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See The Future

The world of Albion exists in Fable 2 as a place which is constantly changing and full of life. The latest DLC ‘See The Future‘ for Fable 2 takes the world of Albion and implements some new landscapes and scenarios that take place far far away from your heroes homeland, making for some new quests,items, maps and perhaps an allusion to Fable 3?

Upon downloading ‘See The Future’‘ I was immediately put off by the peculiar price of 560 Microsoft points. Knothole island being 800 points packed in quite a bit of content and seeing that this pack was just over half the price, I could hear the echoes of horse armour in the distance. Thankfully upon completing the main quest line for See The Future I was left feeling satisfied as Lionhead have successfully delivered the same Fable 2 experience, just on a smaller scale.

See The Future begins with your hero meeting up with an old friend Murgo, the creepy salesman from your childhood. Murgo sells to you (for the insane price of 5 gold) a cursed snow globe. Its from activating this globe that your hero is launched into a black and white world which to those who have played the original Fable will touch on some fond memories.

It was from entering this world that I knew that this DLC was going to be very combat focused. Hacking your way through this lifeless town is essentially all there is to do. No townspeople to talk to, no stores and no pubs make investigating these places (after slaughtering countless enemies) mundane as hell. When color is returned to this small snow globe by the beach the colour palette of Fable 2 really shines. Getting used to the browns and greys of other current gen games has deprived us of grassy greens, sky blues and sunny yellows, both of the areas look fantastic after you have ”saved” them.


That’s right, you heard me ‘both areas’. Which brings me to the main downfall of this DLC. See The Future is short. Taking me only 2 hours to get through including a run through the Coliseum which is essentially an endless crucible on steroids. For such a low price we cant expect too much out of See The Future but the world of Albion is so full of life and detailed it would only make sense for Lionhead to continue this trend through this DLC pack. Simple things like putting in townspeople, collectibles or side quests would make See the future a much more enjoyable experience.

There are a few new game play twists that come with See The Future including disguising yourself as a Hobbe and leading ghosts of hobbes through solid walls, blowing up boulders or helping your hero across a toxic river. The inclusion of new achievements, expressions and new dog breeds do provide a small amount of replay for those who are looking for it. Although there aren’t enough new features that would make anyone who wasn’t a fan of Fable 2 suddenly make a new hero and begin again it provides those who thoroughly enjoyed Fable 2 such as myself with more of the same formula that made Fable 2 such a joy to play.

We give Fable 2 ‘See The Future’  8/10

  1. I could never really get into Fable2. Though I loved #1 two just seemed boring for some reason. Maybe it was because you couldn’t have a wife in every town like number one lol

  2. avatar archon

    fable 2 has 2 problems too short and simple and you fight a shard for boss battle it was to easy they should of made you fight lucien at full power

  3. avatar Xeon

    Lucien is not a fighter, he’s corrupt evil

    • avatar Cassiane

      In other news, I traded Fable III in this week, in faovur of NBA Jam, which I’ve already spent triple the time playing, and fuck knows how much more fun, and I haven’t even touched the Remix Tour mode yet.It’s old skool classic arcade gaming at it’s best, and well worth 30 quid, even if it was originally going to be given away for free with NBA Elite (which nobody wanted, anyway).

  4. avatar Markus

    Plus It Fit Better For The Story To Get To Shoot Him At The End…

    • avatar Ebrahiem

      Well I started the Call Of Duty sereis with Modern Warfare 2. I absolutley loved it! Aside from the noob tubes and boosters, the game was so much fun! My friends and I would rig a lobby in free-for-all (before patch, after patch we rigged barebones lobbies) and we would have things life quickscoping only or knives only. It was amazing fun! Sadly, because of the cheap quality of the discs used to make Modern Warfare 2, my disc got a crack in it and I was never able to play again.:( / I still had great times with it though. Thanks to Infinity Ward for making such a great game! Twitter Name: ObLiVViON

    • avatar Izumi

      Modern Warfare 2. Idk, despite the ucnlaanbed aspects of it including certain weapons, perks, etc. I still have the craving to kill everyone with modern weapons and mow down enemies with my chopper gunner. It’s just so satisfying, I mean Black Ops is a great game and all. But MW2 just has that certain feel to it.

  5. avatar Matea

    Fair enough, but you relaly don’t have to a fan of the NBA or sport in general to love NBA Jam.Trust me when I say I am NOT and never have been a sporty person, in any way shape or form, but there’s no doubting the originals were some of the best playing arcade games made in the 90 s (even giving Street Fighter a run for it’s money, an irony considering Midway made Mortal Kombat to do that). EA’s cover version maintains the gameplay, and gives it a HD coat of paint, and that literally screams BUY ME to the arcade gamer in me.

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