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If you’re a fan of Xbox, you likely know exactly who Major Nelson is! Once in awhile he puts up a tidbit or two that’ll let us know about things coming for the future of the Xbox 360.

Although nothing was mentioned durring the press conference, or in the buzz surrounding it, something you’ve all been chiming for is coming to the Xbox 360.

Durring his latest podcast, posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2009, Major Nelson and his co-host “e” confirmed that they have heard our cries and are doing their dead-level best to increase the speed of the Xbox 360 Guide.

Source: Major Nelson

  1. What bothers me is that the delays are minor – 1 second here, 2 seconds there – but they occur every single time I open the dashboard, or try to navigate my friends list.

    Hopefully Nelson isn’t full of it, and they’re actually working to get some of the lead out.

  2. avatar Phos

    Lol, Nelson is always full of it. Though I don’t doubt they are trying to speed it up.

  3. avatar Dane

    I concur. The delays are minor but bothersome. In addition to the sporadic delays, sometimes my dashboard freezes in access of 10 seconds. I have a Jasper so I’m not worried about RROD as E74. I only have the long delay when I mess with the original blades interface. It seems to be more of a problem when I send and check received messages.

    Anyone have this issue?

    I hope the update fixes this problem. Otherwise I have zero problems. My 360 NEVER runs more than warm (usually cool) and is more silent than my PS3; definitely a huge contrast from my first 360.

  4. avatar danofpaco

    “Anyone have this issue?”


    It’s always on the blade system, and it’s always when checking friends or trying to close the guide. My guide will freeze sometimes 10-15 seconds. It always comes back, but kinda ridiculous all the same. Happens very regularly.

  5. I get this problem pretty frequently and it bothers the shit out of me. They better fix it or I’ll…I’ll….umm…..I’ll get mad.

  6. danofpaco

    “Anyone have this issue?”


  7. avatar Anonymous

    Fucking New Dashobard blows ass.

  8. this is something i have complained about for ages, thank god they are finally doing something about it, i actually counted, how long it took for me to access and play my music through using the guide and it literally freezed for 30 seconds, and sometimes longer,

    this is something very annoying for us gamers, so im glad to hear something is finally being worked on to solve it,

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