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Codemasters have given us a heads up regarding the soundtrack to their anticipated rally racer, DiRT 2. Included amongst the host of musicians include The Prodigy, White Lies and Queens of the Stone Age.

Gavin Raeburn of Codemasters spoke highly of the in-game music, citing: “From legendary bands like The Prodigy and Queens of the Stone Age to artists like Friendly Fires, White Lies and Ladyhawke that represent the very best in new music, the varied soundtrack perfectly compliments the action on the track for the ultimate event experience.”

Apparently gamers around the world can scoot on over to DiRT 2′s official Facebook page to view the whole soundtrack in its entirety, but at the time of writing we’ve yet been able to actually find the list of tracks.

Stay tuned to GL for upcoming exclusive updates on Dirt 2, straight from our correspondents hands on preview in London.


From the pages of the press preview, here is the full list:

  • Biffy Clyro – Mountains
  • Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man
  • Black Tide – Shout
  • Blakfish – Jeremy Kyle is a Marked Man
  • Bloc Party – Helicopter
  • Bloc Party – Talons
  • De Staat – fantastic Journey of the Underground Man
  • Deichkind – Ich Betaube Mich
  • Die! Die! Die! – Sideways Here We Come
  • Dinosaur Pile-Up – All Around the World
  • Eagles of Death metal – Wannabe in L.A.
  • Elbow – Grounds for Divorce
  • Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses
  • Friendly Fires – In the Hospital
  • Glamour of the Kill – A Hope in Hell
  • Igiu & Hartly – Violent and Young
  • Kram – Good Love
  • The Hot Melts – Edith
  • Ladyhawke – My Delirium
  • Madina Lake – Never Take Us Alive
  • MSTRKRFT – Work on You
  • Proceed – Treading Water
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister
  • Rise Against – Injection
  • Santigold – Say Aha
  • Scars on Broadway – They Say
  • White Denim – Let’s Talk About it
  • Steadlur – Bumpin’
  • Templeton Pek – Red Lights Flash
  • The Automatic – Steve McQueen
  • The Cribs – Men’s Needs
  • The Futureheads – Radio Heart
  • Silversun Pickups – There’s no Secrets This Year
  • The Prodigy – Warriors Dance
  • The Qemists – Lost Weekend
  • The Rakes – 1989
  • The Subways – I won’t Let You Down
  • The Temper Trap – Science of Fear
  • The Walkmen – The Rat
  • Tommy Sparks – I’m a Rope
  • Triggerfinger – First Taste
  • UNKLE featuring Josh Homme – Restless
  • White Lies – To Lose My Life
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y-Control
  • You Me At Six – Save it for the Bedroom
  • The Stone Roses – This is the One
  1. avatar CAMF111

    for give me for sounding like commic book guy but Best Soundtrack ever

  2. avatar jack wilcox

    i went to school with blakfish

  3. avatar Spate01

    Great soundtrack, really fits this game

  4. avatar Samuele

    Nobody knows the titles of the demo’s tracks please???

  5. avatar Jeff

    does anyone know which song is the one, where the guys says “holding onto your arms”

  6. avatar Jeff

    its a rock song, but all i can make out is “holding onto your arms, your arms, your arms” and i cant make out any of the other words, and ive downloaded the whole track list and cant find the song

  7. avatar alan

    yea, there’s one song that its not in this list. its kind of post hardcore, maybe its the one jeff means, im still trying to find out which one it is.

  8. avatar Jeff

    cheers Alan, if you find the song let me know

  9. avatar Chucklebutt

    Friendly Fires- Lovesick
    They usually open up with that tune at their gigs. So good!

  10. avatar Chucklebutt

    as for the post hardcore

    Rise Against- Injection

    There’s also
    Templeton Pek- Red Lights Flash
    Proceed- Treading Water

  11. avatar Toxic

    Thank you Chucklebutt!! The Templeton Pek song was one I was trying to find in this game.

  12. avatar Cube

    Anybody knows the titles of the demos songs? Please?

  13. avatar Shannon .S

    where did you peoples download Templeton Pek- Red Lights Flash?

  14. avatar Anonymous

    The “Holding on to your arms” I’m pretty sure is the stone roses “This is the one”

  15. avatar Gaz

    I’m searching for a song who says “Your arms, your arms, your arms” too… but it’s sounds like Electro House.

    can anybody help me?

  16. avatar DanielTruth

    Dude where can I get Templeton Pek – Red Lights Flash?

  17. avatar Anonymous

    hey, which song is it where it goes, “round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows” a lot and sounds kinda rockish?

  18. avatar Anonymous

    I heard it in the demo, so im not sure if its in this list or not, if anyone knows it would be appreciated if you shared that knowledge lol

    • avatar Anonymous

      All around the world by mathew bigland
      Or it could be
      Wanna be in la by eagles of death metal

  19. avatar chickenWeave

    about five a clock…

  20. avatar Tepid Bile

    Anybody know the name of the drum n bass sounding song that has a female saying “I got your money” with a guy going “OH! OH!”?

  21. avatar JJ

    the your arms song is Friendly Fires – Lovesick

  22. avatar Leandro

    Dinosaur Pile-Up – All Around the World

  23. avatar Chucklebutt

    The drum n bass sounding song is the Qemists and the female is Mike Patton from faith no more
    rad tune.
    It’s called Lost weekend

  24. avatar DiRT 2 Player

    whats the song where the lyrics are “like im from another world” or “im all around the world” or something like that, i heard it in the dirt 2 demo it and i just loved it please help me

  25. avatar Anonymous

    the demo’s track is “The Futureheads – Radio Heart”.

  26. avatar adam

    awesome soundtrack

  27. avatar Alejandro

    Terrible soundtrack, al principio me parecia media surfer… y como que no me cerraba… pero en efecto: es muy surfer… y esta excelente!!!
    Me termino gustando mucho esta OST.
    Si tuviera que puntuar el juego le daria 9.9

    English: I really loved the soundtrack and if I had to score the game would give it 9.9 :D

  28. avatar Paultt

    Where can i download “All around the world” mp3?

    Help please!

  29. avatar pagudpudxiii

    how about the song that has the lyrics of “bump it to the right, bump it to the left”

    And another song for “have you seen the blind man in disguise, looking for his eyes”

  30. avatar gnar

    the ‘bump it to the right’ song is STEADLUR Bumpin

  31. avatar Narf

    Theres a song with a guy “do do”-ing along with a flute. Cant find the damn song for the life of me. Can anyone help me out?

  32. avatar Narf

    Nevermind, it was Friendly Fires – In the Hospital. Man, that took forever! xD

  33. avatar josh

    does anyone know the nine inch nails song????

  34. avatar Icecrea

    What’s the song that goes “Im a bird i can fly”?

  35. avatar vince

    do you guys know what the title of the rock song where the guy is saying…i hear you call my name…….won’t u save me, won’t u save me from the dark

  36. avatar Chucklebutt

    Vince, That track is A Hope in Hell by Glamour of the Kill
    I just wanted to say, I’m stoked everyone likes the tunes.
    I worked really hard to put together this soundtrack. After seeing and hearing what Rockstar did with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City….I wanted to step it up with the raddest of Rock, Indie, Electro, and the rest.
    Wait till you hear what we got cooking for the next game!

  37. avatar DALE

    so whats the song when they shout so let’s go! please

  38. avatar Frankel

    does anybody know the song on the Colin McRae’s tribute video???

  39. avatar Tmi006

    Tommy Sparks – I’m a Rope

    this is the “Im a bird i can fly” song

  40. avatar body

    what’s the one that sonuds like a scotish guy singing it?

  41. avatar RuffRider

    Thank you guys so much, I`ve been driving myself crazy trying to find the song Lovesick by Friendly Fire. Thanks guys

  42. avatar Anonymous

    i found it its Ground for Divorce” by Elbow. finally

  43. avatar airforcedude

    does anyone know the song name for the lyrics saying “im going round round down down” something like that it goes kinda. please help.

  44. avatar Tikka1212

    i wanna know the name of the song that says “your sweet lips”. please e mail me the song name to

    thanks in advance

  45. avatar sez

    its too bad the didnt do what EA did with their “EA Tracks” like those on the “Need for Speed” series..

  46. avatar Rawang Racer

    Hey guys any suggestion which track that rocks? I like something like Rise Against or Glamour of The Kill… but is there any other?

  47. avatar RockExodus

    haha. most of these bands were at the Isle of Wight festival last year when i was there. it was fuckin amazing!

  48. avatar John

    I think the song that you guys are talking about and it´s not listed is:
    Children Collide – The Skeleton Dance

  49. avatar Rhys

    whats the song to these lyrics..? “Ive got your money.. OH OH”

  50. avatar nakul

    the song name is
    lost weekend by the qemists
    hope it helps
    by the way can anyone help me?
    i need the name of the song
    what i have is a part of the lyrics which says
    “cause you bump in to the left bump in to the right ”
    ps:- thnx in advance

  51. avatar nakul

    never mind mates i found the song

  52. avatar snoozy

    Best game playlist if ever heard!

  53. avatar kang prof

    Best racing game that I ever play

  54. avatar Miles

    Hey i was wandering if anyone knew a song ehich was on the demo. Cause i cant seem to find it. It plays a lot on the menu. It goes somethin lyk ‘well go with the real hearts’ or somethin as tge chours :D plz help cause its impossible to find Xd

  55. avatar Miles

    Doesnt matter it was radio heart by future head. For some reason its not mentioned…

  56. avatar umbelman

    hey… whats the song to these lyrics..? “Save me from the dark…..”

  57. avatar umbelman

    never mind… got the song it’s Glamour of the Kill – A Hope in Hell….. It’s WIICCCKKEKEDDDDD

  58. avatar wayfastwhitey`

    they don’t have a song listed that’s in the game…the fixer by pearl jam…game also has trinity by paper tounges…not listed

  59. avatar pooplova1


  60. avatar springbok-invictus

    Why keep asking your arms, your arms? the your arms song is Friendly Fires – Lovesick exactly what JJ said.

  61. avatar donthaveone

    whats the song where its a female vocalist in another language and it sounds like
    “ya da lay, ya da lay, ya da lay ah law law….”
    i sound like an idiot but…

  62. avatar Noodle

    What’s the name of the song whit the lyrics like this ” I got you’r money I beat you honey.. ” something like this

  63. avatar REGABO

    some one can tell me what the music of the lyrics with ” mix and max..bla.bla.bla agree” ,or mix and match i dunno..

  64. avatar Devil

    This Is The One By The Stone Roses is absolutely amazing.

  65. avatar aj

    ok look iv been trying to find this one song me and my buddie love it i really dnt knw what it is but it sounds like hes sayin oh must be must be then he says something else then it goes bck to must be must be or mabe hes saying must mean must mean uim really not 4 sure what the song is can anyone help me please i would gladly appreiate it

  66. avatar Brendan

    OK. what’s that one song with the female vocalist where she’s saying “You’re playing with my…”

    and then I can’t understand the next word. Then she tells you to stop playing with it.

  67. avatar Anonymous

    Hey does anybody which song that sing “sometimes i feel like i’m from another world and anything i want it seems impossible cause people tear you apart…..” thats all i can remember of…

  68. avatar Mcjeter

    What’s the title of the song where it goes ” I hear her call my name I hear her call my name”

  69. avatar salman

    salman … dude can anyone tell the song /… lyics goes like.. * will you save me from the darkk or something like it.. *

  70. avatar Forsaken

    Anyone know the lyrics “it goes on for miles and miles” and then he says something about treading water?

  71. avatar ivan

    does everyone now song in the intro

  72. avatar paintball kid

    does anyone know the name of the song where its like “round round take a step down” or something like that

  73. avatar SilverHawk

    what’s the song’s name that someone says hey and someone else says the samething it’s like ” hey.. hey.. can you see the … that’s looking to the sky or something like that thanks in advice

  74. avatar SilverHawk

    Never mind i found it. It was Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man.

  75. avatar you don't say?

    Bitch please

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