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Do you think your TV is safe from gamers throwing their Wiimotes at it? Well think again, Pega have just released a Dart kit for your Wiimote, allowing you to shape it into a realistic dart… perfect for throwing at your TV.



It’s unsurprisingly advertised for use with ‘Dart Game’, which makes sense… What doesn’t make sense is the usage guidelines, see below (this is exactly how they were written on the packaging):

  • Reality appearance and hand fee!
  • Safety and durability!
  • It can avoid to make the hurt for the people and crispness goods when operate failed which is very safety, and have a good sense of reality
  • It don’t effect the controller function to operate when using

It’s available on DealExtreme for $9.50, maybe buy one just for bragging rights?

  1. That’s some interesting Engrish right there. Better watch out or you might poke someone’s eye out.

  2. This is an April fools joke right?

  3. Well then..
    That’s just fantastic.

  4. Ill make sure that I use my friends wiimote with this one

  5. I have a feeling many of us will forget that we are using a wii remote and end up throwing it at the screen D:

  6. avatar Harry Wood

    I like the way it says “It don’t effect the controller function to operate when using “.. whoever makes this crap needs to go back to school and learn some grammar !

  7. avatar Peter Lindsay

    I want one. Hardcore! Might break the wife’s TV though lol.

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