any one have a link for an un-infected download of this ? as the file D2MULTIRES.DLL in this one has the W32/Bongler-based!Maximus infection in it which scans wow accounts ect…..”

    “I have the big problem with the dll message.
    I tried to use this patch but without any luck because, all i have tried give the same error message : “Unable to load D2MultiRes.dll….”

    “Why is one of my charecters gone…
    why are my save files not working…
    why am I not seeing any options for resolution changes…
    why is my computer spouting more errors than a 1st term java app…
    and why is Diablo now saying that its having “Unhandeled suggestions” and “access violations”

    And Now why is my virus scanner going ape shit crazy!!! and Avast has not led me astry in the past.

    I swear if I wasent so kinda-hearted and innocent, Id be getting mighty suspicious right about now……”

    There’s a LOT more. Makes you wonder……………

  21. avatar lololol

    u phail if it doesnt work

  22. avatar Grigg-a-nig

    Not only does it work, I haven’t had a single problem with my WoW account either. They’re obviously trolls.

  23. avatar StyxS


    You got me, partner. Of course the patch works. But I think I’ll wait for 1.13. At least this little discussion was kind of lively, while everything else on this site sounds pretty boring – just read other pages. Have a nice day and don’t be rude.

  24. avatar Goc

    Patch works like a charm. Don’t listen to those assholes :D I’m playing on 1024×768 cuz 1280×1024 is to small for my taste. But at 1024×768, it looks 100x better than on 800×600.

  25. avatar killit


    There’s no one to censor that crap? Then go play Diablo at 1024×768 (if 1280×1024 is too small for your taste) with your fucked up friends.

    • avatar franklin

      Managed to get this mod work patched upto 1.2. Did a cmotlepe fresh install for the patch 1.3 and the MGE kinda not working now after the 3rd fresh install of the Morrowind GOTY and the mod. So I will be glad for a auto updater, so I can get to play this mod again as it had some really good content when I was playing the 1.2 version.

  26. avatar killit

    @Colin Robinson

    Wow! Now you are censoring my response? You and your buddies are a bunch of cowards. Why I am not surprised? You are LOSERS.

  27. Noone is censoring anything. You double posted the same comment, I removed the duplicate. Carry on…

  28. avatar Confused¿

    whats with all the hating going on? why can’t we all just enjoy some nice hot friendship soup

  29. avatar Penis

    My penis is oh verry furry. On a related note, this patch works. It is oh so verry good.

  30. avatar Wuzzy

    WTF patch worky or no worky? Virus or no virus?

  31. avatar asfsdf

    it does work but not on bnet there is no virus either

  32. avatar pissdicks

    shit works fine gtfo.

  33. avatar LouisCyphere

    this patch doesn’t work on 1.13c….any news?

  34. avatar Shaddaddy

    Not working for me. I try to run the hd.exe file (forget exact name) and I get an error saying it cant find the DLL file…. anyone know?

  35. avatar grscorpion

    tryied with the 1.13 patch installed and i got the dll error msg

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  36. avatar GrandmasterD

    I dunno if it’s malicous or not, don’t much care.

    It does work though, and looks sweet!

    my best mate is having trubble with it though.. getting the dll error running under tinyxp

  37. avatar GrandmasterD

    Up-to-minute Update

    My mate just found the solution here:

    Basic gist is, you need to have ‘Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package’ installed.

    Hope this helps some of yall.


    Ps. Ease up haters…

  38. avatar Montrose

    Patch works like a charm even on lan .Just use Hamachi. If it`s related to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 i don`t know, but i have it on my pc.

  39. avatar Rapidfag

    There. Rapidshare link. Just scanned, unzipped, then scanned again with AVG and seems fine. Gonna try it on the chance it works

  40. avatar win 7 64 - patch.1.12 not 1.13- patch and play works fine


  41. I have been hosting bots for clans.

  42. avatar TheLizard

    uuurrrr…. i just cant run it…. it stil say unable to load D2MultiRes.dll…… i instal the c++ but still the same…

  43. avatar GGG

    @ The Lizard
    It won’t work with the 1.13 patch; only with 1.12

    • avatar Janine

      I dont have personal expecrnie in d2loader, i heard it works on multiple sources so i putted it up there. Myself i installed it 2 times, (moved the first installation folder to another drive and installed the second normally.)

    • avatar Silva

      Hi AlexI was busy the last few weeks so i didn’t have time to update it but i just uaodpled the latest version (including the last patch yesterday).Please try the file now, it should work.

  44. avatar Jay

    Noob question, but I have the 1.13 patch, and it doesnt work. So my question is, how would I -un- patch it to 1.12?

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  45. avatar Anonymous

    To every one that have problems running the multires patch. Please MAKE sure you have a clean install and diablo 2 patch v1.12a. Multires patch DOES NOT work with patch v1.13c. Also, for best results run with DirectDraw and it will fix all your wierd graphics glitches. If you run it with Direct3d expect wierd pixel/graphics glitches. When running DirectDraw it will take the game 2 to 4 minutes to load. That is normal!!

    If you have glitches with directdraw and using windows vista/7 due to windows aero effects etc..
    Rename game.exe to game.bc then rename D2MultiResGame.exe to game.exe make a batch file with the following:

    rundll32.exe dwmApi #104
    taskkill -f -im explorer.exe
    start “game” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\game.exe”
    rundll32.exe dwmApi #102

    When you are done playing the game just click any key on keyboard to replace explorer.exe

    Is also possible to use this patch with PlugY
    PlugY can be found here:
    If you are going to use plygy make sure you edit line in the batch file to this:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\Mod PlugY\PlugY.exe”

    That should do the trick.

    My set up.
    Intel quadcore 2.5 ghz
    6 gig of ram ddr3
    Windows 7 Ultimate edition
    Nvidia GTX 470
    36″ Monitor @ 1920×1080 HDMI output

  46. avatar Anonymous

    This works fine, didn’t have to patch or anything. I downloaded Diablo 2 and LOD from Blizzard last night on my new system.

    Running W7 Ultimate
    Nvidia GTX 460
    4gb Ram
    Deneb Phenom 3.2 Quad
    32″ 1080P HDTV HDMI

    Worked Flawlessly, all I had to do was read the .txt file that came with it, copy it over, and bam, it worked without issue. Graphics are a little funky because I didn’t switch it to direct draw, but it works fine all the same.

    For all those haters out there, it works great!

  47. avatar duh

    got a problem, i made batch file as mentioned above ,
    but problem is that eaven i renamed path to “C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Mod PlugY\PlugY.exe” batch file still opens diablo 2 lod in multi res, but not plugy,
    still can open plugy and multi ress without batch but then got ugly graphic on directdraw mode. wierd

  48. avatar Thanks!!!

    There is a Mac version????

  49. avatar billy

    to me it’s say error :(

    • avatar Claudio

      At least tell us what exactly hapeenpd. Did you get an error? More info needed buddybut try cleaning the disc and reinstallingDiablo 2 cd-keys do NOT have to be tied to any account

  50. avatar Ryan

    patch works

    install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

    run and enjoy

  51. avatar Derpasaurus

    LOL at everyone saying the D2 high res patch doesn’t work. Wow, guys.

    • avatar Jeanette

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  52. avatar HELP HERE

    Hey guys, anybody with the “Cannot load D2multires” you need
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package!

  53. avatar HELP HERE

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

  54. avatar help

    i`m with patch 1.10 …. Does it works for it :? :) and i`m with Win7…

    • avatar didn't work

      runnin windows ultimate 64 bit…tried installing both versions of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package x86 and x64 ….still get the same error unable to load D2MultiRes.dll

      After a little closer reading of the comments i see its for patch 1.2 and i have mine patched with 1.3c. Anyone a easy way to unpatch back to 1.2 or jus have to do a complete uninstall an start over?

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