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This is a direct response to the hundreds of comments that IGN received recently due to their Prototype review. After giving it a 7.5, which is a respectable score by their own standards, IGN received a myriad of these types of choice words:

“kongii29: go review something else pussy u dnt deserve to review a great game like Prototype…go fuk urself..hahahahaha…”

Really? Run for the hills, reviewers! If you give any popular game less than an 8, prepare to be assaulted over the internet (and physically, when the fanboys track you down…and they will). So what exactly goes into scoring a game below an 8? Is a 7.5 really that bad?

The first place that a reader should go before verbally bashing the reviewer is the Review Policy. IGN’s official stance, when applied to this particular review, states:
Rating: 7.5 to 7.9 – Good – A good game has some obvious flaws, but these blemishes are overshadowed by one or several first-rate elements. While these games may not be for everyone, they’re still entertaining enough to provide genuine entertainment while they last.”

In fact, Gamer’s own official scoring policy is as follows:
“Rating: 7.0-8.9 – Purchase for some, Rental for others – The B range:games like Devil May Cry 4. These titles have few problems, and are extremely fun to play, but don’t really pass the line of an ‘A’ title.”

From reading the hundreds of mind-bending comments on various IGN reviews, I can surmise this is the common fanboy’s review scale:

“Rating: 1-7.9 – Sux. Worst game ever since Superman 64. You would be ashamed for playing this game and sell your system.”

“Rating: 8.0 – 11 – Every major AAA title should get this, because after all the hype and excitement, why not justify my purchase? LOL. Also, 11s are reserved for Halo and COD games”

It’s understandable that you might disagree with a particular review, but a 7.5 is actually quite good according to either of above website’s guidelines. Let’s see exactly why Prototype was scored this way, drawing from IGN’s review:

  • Some cutscenes are a confused joke (lack of direction).
  • You can do just about everything in well under 20 hours. I didn’t find myself compelled to play for a second time at all (no replay value).
  • It lacks many of the finishing touches that make for a great and memorable game (unpolished).
  • You can’t do something as simple as run through the city while leaping off of buildings without alerting the Strike Teams, at which point you’re forced into some shape shifting or combat (a detriment to fun factor).

Is it reasonable that the game scored a 7.5 based on the above criteria, based on the reviewer’s opinion? Logic would dictate so, but then again, that doesn’t apply to the gamers who can’t afford both inFamous and Prototype. Here’s another drop of wisdom from an educated IGN user:

The-Good-Bloke: “I think this game would’ve been much better as a PS3 exclusive, the higher processing and extra power of the PS3 could’ve done wonders for this and other open world games. The 360 is just holding this generation back really.”

Little did Sucker Punch and Radical Entertainment know, that when they released inFamous and Prototype around the same time, respectively, that they would start a full on console war! To add a “cherry on top” to this story, many PS3 fanboys at IGN thought that Prototype was a 360 exclusive, and joined in on the bashing. This is absolute gold. I can see the 13 year old that received inFamous for his birthday and can’t afford Prototype just typing away, taking out all his angst on Prototype lovers and 360 owners.

I urge everyone out there in internet land to take a gander at a site’s score policy before going bonkers over a review. Many internet blogs are discussing their concern with readers regarding how they look at review scores, and how they should educate themselves, so they don’t misunderstand the site’s policy.

I leave you with this question:  What will happen when the first website or print publication doesn’t give Halo ODST a 10/10? Judgment day, I tell you!

  1. avatar lee

    i personally just think the main thing wrong with prototype is it had so much potential and it seems like they just tried to do too much in one game…i havent played it because i told myself i wouldnt unless they released a demo.which they didnt and said they wouldnt…but the main thing is make it a FUN sandbox…idk maybe in the end prototype was just…well a prototype

  2. avatar LevelHead

    Sad the industry has created this hyperbole of idiots where one must compare the size of their penis to the others and gloat even though their balls haven’t even dropped yet.

  3. avatar Bryan

    It always irritates me that people think something like a 7.5 is a “bad” score. I believe many people think this way because of the academic grading system, where anything under 60 percent is automatically a “failure.”

    I myself like starred reviews. 3 stars out of 4 is equal to a 7.5, but probably sounds quite a bit better to those who are used to an academic system where a 75% is more like a C. In the unlikely event that I’d ever start reviewing games, I would definitely make like a movie critic and rate games out of 4 stars (with half-star ratings, too).

    • avatar Silvio

      i know they are a terrible place to learn myogihtes but my brother begged me to read them. Anyway it seems familiar to percy jackson since there seems to be a second rising of the titans and some dude whos power crazy and eventually there some big speech at the end that the hero gives when everyone is about to die.

  4. avatar Roger

    whatever.. ‘gamers’ as a group is among the worst of ANY kind of social network. Uneducated, crass, rude, racist, immature, homophobic, need i continue? I’m a gamer myself, but i try to distance myself else i be put into the same category as these douches. Bottom line, games are for fun, hardcore games should all live under a bridge (by hardcore i mean the crazy ‘fanboy console loyal if you score a game 7.5 you must have been bribed’ ones)

  5. avatar CrimsonFox13

    Good read. 10/10. A bit lacking on the replay value side, but still great.

    Jokes aside, I agree. Stupid people thinking everything below an 8 sucks.

  6. avatar Axel232

    Great stuff! I’m always looking for more sites who share their opinions

    Gamer Limit Rss feed, ho!

  7. avatar Nameless

    I think we should clarify one point the author made. The 13 year old fanboys are usually those kids whose parents limit their expenditure budgets and would side more with buying an XBox because it is a more agreeable price point, whereas Playstation owners are generally a little older and enjoy the purchase of high end gadgetry (i.e. 1080p, 7.1 sound systems, etc.).

  8. avatar RedLevel

    The problem is in how they mismanage and confuse readers through being schizophrenic with its ratings. IGN reviews anticipated games on a scale of 7 – 10, calling something like Assassin’s Creed the “one of the most disappointing games ever” and yet it giving it a high 7. The bottom line is this: They suckle on their own hype and feed it to their readers.

    If one their reviews states that a gamer deserves more than a 10, it’s pretty easy to tell who creates these irate impressions of what a game can be.

  9. avatar South

    Hey the game doesn’t deserve more than that, i hardly ever disagree with an IGN review and this one is no exeption. However the whole PS3 fanboys talking trash about it because they thought that it was a 360 exclusive … that’s just priceles! ;)

  10. avatar SuburbanHell

    Awesome article. Great points!

  11. avatar ps3 51243

    thats pretty true “nameless”, personally im pickin up both of these AAA games

    • avatar Rajesh

      this game was shallow and bonrig with hardly any resemblance to the first two, which in my opinion is a major flaw. Maybe I’m addicted to progression, but i liked the fact that you could spend hoouuurrss leveling all of your toon’s skills, and the equipment was actually interesting and useful, I mean seriously you changed armor like 3 times in the whole game. There were what, like 4 or 5 skins for each character. Game seemed slapped together and they were just banking on the name selling it.

  12. avatar josh

    I think that the reason people on low budgets are disappointed by reviews of 8 or lower is that games are $60. Sorry, but is Prototype, an unpolished, low on replay value game really worth $60? I’m not saying that it isn’t or is but I’m sure people on low budgets aren’t even going to risk an experience that isn’t worth every penny spent. Compare Burnout Paradise to Prototype and you’ll see what I mean. While they are two different genres they are both open-world games. Look at how much you can do compared to the other and then look at the reviews and see why Prototype is a disappointment.

  13. avatar Alex Mercer

    The IGN reviewer that wrote the review of Prototype did not actually play, or even glance in the direction of the game he reviewed. Anyone who has so much as seen this game being played would know this after reading this horribly biased dribble. They go so far as to say that the graphics are horrible and there is nothing good to look at in the game! I am not saying the game is perfect but give me a break. Another thing I would like to point out is that all three reviews of this game on the seperate platforms are identical, this is bogus as obvious as it is that the reviewer didn’t play any version of the game, they copy and pasted their shitty review and probably got paid for it three times. I used to like IGN, I have been a reader for at least ten years, however their reviewers in recent years have become so jaded it is rediculous, to the point where they don’t seem to like anything. I also get the impression that most decent games are too hard for them, and they rate the game poorly out of frustration and lack of skill. Oh well, anyway, if you like videogames you will figure out which games are good for you… and if you are a pussy than you should pass on prototype because it will rip you and your whole family line new pussholes.

  14. avatar Overreacting

    The review was generous. Prototype was pretty repetitive, and basically just a Hulk: UD rehash. Yes inFamous was a better game. Get over it and get on with your lives.

    • avatar Leo

      And you think Wrestling takes no skill, Mental focus, or precision???? are you out of your mind, do you see how some of these guys can move they are rlsicuioudly fast and skilled. Some guys can get a take down on any opponent with one move thats called mastery. To go 3 full periods of non stop wrestling tires you to death, you think these we have to have mental focus to pull out a win in triple overtime dead tired. Sure Golf takes skill but wrestling you have to know how to get out of

  15. avatar RobertF

    Great article! My favorite thing is how people like the commenter above, “Alex Mercer,” (clever; wonder which game he likes) are commenting on this article in the same manner that you just said was ridiculous. (Sigh) People :) . Anyways, really nice job on the article. I got inFamous the day it came out and I love it, and I’m sure Prototype is good too. I don’t even think they should be compared the way they are though. Prototype basically looks like last year’s Hulk video game (also by Radical Entertainment) on steroids and with a cooler skin on it, which is more arcade action, while inFamous is more of a story driven third person action/shooting game. They’re both good games, people should just stop whining and have fun with the game they have.

  16. avatar lol

    i play Infamous to put me to sleep and Prototype for sheer intense action.

  17. avatar Combat Wombat

    Having personally played Prototype — and thoroughly enjoyed it, I might add — I can see why IGN would give it “only” a 7.5.
    Yes, it’s repetitive, and yes, the graphics are substandard when compared to other recently-released games. Hell, just compare it to inFamous. Both are open-world games, but I personally think the graphics for inFamous are far superior.
    Now, having said that, I am enjoying Prototype a bit more. If I was forced to score the two of them, I’d probably give Prototype an 8.8, while inFamous would walk away with an 8.5.

    So yes, I personally think Prototype is a ton of fun, though, like I said, I can see why IGN wouldn’t rate it as high as me. Those of us who don’t get paid to review games have the luxury of looking past certain lackluster parts of games as long as they are still “fun”. Yes, fun factor is a huge part of a game. But reviewers can’t simply review that in a vacuum. If the graphics are substandard, if there are bugs present, etc., all this has to be factored into their professional review while the rest of us can simply say “Screw it, I still love it.”

    Oh and @ Alex Mercer:
    Yes, the review is the same. Egad, using the same review for the same game?! What is this world coming to?!
    And for the record, I find it hard to take seriously the ranting fanboy opinion of somebody who is defending a game which he has *named himself after*.

    That is all.

  18. avatar Fanboys.suck !

    fanboys are f**king retarded. they keep insiting that their system is better and if ANYBODY has a simple opinion, they get 100% retarded and go ape-sh!t. Fanboys need to go get a life.

  19. avatar Name (Required)

    Yes, a 7.5 from IGN is bad. That’s the same score they gave Imagine Baby Partyz. Here’s a pic: Notice that, in the same pic, is the IGN review of Godhand for comparison. These numbers are too subjective, and ultimately, they don’t do anything but piss of fanboys.

  20. avatar Fanboys.Suck !

    Besides, who in the hell cares if someone said prototype is bad for a 7 ? That means it’s still good. Maybe not that great but enjoyable. I like all three systems and all this system war bullsh!t needs to dies

  21. avatar YTwatchdog

    i say let them piss of the fanboys ! RRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. avatar Prototype is a 7.5

    Well its funny how a fanboy like Alex Mercer in these comments thinks the review is all wrong. Now i liked prototype but at least i can admit its faults.

    1. the graphics suck compared to inFamous. when infamous has detailed textures and buildings with great architecture for legitamte parkour while alex just runs up the building and does cheap hops and skips with flips for visual flair.

    2. a boring bland city thats as bland as state of emergency, any spiderman or any hero game for that matter. just look at gta iv, ur telling me new york is that hard for any other game to replicate? everyone knows central park, why not get into details like gta did. change up the surroundings, how about low income and high income places.

    3. bad hit detection isnt an excuse for “awesome powers that destroy everything in the immediate area!”.

    4.repetitive mission structure, and cliche ‘events’. checkpoint race! oh we havent done that in any other game….crackdown..infamous…spiderman 1,2,3,WoS….ironman…superman..

    5. graphics again, why do the peds look like they came from gta san andreas?

    6. run fast, super jump, consuming, slamming people into the ground, pick up cars. helicopters fly at u. tanks come at u. pummel tanks..use tanks as boxing glo….wait a minute. its just HULK!? “no its not, u suck. this game is totally different than hulk! they added blood! ur a human! u can become pedestrians! u have tentacles! ”

    u fanboys are pathetic. prototype is good but not as good as u all swear to god, bhudda, allah, etc…

    good for you if you love a game, but dont rub off and say someones full of it when more than one person can admit the flaws in it.

  23. avatar Mark

    Prototype is at leas an 8, period.

    Minor things keep it from being better but anything lower than 8 is retarded. You can say that a 7.5 isn’t bad but lets be real, its a flop of a score.

  24. I thought Prototype was a 6…

    *runs for his life*

  25. avatar MeTroiiDz xX

    Alex Mercer is the mosy pathetic fanboy ever…..

    • avatar Chaschina

      about Forza isn’t the case. The second inatsll disk for Forza 4 is for additional cars and tracks. Pointless, but legitimate.And just for the record,? I agree that the PS3 is somewhat more capable than the xbox, but I still prefer the xbox 360 myself

  26. I say this happens for about three big reasons:

    1. We’re taught in school that anything below an 8 or an 80% is simply ‘average’, and anything below a 7 or a 70% is below average/bad.

    2. Reviewers themselves are really arbitrary about handing out their scores, as “Name (Required)” pointed out, and

    3. Reviewers also tend to fuel the fire that 70% isn’t all that great. I’ve read a fair amount of games that were in the 7-7.5 range that said they flat out disliked the game.

    This sort of conditions affects everyone, whether they want it to or not. In fact, I recall turning a few heads when I reviewed Skies of Arcadia Legends and gave it a 7.5/10, even though a 7.5 is considered a very good score at our website.What I’m saying is that it’s very hard to discern some sort of meaning from a numbered score out of 10, wherein everyone has a completely different concept on each number means.

    Even metacritic uses a different scoring system for games compared to music, books, and movies:

    This is likely because of the way game reviewers treat their own scores. We’ve conditioned gamers to believe that anything below a 75 (or, as that Prototype review demonstrates, anything below an 80) is ‘average’, ‘mixed’, or worse. Now, we – and by “we”, I mean us who write the reviews and us who read the reviews – have to do something to change that perception.

  27. @Jamie
    Your number 3 reason doesn’t make sense. If the reviewer gives it a 7, with his final opinion as “I flat out dislike the game” and the review policy of the site states that a “7 is good”, the problem is with the reviewer, not the system. The numbers are not as arbitrary as one may think. According to our review policy, that writer should have given the game a 5.0-6.9, which we dub “good at best”. It’s just fact.

    I asked a rhetorical question when I jested “how can people think below an 8 is bad?” The primary answer is, like you said, a scholarly grade scale, that’s incorrectly applied to websites who have their own scale. The purpose of this article is to educate some readers, so hopefully they will be aware of different medium’s scales, and apply them correctly, instead of their own.

  28. avatar Name (Required)

    I don’t give a SHIT about reviews scores

  29. avatar Ryan Struck

    Well IMO there aren’t too many games that have a replay value.

    Maybe thats why I have always loved sports games, because they are never lose there replay value. I do buy Madden every year, but if I didn’t then when footy season comes around I would just play an older version.

    No other genre besides music (play Metallica daily) has that affect.
    Shooters online can extend a game, but I am already over Killzone 2 online. Fallout 3 is the only game I would play in 10 years time. GTA 4, MGS 4 are the only games I played more than once and I haven’t played them for a long time.

    I actually would play Prototype again, because you can play it the way every plays it or you can play it stealthy. I haven’t completed a single mission where I haven’t alerted somone. I love inFamous and have started the evil play through, that gets a 9. something and I like Prototype that little bit more.

    I also liked Stormrise better than Halo Wars, which is 2.5 vs 9ish. GTA 4 is worse than any of the previos GTA’s except graphics and gradually improved gameplay. San Andreas did more for GTA than what IV did.

    • avatar Open

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  30. Well, it is my weakest point, to be sure. I’ll grant that.

    The main reason I brought it up is because, at most websites I visit, the “7″ is the most random score in terms of how reviewers treat it. For the reviews that I mentioned, I’ve seen the same websites with “7″ scores that said that they liked it, it was pretty good, it was average, it’s not for everyone, etc. “7″ is like a catch-all number.

    The point was mostly that there are reviewers out there giving scores that do not even adhere directly to their own scoring definitions. Or, worse yet, some sites don’t even have a set of scoring definitions. This sort of chaos happens with any game that goes below an ’8′, as many websites deviate on what any score below an ’8′ really means about their opinion – and sometimes, the reviewers don’t even seem to know.

  31. avatar O RLY

    Great article, agree entirrely.

  32. avatar pabmeister

    why is the IGN reviewer getting all the negativity when gamespot actually reviewed it lower… he gave it a B-… as far as I know thats = to a 7 no?

    • avatar Ersin

      injuries, exhaustion, and dyiadrethon throughout the season. It takes a lot more than you think on and off the mat. Do you think Golf can even measure to wrestling you dont see 60 year old men and women wrestling now do you? It takes loads of skill focus and precision that isnt apparent off the bat. You should rethink what you said.

  33. avatar Jokes

    Great story. Seriously, if Metal Gear Solid Rising, HALO: Reach or ODST don’t get a 15 out of 10 I’m sure the fanboys will be out wetting their beds.

    Everything brought up in the IGN review was a valid point if you have played through the game. Half the “awesome” powers in Prototype are redundant. They threw in so many upgrades to substitute for any real replay value. What I liked with inFamous, is the whole thing is story based and you have a real reason to play back through again no matter how you play the first time. inFamous has some hit detection glitches and repetitive side quests too, but the game is just tons of fun.

    All you fanboys can go play stroke Alex Mercers gooey tentacles all you want. I’ve played through them both and Prototype isn’t a bad game, but inFamous has a higher quality story, graphics, and gameplay. If you’re on PS3 and can choose: Rent Prototype. Buy inFamous.

  34. avatar anatomyofme

    Look its simple you own a ps3 you buy INFAMOUS if you don’t you buy prototype.. It’s just like MLB the Show, you buy this babseball sim over the 2k series becuse it just better, but if you don’t own a ps3 you have to settle for 2nd rate.. It’s not fanboyism it’s just better games for 1 system.. duh

  35. avatar the one

    prototype suks balls it deserved a 6.0 if u ask me, i think ign was just trying to be nice. but its true ps3 makes much more better quality games than the shitbox 369

  36. avatar Ryan Struck

    I thought the powers in Prototype were done better than in inFamous.
    You can be Wolverine (Claws), Hulk (Fists), Scorpion from Mortal Kombat (Whipfist), Colossus (Strength/Armor), Mystique (Shape Shift), Nightcrawler (Movement) Plus he moves faster than most, uses the whipfist to clear areas. Throw in the Devastators and this guy has more powers than anyone else in history. Plus he has the blade which is more or less his Signature.

    If you own a PS3 BUY PROTOTYPE, BUY inFAMOUS. Don’t let yourself down by buying 1. I’m sure 360 buyers bought Halo 3 and left Gears of War alone or vice versa. PS3 buyers would have bought GTA 4 and left MGS4 alone – I don’t think so.

    Fallout 3, GTA 4, MGS 4, Prototype & inFamous are the games that are MUST own games.

  37. avatar Aaron

    Personally the problem I had with the IGN review was that the actual comments were far too nit picky. They generated paragraphs of text out of my minor quibbles in the gameplay and neglected information I would have liked to know.

    Now that I’ve played the game as well some of the things written turned out to just be plain false, like not being able to see orbs when they’re on the other side of the street.

    Overall once you’ve played the game and go back and read the review, its like the development head on Prototype was getting it on with the Reviewers mum. People are picking on the number because its an easy target, but overall its just not a very even handed review.

  38. avatar lol...

    Game reviews aren’t based on how much fun a person is going to have because people think differently. Because of that most reviews are based on graphics, sound, gameplay and replay value. So anyone bashing a low review based on how much fun they’re having; well have fun with that.

  39. avatar (_ary

    Prototype isnt that good of a game get over it!!!

  40. This is why I never have been fond of numerical reviews.
    That way they have to actually read the review to know your opinion instead of looking at a number and getting angry.

  41. avatar God

    You are all pussies. I should bring the rapture soon… then we’ll see who lies. IGNs reviewers are weak, and so are the rest of you. Soon I will introduce a superior race of aliens to fix the problem. Enjoy your weak ass lives until then. Pussies.

  42. avatar William Bennett

    I heard of Protype before I even new inFamous existed, and i have to say it didn’t intereste me in the slightest. Then i heard of inFamous, and was instantly excited.

    Picked up infamous the day it came out and I would give it about a 9.5/10. It has a few bugs, some side missions are repeated. But the graphics are great, replay value is there, and Blast shards/dead drops are good fun to find.

    I will have Protype within the week for PS3, but i dont hold high hopes for it frankly, from what i’ve seen, it just looks boring and even more buggy than BF2142 (which may not be a bad thing, as that was my favourite game for over a year before Crysis).

  43. avatar Wueh.

    I agree with you entirely! I mean why get angry? I wonder how anybody could let 0,5 points change their lives so drastically:P I mean It’s 0,5 poInts, that’s not worth crying over.

    And @ “the one”:
    I believe that we’re on the same “side” of this incredibly stupid “war”. BUT if you ask me your response was incredibly stupid, You just posted the same sort of comment as this article was against. I believe that this article wasn’t supposed to be heating up the console war, the writer was really unbaised.

    So stop making a war out of everything!
    And please learn how to speak like an adult!

  44. avatar name

    every point ign said in there review is spot on.
    thats the problem with prototype they clearly bit off more than they could chew hence the extremly long development times and frame rate issues plus MASSIVE pop in whole buildings pop in not just details.
    and cars driving through bridges can some one explain that to me?
    prototype clearly needs some more work the developers tried to make a massive game and kudos to them but they dident quite pull it off.
    the difference between prototype and infamous is.
    infamous is restrictive BUT polished it does 100 things and does them well.
    but prototype does 1000000 things and does none of them well.
    which one is better?
    its realy up to personal prefrence if you like ripping the *** out of people than prototype is your game.
    if you like a more refined polished game than infamous is the go,
    and funny enough thats what every article ive read compareing the games said.
    at the end of it there both must haves for me and both need more polish if sucker punch could do what they did in 2 years imagine what they could do in 3 or 4.
    take prototype and give it to a realy talanted group of devs like naughty dog or ubisoft they would deliver everything prototype does but polished 100% how prototype should of been.
    and seriously is there 1 person here that can remember 10 of the combos in prototype?
    thats my main gripe with it every 5 minutes you have to pause the game to check the moves menu like its a bloody mortal kombat game.

  45. avatar Victor

    I just wanted to say, that I read IGN’s review before I purchased the game. Score aside, it sounded like my kind of game. So I bought it, and definately don’t regret it.

    But, I have to say, I don’t agree with you entirely. For one major reason. If we, the readers, are to take these scoring scales seriously at all (which, I personally, stopped doing long ago.) than there has to be some kind of consistancy to the way they review games, and the criteria has to apply equally.
    Case in point: Bionic Commando received an 8.0 from IGN.
    Now, Bionic Commando isn’t a bad game at all. In my mind these games are of equal quality, the open world gives you more to offer in prototype than the linear one of BC, but BC offers multiplayer. Storyline is a vessel for things to get blown up in both games. Graphically they’re next to equal. FPS never dips in either/ the animaions are smooth.
    Now, I know this is all in my opinion and the reviewers were probably different for the two reviews, but I guess it just feels like Im watching a high dive meet, two competitiors perform very similar dives, and one scores lower than the other for reasons unknown.

    I’ve been saying for years now, that IGN should really look into revamping their scoring system to prevent confusion. But, like myself, I just don’t feel the reviewers put too much weight on the number, they ultimately want people to read their reviews.

  46. avatar Combat Wombat

    Okay, before we go further: Guys, it’s a fruitless effort to compare reviews done by IGN (i.e “x game got y score, but b game only got a c! b game was so much better!”)
    IGN is not one single consciousness. They are not a hivemind.
    IGN has teams of reviewers. Notice the pluralization of reviewerS. Complaining about one score versus another on the site is pointless, since you’re very likely complaining about the opinions of two different people.
    It would be all well and good for review scores for games to kind of “match up” and all make sense, but then the reviews of the entire IGN review team would have to be based upon not only the reviewer, but the entirety of IGN’s reviewing staff. And hell, while we’re at it, why don’t we just get all reviews from *any source whatsoever* to all collaborate so they all make sense, right?
    That’s not journalism; that’s Communism.

  47. avatar Terrorista

    Prototype doesn’t even deserve a 7.5 score. That game sucks…repetitive gameplay, graphics suck, mediocre storyline, no replay value.I can go on and on.

  48. avatar Yotsuba

    I think inFAMOUS is a pretty cool guy, he shoots electricity and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  49. avatar Delorian Tokes

    Ratings and reviews are important. They are a temperature of the industry and gamers in general. Most scores, for most games, are not far from eachother per site. If they are the aggregates are usually middle-of-the road. Therefore, the score is more abitrary and its helpful to actually READ what the reviewer wrote. This is the gold in the dirt…meaning, their text and thoughts are a great way to learn more about gameplay and general concerns you have with a new game. If we think less about a number and actually read the review, we often find we agree with even something that is rated much lower than what we would rate it.

  50. avatar Alberto

    i agree with everything you are saying but i truly dont beleive this game should have gotten a score of 7.5, ign simply hated the game because it didnt have amazing graphics and it was a bit unpolished, to me its greatness lies in the gameplay, which they seemed to care very little about

    i have played games that have gotten 9+ scores and they are not as good and fun as this one (i spent more than half an hour at the beggining of the game just jumping around the city amazed at how “badass” the character looked^^)

    i understand why some people would get mad for a 7.5, but not enough to go bashing IGN for it

    a score of 8.4 is fair, not a 7.5

    • avatar Nvf

      these gayass coenmmts arent even funny anymore, its not like you faggots havent seen a hot girl before but yet again maybe yall havent because you faggots have no life she gives me my wood dumbasses as if she really cared what some dumbass nerd thought about her

  51. avatar name

    i say a 7.5 is being generous.
    im playing the 2nd last lvl and its realy driving me nuts.
    you have to stay down the bottomb to destroy the big ugly beast if you go up the top to regenerate your health she also regenerates health.
    but than you cant stay down the bottomb because theres 1 million of those big mutants ripping your head off.
    prototype is far to hectic fast paced like you get hit down you get up and the seccond you get up you get hit down again.
    you dont get a chance to move out of the way.
    the lvls are EXACTLY the same how many missions are there where you have to protect a military vheicle from those mutants?
    thats basicly half the bloody game.
    how anyone can give that over a 7 is beyond me.
    and how games radar can give it a 9 well ill never understand

    • avatar Wendy

      mynameismrgooey / @xXArcadeManXx no need to be so harsh to yourself. no one is wrong. We are on Youtube , if u want to tell 360 kids, there is no point potsing here. The playstation is revolutionary in the God of War (action genre) and LBP (the damn awesomeness) series, not in shooters. PS3 shooters only added new atmosphere and environment, not new elements and ideas. The game industry have too much for the generic shooters. Let’s see new elements, not upgraded graphics of pixeled zelda.

  52. I know where scores are important. Not everyone can be money-bags. So, you must buy your games according to your budget, and you don’t want to waste the money on a shitty game. But there also comes a point where you should be interested in a game to buy one, not because the hype-train has been chugging along and telling you this game is going to be good. Take a game like Shadow Hearts for instance. The reviews were all over the map when the game first was released back in 2001, people were throwing 5′s and 6′s at it. But taking the risk based on the intriguing story and the fact that my character can turn into demons and tear some shit apart, I bought the game and was thoroughly pleased with my experience.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is yes, scores play a roll, but they shouldn’t be your guiding force behind buying a game. You make that decision for yourself, and I bet more often than not you’ll be more satisfied with your own choice.

  53. avatar Zealous Kringle

    “You can’t do something as simple as run through the city while leaping off of buildings without alerting the Strike Teams,”

    Funny, really, I never encountered that at all. Running through town with the claws out and bits of civvy dribbling down your chin seemed to get their attention, but then that’s just sense…

  54. avatar de BLOO

    Nice write up dood. I’ve bought games for full price rated 6 just becuase it interests me, its sad to see so many people deny themselves a games they might enjoy becuase of a warpped scale in their minds.


    Talk about over compensating…

    @ Name (Required)
    I don’t give a SHIT about reviews scores
    June 14th, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Who the fuck was asking you?

  55. avatar Anonononon

    I like how in a blog describing silly fanboyism and overreaction to ratings it took less then 8 posts for the Sony Defense Force to chime in and leave their piss stains (looking at you, “Nameless”).

    Two of my cousins (13 and 16 respectively) own PS3s, while I myself (25) own an XBox, I guess with your retarded logic that means PS3 owners are children and Xbox owners are mature gamers such as myself, right?

    Here’s a clue: Real gamers don’t give a shit about “1080p” (especially when most games don’t even fully support it) or “7.1 surround sound”.

    On topic: 7.5 is a decent score, this is by no means a bad game at all, although I question the reasoning behind some of the review. More specifically, the part where he says there’s nothing redeeming about the graphics. Granted, it’s difficult to make a beautiful sandbox game run smoothly, however if they upped the graphics the same people would then turn around and bash the game because of it’s poor framerate or slowdown. In the end the graphics do the game justice in providing a visual feast for the eyes without compromising gameplay, and that’s really all that should matter.

  56. avatar Loper

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  57. avatar Muhammadh

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