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I am not usually one to love branded consoles, but when the words Ace Attorney are associated with said branding, well then my ears perk up. With the release of the latest Ace Attorney game, Gyakuten Kenji, Capcom and Nintendo are releasing a ‘premium’ DSi. The unit will debut for ¥23,940 (USD$240) and come with a copy of the game.

I wish this would come here, but that doesn’t seem to likely. The DSi unit is also pretty light one branding. Of course, we wouldn’t want it coated is logos and pictures, but it’s just a DSi with ‘stickers’ on it. I would no doubt buy it because of my love for the Ace Attorney series, but more would be nice. You know what would be nicer, if Capcom would bring this here. We’ll just have to wait and see (like always).


Source: Kotaku

  1. That looks awesome! They need more custom handhelds like this, featuring good games series. Like CastleVania!

  2. I sure hope Play-asia will have this because it would make a perfect present for my boyfriend. :] Heck, I have been toying with the idea of getting the new DSi but this helps a lot in my decision.

  3. I love the Ace Attourney series, but $240 seems a bit much.

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